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Caroline and Justine Guide


Caroline & Justine are one of many Confidants in Persona 5 Royal who represents the Strength Arcana. While they are twins, they will represent the Strength Arcana together. They are the assistants of the Velvet Room during your adventure in Persona 5 Royal and will help you manage your fusions along with methods to strengthen your Persona.

Our Caroline and Justine Guide will see how they will assist you along your journey, learning a bit more about themselves and why they seem to have amnesia. They will also set challenges out for you to accomplish to demonstrate the Trickster’s fusion potential, giving you rewards as you succeed.


Caroline & Justine are the two Velvet Room attendants who appear with Igor when you first enter the Velvet Room. They are twins with different personalities; Caroline is loud and aggressive but hides her true caring nature underneath. Justine is calm and appears to be nicer at first, but is still harsh with her treatment.

Their interactions with Joker take a twist after he goes down into the depths of Mementos and fails to defeat the Holy Grail. Igor tells Caroline & Justine to kill Joker, but they are unable to. After being unable to take down Joker, a blue butterfly flies by, prompting Caroline & Justine to ask Joker to fuse them together.

The fusion results in Lavenza being restored to her original form, as Caroline & Justine are revealed to be two halves of Lavenza. Lavenza being restored to her original form allows her to spot Igor as an imposter, who is revealed to be Yaldabaoth. Lavenza will then assist you for the remainder of the adventure.

Fusion Assistance:

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Caroline & Justine are both responsible for helping Joker with his Persona fusions. After going through the tutorial with Igor, you will often be returning to Caroline & Justine to fuse your Personas together to create more powerful Personas. These newly fused Personas will be strengthened depending on the Confidant they are aligned with, as well as the development of said Confidant.

Shortly after learning to fuse Personas, Caroline & Justine will give you the option to turn Personas into equipment. This allows you to fuse Personas into unique sets of equipment that you cannot buy at Iwai’s store. While some of the equipment won’t seem fantastic at the beginning, the quality will significantly increase later on.

Later in the game, Caroline & Justine will allow you to store Personas with them to learn new skills. These new skills will usually come in the form of a skill that covers a weakness, but can be other beneficial skills.

During Persona 5 Royal, you will also learn about fusion alarms, which occur after many enemies have been defeated in the Metaverse (which includes Palaces and Mementos). These alarms can potentially strengthen the offerings they provide you, and they can be repeated as long as you remain in the Metaverse.

Caroline & Justine’s Confidant revolves around developing the potential of Joker’s Trickster identity by giving him fusion challenges. They will also start developing their personalities slightly more by figuring out that something isn’t right about the task list they are using and suspecting that there is more to the challenges than initially appears.

Starting the Strength Confidant gives Joker more options when fusing Personas, such as fusing more than 2 Personas together, allowing you to fuse Personas above your level, and giving new skills when handing over your Persona for training.


In Persona 5 Royal, you can take Caroline & Justine out into Tokyo, exploring the city and having fun interactions with them, which grants you Skill Cards that can help complete the Strength Confidant if you haven’t been able to get the proper Personas fused. This can be done 12 times for different cards, which are not necessarily given in order for the Confidant challenges.

If you have managed to take Caroline & Justine out on all of their 12 outings before the third semester starts in Persona 5 Royal, you can get a meeting with Lavenza for a hang out, which can get you a special Enduring Soul Skill Card.

New Game Plus

Should the Strength Confidant be completed, Joker will obtain the Cell Key item from Lavenza before he goes back home, which allows him to unlock all the benefits he has unlocked in the Velvet Room on a New Game Plus.

In a New Game Plus, Justine will be waiting outside the Velvet Room door in Mementos. You can talk to her to begin a secret boss battle with both Caroline & Justine. Defeating them will be a challenge, and it is best saved for the final months of the game, though it must be done before 12/24.

In Personal 5 Royal, if you were able to defeat Caroline & Justine in a New Game Plus, Lavenza will want to challenge you herself, and she will be waiting outside the Mementos door just like Justine was. This must be done before 2/4, and she is a powerful opponent.

