Lavenza Persona 5 Guide

Lavenza Persona 5 Guide: Persona 5 Velvet Room Attendant Explained

There are certainties in games like the Persona series. Some of those include being the wild card able to wield multiple Personas while others include the presence of the Velvet Room.

Present in all of the mainline Persona games, it returns in Persona 5 with several new faces, including Lavenza. Find out more about this mysterious and spoiler-filled character in this Lavenza Persona 5 guide.

There are a lot of strange occurrences in the Velvet Room in Persona 5, not least of which is the fact that there are multiple attendants who work there and help Joker out.

Lavenza is one such worker, but not someone who you will see in the JRPG early on. She appears later in the game and, therefore, is one of the more confusing characters for some players. I’ll be sure to break down everything you need to know about her in this Lavenza Persona 5 guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

Lavenza is one of the Velvet Room attendants in Persona 5. Spoilers will be appearing from here on out, but she is actually the proper form of both Caroline and Justine.

They are not twins, but, rather, the same person who was divided up due to the influences of a being with evil schemes in mind. Joker is able to help the two come together and form Lavenza by completing the various requests that she has for the player in her ten Confidant ranks.

Lavenza Overview

lavenza persona 5

One of the tried and true parts of the Persona series is the beloved Velvet Room. Though its shape and setting differ between games, the idea remains the same of offering a place for the main character to fuse together Personas for use in battle.

As such, there is always Igor, the proprietor of the Velvet Room, and his various attendants that help out. The latest Velvet Room attendant is none other than Lavenza, who assists the main character Joker in his work toward stealing the hearts of villains around Japan.

What is strange is that Lavenza doesn’t first appear in Persona 5 at the start of the game. Instead, it is Justine and Caroline who are in charge of the Velvet Room activities. This makes it confusing since there are presumably three different characters who have this role in the same game.

That is quite a lot considering the most before was just two in Persona 3 Portable and, even then, they didn’t appear at the same time. Here’s what you need to know about Lavenza’s true identity and everything else.

Is Lavenza Justine and Caroline?

This is a spoiler question and Lavenza’s identity is a massive spoiler for the main story of Persona 5. Turn away now if you haven’t beaten the JRPG yet. And even if you have, there is a chance that you missed out on this aspect of the game.

The truth is that Caroline and Justine are the same person, not twins. They were once the same person known as Lavenza. However, a particular entity, otherwise known as the main villain in Persona 5, came through and divided Lavenza up into these two people to confuse her.

However, without a doubt, all three are the same person and the true Velvet Room attendant in Persona 5 is Lavenza.


The tricky part about Lavenza’s appearance is, first and foremost, that it’s pretty spoilery actually. If you haven’t beaten the Persona 5 main story, especially when it comes to her Confidant ranks, be sure to turn away now. That said, the appearance of Lavenza begins with her looks as Caroline and Justine.

As mentioned, she is both of those people at the same time. In this form, they look like literal twins wearing their cutesy little blue jailer outfits. They look like wardens of prison with their blue hats, jackets, and black skirts. What is intriguing about these twins is that they also have two different hairstyles and black eyepatches over opposite eyes.

These are all references to the fact that they are essentially two sides of the same coin or person. In their full form as Lavenza, though, the appearance is quite different and more adorable on the kawaii side. She drops a lot of the jailer motif and features a standard blue dress that looks gorgeous and so highly detailed.

Her hair is hanging down now and she has a headband that adds a nice look to her style. She looks completely different than her split companions with a much more tame and calm appearance. Lastly, she is seen holding the Persona Compendium in her arms.

Key Moments in Persona 5

lavenza key moments persona 5

As you might expect, I can’t talk about the crucial scenes and moments surrounding Lavenza without spoiling a few of the characters in Persona 5.

This most notably spoils everyone that has to do with the Velvet Room throughout the game from start to finish. This is your final warning to turn away now if you don’t want it spoiled why Lavenza is the way she is in Persona 5.

Helping Out as Justine and Caroline

Justine and Caroline, not necessarily Lavenza as her usual self, make their debut in Persona 5 near the start of the game. When the player first visits the Velvet Room playing as Joker, they meet the twins there. These two characters are harsh and not exactly welcoming of the player but inevitably open up to him nonetheless.

Justine and Caroline are the stewards of the Velvet Room, providing their services to the player throughout his adventures as part of the Phantom Thieves. The idea is that they offer the chance to fuse together new Personas and assist Joker in bettering his team.

This opening part of the game varies for most players, but the general story is that Justine and Caroline help the player by showing them the ropes of how to perform fusions.

They then provide their services to the player for the first couple of dungeons, helping Joker to summon old Personas, register new ones, and summon together new allies for battle.

Providing Missions

However, the story for Justine and Caroline takes a turn when they realize that the book that they use to help Joker has notes in there written by someone unknown to them. As such, they seek out the help of Joker in finding out who this person is and complete the person’s detailed requests.

This begins the Confidant relationship with the player as Caroline and Justine offer up various missions for the player to complete. He helps them out by fusing together the special Personas they ask for, complete with the various skills and other requirements that they desire.

Over time, the two twins of the Velvet Room begin to remember the person who wrote the book slowly. The more requests the player completes, the closer they get to finding out who was behind writing that book.

Becoming Lavenza Again

lavenza persona 5

Once Joker completes all of the requests for the two twins, they finally realize that it was they who wrote the notes in the book in the first place. They forgot who they were and why they did that due to the interventions of the main villain of Persona 5 who took over the Velvet Room.

Through this, they are able to finally restore themselves and transform back into Lavenza, the proper form of Caroline and Justine. They were not twins, to begin with, but the same person who was split up into multiple forms. Now, finally as one again, Lavenza is able to assist Joker in everything he needs.