Key Moments:

Caroline & Justine are introduced when Joker first arrives in the Velvet Room, taking the form of a jail cell. Their apprehensive behavior is apparent as they seem to take an immediate distrust of Joker, labeling him “Inmate” since he is in prison attire and locked behind a jail cell. After the talk with Igor about the upcoming threat, Caroline & Justine bid him farewell.

Fusion Assistance

On April 15th, Joker will encounter Caroline while he is outside, who is standing in front of a glowing blue door. Caroline will force Joker to go inside, where Igor explains his services in regards to Personas. Joker will make his first fusion with the help of Caroline & Justine.

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Shortly after Yusuke Kitagawa is recruited into the Phantom Thieves, Caroline & Justine will beckon Joker to enter the Velvet Room again. He will be introduced to the concept of the Electric Chair, which allows him to convert Personas into items.

Later on, you will be introduced to the Lockdown option, which allows you to leave a Persona with Caroline & Justine and it will learn a skill, usually a skill that covers the Persona’s elemental weakness after a few days.

You will also learn about the Gallows, where you can sacrifice a Persona to give experience to another Persona, strengthening them.

After Joker is leaving Kaneshiro’s Palace when they have charted a path to the Treasure, Caroline & Justine will introduce the concept of Fusion Alarms, which can give Joker new fusion possibilities through fusion, the Electric Chair, Lockdown and the Gallows. However, the alarms are only temporary and will disappear after a few fusions are done.

Story Role

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Caroline & Justine don’t have a large presence in the game until the Phantom Thieves attempt to steal the Holy Grail in the depths of Mementos and fail. While berating Joker for his failure, they are commanded by Igor to kill Joker. This comes as a shock to them, but they are still obligated to carry out Igor’s orders.

Despite fighting against Joker and facing no opposition, Caroline & Justine are unable to deal the finishing blow. This is when a blue butterfly begins flying past, which triggers a memory for Caroline & Justine. Realizing that something is not right and they need to come together, they ask Joker to fuse them together.

Joker fuses both Caroline & Justine together which results in Lavenza appearing. Lavenza is the true assistant of the Velvet Room, and she reveals Igor to be an imposter, saying he cannot hide in front of her eyes. This reveals Igor as Yaldabaoth, who has been masterminding the events of the game from the start.

After Joker turns down Yaldabaoth’s deal, the real Igor appears, and Lavenza advises Joker to find the rest of his friends, then bring them to Igor when he is done.

When Joker has successfully reunited the Phantom Thieves, the group is reunited with Morgana after Lavenza reveals his presence. Igor and Lavenza then explain Yaldabaoth’s plan and note that the situation isn’t hopeless as they have the power to overcome Yaldabaoth, even now. Lavenza then takes on the role of Caroline & Justine and then oversees the group’s victory over Yaldabaoth.

As Joker wins, he is still thrown in jail as he must provide evidence against Masayoshi Shido. However, at the end of his ordeal, he has one more meeting with Igor and Lavenza before being guided out by a blue butterfly, which is Lavenza’s symbol.

When saying his goodbyes in Tokyo, he will meet with Lavenza if he completes the Strength Confidant, where she will hand him the Cell Key, allowing Joker to regain the benefits of the Strength Confidant on a New Game Plus.

Persona 5 Royal

Caroline & Justine will express an interest in Tokyo and ask Joker to take them out to explore Tokyo. They will mention that it isn’t mandatory, but they will reward Joker with Skill Cards if he does go on outings with them. There are 12 outings in total, and they will allow Joker to see Caroline & Justine’s knowledge of the world around them and their antics since there are things they do not understand.

Should the 3rd semester be unlocked, Lavenza’s blue butterfly will guide Joker through an image of Shujin Academy. After Joker realizes that the world isn’t what it appears to be and rescues Sumire from Dr. Maruki, Lavenza will meet Joker in the Velvet Room again. She will want to meet all the Phantom Thieves to inform them of what is going on.

When the group has been gathered, Lavenza will talk about Maruki’s control over the world and how this managed to happen. While the odds are not in their favor, Lavenza believes the Phantom Thieves can overcome Maruki, and she leaves in the form of a blue butterfly.

Should the Phantom Thieves successfully take down Dr. Maruki and restore the world, Lavenza will congratulate Joker on his victory. However, with the restoration of the world as it should be, Joker will still end up in jail since Akechi was not present to take the fall for him.

If Joker manages to take Caroline & Justine on all 12 outings before 12/24 and reaches the 3rd semester, Lavenza will ask to be taken on an outing herself.

New Game Plus

On a New Game Plus, Caroline will appear outside the Velvet Room door in Mementos. You can talk to her to bring up the option of a battle. As this is just a battle for fun, this will not count towards anything and you cannot get a Game Over from the fight (though you can still lose).

If you have managed to defeat Caroline & Justine before the start of the 3rd semester, Lavenza will ask for a fight as well.

Persona 5 Strikers

In Persona 5 Strikers, Lavenza will be the only person in the Velvet Room and will let Joker know what is happening in the world and provide all the regular fusion services.

How to Begin the Strength Confidant

The Chariot Confidant can begin after completing Madarame’s Palace (the earliest being May 18th), where a visit to the Velvet Room and a talk with Caroline & Justine will trigger the start of the Confidant. This will begin the fusion challenges where you have to provide a Persona with a certain skill as proof of your skills. Providing the first requested Persona will start the Confidant.

Unlike other Confidants, the Strength Confidant can theoretically be completed in a single day as all you need are the Personas with the proper skills. In a regular playthrough, you would not likely be able to finish the Strength Confidant until you reach Okumura’s Palace, as you must be at least Level 51 to complete it.

Strength Confidant Benefits

At Rank 1, you will be able to fuse more than 2 Personas with Group Guillotine. You will be able to fuse 3 Personas at once, but that number will grow as the game progresses.

At Rank 3, you will unlock Lockdown, which allows you to leave a Persona with Caroline & Justine to learn an attribute resisting skill.

At Rank 5, you will unlock Special Treatment, which allows you to fuse Personas above your level as long as you can pay the money necessary. The amount required is greater the lower your level is compared to the Persona you want to fuse.

At Rank 8, you will unlock Guillotine Booster, which unlocks more fusions for the Group Guillotine fusion option.

At Rank 10/MAX, you will unlock VIP Treatment, which lowers the money needed for Special Treatment fusions. You will be able to fuse Zaou-Gongen of the Strength Arcana. You will also unlock the Cell Key item that you can receive from Lavenza in March, allowing you to gain all of these benefits on a New Game Plus.

Note that these benefits only apply to Persona 5 Royal, and are different from what you would gain in Persona 5.

Guide to the Strength Confidant

Rank 1:

Your challenge is to bring a Jack Frost with Mabufu.

After the first level in Mementos, you can fuse a Jack Frost with Magician Confidant Rank 2, which will give you the EXP boost necessary for Jack Frost to have Mabufu. Since the Magician Confidant increases naturally, you should not have a problem doing this shortly after receiving the challenge.

Alternatively, you can wait for Jack Frost to learn Mabufu naturally by leveling it up in combat. You can also use the Mabufu skill card from the 1st outing with Caroline & Justine on a Jack Frost.

Rank 2:

Your challenge is to bring an Ame no Uzume with Frei.

You can fuse a Suzaku (Sun Arcana) that naturally learns Frei. Fuse that with a Hierophant Persona around Suzaku’s level to get a Ame-no-Uzume with Frei.

Alternatively, you can also use the Frei skill card from the 2nd outing with Caroline & Justine on an Ame no Uzume.

Rank 3:

Your challenge is to bring a Flauros with Tarukaja.

This is your first group fusion, and Eligor will naturally come with the Tarukaja skill if you didn’t overwrite it when you first obtained the Persona. As long as you have Eligor with the skill, you should be fine during the fusion.

Alternatively, you can also use the Tarukaja skill card from the 6th outing with Caroline & Justine on a Flauros, though you shouldn’t need the Skill Card if you are careful.

Rank 4:

Your challenge is to bring a Phoenix with Counter.

Yaksini of the Empress Arcana learns Counter naturally. Fuse Yaksini with a Temperance Arcana to get Phoenix (make sure the result is Phoenix, the Temperance Persona shouldn’t be too strong or weak).

Alternatively, you can also use the Counter skill card from the 3rd outing with Caroline & Justine on a Phoenix.

Rank 5:

Your challenge is to bring a Setanta with Rakukaja.

Lamia of the Empress Arcana learns Rakukaja naturally. You can fuse it with Apsaras of the Priestess Arcana to get Setanta with Rakukaja.

Alternatively, you can also use the Rakukaja skill card from the 6th outing with Caroline & Justine on a Setanta.

Rank 6:

Your challenge is to bring a Neko Shogun with Dekaja.

A Persona that learns Dekaja naturally is Orobas of the Hierophant Arcana. Fuse Orobas with Stone of Scone (a Fortune Persona which is a Rare Enemy) will take it to the next Hierophant Persona, Anzu.

Anzu is one of the base Personas needed to fuse Neko Shogun, and you can transfer the skill to complete the challenge.

Alternatively, you can also use the Dekaja skill card from the 8th outing with Caroline & Justine on a Neko Shogun.

Rank 7:

Your challenge is to bring a Lachesis with Tetraja.

A Persona who learns Tetraja naturally is the Principality of the Justice Arcana.

Fuse Principality to Clotho of the Fortune Arcana to get Thoth of the Emperor Arcana. Fuse Thoth with Anzu (from the previous challenge) to get Lachesis. Make sure to transfer Tetraja over in all of your fusions.

Alternatively, you can also use the Tetraja skill card from the 8th outing with Caroline & Justine on a Lachesis.

Rank 8:

Your challenge is to bring a Hecatoncheires with Masukunda.

A Persona that can learn Masukunda is Thoth of the Emperor Arcana. Fuse Thoth with Arahabaki of the Hermit Arcana to get Daisoujou of the Hierophant Arcana.

Fuse Daisoujou with Power of the Justice Arcana to get Hecatoncheires. Make sure the Masukunda skill is constantly transferred.

Alternatively, you can also use the Masukunda skill card from the 5th outing with Caroline & Justine on a Hecatoncheires.

Rank 9:

Your challenge is to bring Bugs with Samarecarm.

Unicorn of the Faith Arcana will learn Samarecarm, but only at Level 42. Level the Unicorn Persona to Level 42 and learn the skill before proceeding.

Fuse Unicorn with Anzu of the Hierophant Arcana to get Hariti of the Empress Arcana, giving it the Samarecarm skill. Hariti is one of the Personas needed to fuse Bugs, which should complete the challenge.

Alternatively, you can also use the Samarecarm skill card from the 4th outing with Caroline & Justine on a Bugs.

Rank 10:

Your challenge is to bring a Seth with High Counter.

A Persona that learns High Counter naturally is Dakini of the Empress Arcana, who learns it at Level 52. Get Dakini to Level 52, then fuse her to a Pixie of the Lovers Arcana to get Anubis of the Judgement Arcana.

Anubis is one of the Personas needed to fuse Seth, and as long as you have properly transferred the High Counter ability, you will be alright.

Alternatively, you can also use the High Counter skill card from the 11th outing with Caroline & Justine on a Seth.

How to Defeat Caroline & Justine in Battle

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It is recommended to bring your best characters to as high a level as possible. It is possible to achieve victory around Level 65-70, but higher levels give you more health and SP to work with, as well as better stats.

Keep in mind that you have to defeat both twins in a single turn. Caroline or Justine will simply use Recarm on the fallen twin if you haven’t finished them off together. You also have a 50 turn time limit, in which both twins will finish you off regardless of how much health they have left, their status and your health/SP/status.

Bring Personas that don’t have weaknesses (or have their weaknesses covered) and have powerful single-target skills. Have a few powerful multi-target skills as well, because you will need them to take out both twins at once.

Caroline and Justine start hitting the team with physical attacks, followed by elemental magic of every element. The elements they use will be dependent on your team and the Personas you are using, and they will target weaknesses if your team has any (which will be nearly impossible to cover in Persona 5 Royal as everyone can only evade their weaknesses at best).

Deal enough damage to the twins with your best moves, using your best attacks to weaken them. Once you get both twins’ health down to half (50% HP), the twins will use Diarahan on each other. This only happens once per battle, so you will not have to worry about it happening again. Bringing them down to 50% HP also means you are capable of beating them since their moves will not change.

Focusing on a single twin will help you narrow down their health without worrying about multi-target moves. You can then focus on the other, then bring them down together. You will need a multi-target attack to finish them off, and it doesn’t matter what you use as long as it deals damage to remove them both in the same turn.

How to Defeat Lavenza in Battle

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Lavenza’s battle is more intense than Caroline & Justine’s battle. You cannot switch out party members and there are 4 phases. You must deal enough damage in each phase to progress, or you will be immediately KO’ed after a few turns.

You want to bring characters at least Level 80 to have a good chance of winning. Making sure that your characters have the best equipment and items possible will increase your chances. Getting equipment made from the Fusion Alarms in the Velvet Room will help. Bringing the expensive revival/resuscitation items from Takemi’s Clinic will greatly help you in this fight, since you never want your party KO’ed for too long (and in Joker’s case, his health shouldn’t reach zero).

Remember that switching characters out will result in an instant game over, and you want to make sure that the team you stick with, even if it can’t cover all weaknesses, can still survive being hit with powerful attacks.

Bring your best Personas to the battle, particularly Personas who have no weaknesses and have powerful moves that deal at least “Severe” level damage.

In the 1st phase, Lavenza will inflict status ailments and elemental attacks. She will use Rage/Fire, Dizzy/Electric, Sleep/Ice and Confuse/Wind. If you debuff Lavenza or buff your team, she may temporarily deviate from the order to remove debuffs with Dekaja or use Dekunda to remove buffs from your team. She can also use Heat Riser on herself during this time if the initial cast has been removed/worn off.

This order does not take into account any weaknesses, but as you cannot switch your team members out, you need to decide on a team that will be able to withstand the first wave of attacks

To properly damage Lavenza, you need to hit her with the opposite element of the spells that she used (for example, if she used a Fire spell, you need to hit her with Ice, and so on).

In the 2nd phase, Lavenza will start using both Gun and physical skills. At this point, Lavenza is vulnerable to ailments, and you should be aiming to inflict them on her. You can use items to inflict status ailments if you don’t have the skills.

Use status ailments that allow you to knock down Lavenza, such as Dizzy, then use All-Out Attacks to damage her since her resistances will change and she resists everything.

In the 3rd phase, Lavenza will start using Nuke, Psy, Light and Dark spells. She is now vulnerable to Gun and physical attacks while resisting everything else, and that is your main source of damage.

In the 4th and final phase, you must start checking Lavenza’s resistances every turn to find out what she can’t resist and damage her with those elements/moves. She can sometimes interrupt your attacks with a physical attack of her own and will sometimes cast Concentrate with Megidolaon together. You will eventually win the long battle if you can keep your team healed, revived, and constantly attack Lavenza.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Question: Is there a deadline for completing Caroline & Justine’s Confidant?

Answer: The cut-off date is December 24th for Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal. Even with the additional time boost given by the 3rd semester in Persona 5 Royal, you will not be able to complete the Confidant with Lavenza. However, she will still interact with you for hangouts and talk with you normally.

Question: Is there anything special about Caroline & Justine’s Confidant?

Answer: Caroline & Justine’s Confidant can be completed in a single day if you have all the necessary Personas, making this the easiest Confidant to complete. It can also be the hardest to complete as it doesn’t rely on any social stats, Confidant levels, or events that boost relationship values.
The minimum level to complete this Confidant is Level 51, since the last fusion challenge requires Seth to be fused, who has a minimum level of 51.

Question: Why doesn’t Caroline & Justine’s New Game Plus bonus appear when he joins the team?

Answer: Caroline & Justine’s bonus will only appear after you have started the Strength Confidant, which involves giving a Jack Frost with Mabufu to them after they make the request. The bonuses will kick in then (in case people were hoping for high-powered fusions from the start).
However, you can still pull powerful demons out of the Compendium as your money carries over from previous playthroughs.

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