This is especially helpful after the completion of the main story in Persona 5 when Lavenza is able to assist during the events of Persona 5 Royal’s third semester as a new world forms.

Lavenza also returns to Persona 5 Striker where she is once again the Velvet Room assistant who helps the player fuse Personas to take on the various Jails across Japan.

Special Abilities

There are a few different unique abilities that Lavenza has in Persona 5. Like her older siblings, she is vastly influential as both a Persona user and someone who manages the Velvet Room. While most of her powers are still mysterious due to her family’s intriguing situation, here’s what we know about them at this time.

Persona User

Lavenza herself is a Persona user, which may not be immediately apparent from meeting her for the first time. Like her siblings, Lavenza is a powerful Persona user and one of the best around. It is also presumed that she is a wild card person, much like Joker and the other protagonists in the series.

Lavenza is capable of wielding more than one Persona, as seen in Persona 5 Royal when you take on her as an optional final boss fight. She is the most demanding boss you can take on in Persona 5 Royal with several extremely versatile Personas and resistances that are hard to destroy.

It is even possible to say that she is more potent than some of her siblings when it comes to fighting in combat and wielding Personas. While she might not be the most challenging boss in the series, she is undoubtedly more challenging than some of her siblings in the past, despite her young age.

Velvet Room Attendant

The other notable aspect of Lavenza in her unique abilities is her role as the Velvet Room attendant. Like her siblings, she shares the uncanny powers that involve the control of Personas. She is able to help out wild cards like Joker in coming up with new Personas to use in combat.

This power is mysterious and uncertain, with no easily explained origins, but what we do know is that she has the ability to wield the Persona Compendium with ease. She can use the memories of the player to register Personas that he has and then summon them back for Joker whenever he needs them.

In addition, she knows all of the processes for sacrificing Personas, too, and bringing them together to make a brand new one. This is an intricate process that can sometimes involve numerous Personas at once, but she has no problem doing this.

And she can even take skills from one Persona and apply them to others at the same time, showing just how far her powers go.

Lavenza Voice Actor

lavenza persona 5 voice actor

There are two main voice actors you need to know about when it comes to Lavenza in Persona 5. This depends on whether or not you’re playing the game in the English dub or the original Japanese voiceover. What’s hilarious is that Lavenza is the same voice across her and the other forms of her that you meet in Persona 5.

Yes, one person in both English and Japanese does the voice of essentially three distinct characters. On the English dub side, we have Carrie Keranen. The entire Persona 5 cast is one of the best I have heard for anything translated from Japanese into English and Keranen is a prime example of this.

She brings to life three distinct characters to the point where I at least believed that there were two different voice actors; one for the twins and another for Lavenza but that isn’t the case.

If you want to hear the underrated Keranen in other roles, be sure to listen to her as Sara in The Legend of Heroes franchise, which I adore, and Guila in The Seven Deadly Sins.

If you listen to the Japanese voiceovers, instead, you’re in for an equally impressive treat. Aki Toyosaki does a fantastic job of capturing all three characters in such unique tones.

If you want to hear more of her in other games and anime, be sure to check out her roles of the mother in Demon King Academy, Homura in Dr. Stone, and Marulk in Made in Abyss (if you dare watch this disturbing but nearly masterpiece of a show).

Key Relationships

There are a few notable relationships that Lavenza has with the characters in Persona 5 and beyond. It starts with her relationship with Igor, which isn’t fully explored in this game due to, you know, circumstances. It appears they mostly have a business sort of relationship as her being the assistant to whatever he needs.

The same is essentially the case for Joker and her, as she performs whatever duties he needs when it comes to fusing Personas and the like. However, their relationship is a little more personal because he helps her come out of her shell (literally) and be who she truly is.

Outside of those two, Lavenza has nothing to do with the other members of the Phantom Thieves much. As such, her relationships mainly extend to her family. While little is known about how this strange Velvet Room family works, we do know that Lavenza is the youngest known member at this time.

All of her known siblings — Margaret, Elizabeth, and Theodore — are seemingly much older than her. They apparently treat her like an annoying little sister to an extent, too.

It is unlikely that there are more members of her siblings that are younger than her, but she could have some more older brothers or sisters who we don’t know at this time.

Lavenza Confidant

lavenza persona 5 confidant

Lavenza is one of the main Confidants that you can interact with in both Persona 5 and Royal. Of the 22 Confidants in total, she represents the Strength Arcana, which is an intriguing fit for her. Initially, though, she is known as Caroline and Justine.

Those are the two you will want to start your relationship with if you wish to see Lavenza come to fruition. Here’s everything you need to know about this surprisingly challenging Confidant.

How to Start

The Confidant relationship with Lavenza begins when she is still Caroline and Justine. The player has to, technically, initiate the relationship, but it is one that is relatively easy to start, at least.

What you want to do is head into the Velvet Room as early as May 18 after beginning the dungeon run into Madarame’s Palace, the second Palace in the game.

When you visit the Velvet Room, your relationship with the two Velvet Room attendants will automatically begin.

How to Complete All Lavenza Requests

Ranking up the different bond levels of Lavenza’s Confidant relationship doesn’t work how the other Confidants in the game do. It isn’t automatic, but it doesn’t involve spending time with her, either (though you can certainly take her for adventures if you’d like optionally).

Before Lavenza is formed again, you need to raise your relationship with her while she is still Caroline and Justine. This is done by completing the various Persona requests that she gives Joker in the Velvet Room, which don’t take up any time at all to complete. So, feel free to complete these whenever you are able to.

Here is how to complete all of the various Confidant Persona requests that Lavenza/Caroline, and Justine give you. Note that there are sometimes multiple paths to completing a specific request, but this is the one method I found to be relatively simple and easy.

In addition, skill cards can alleviate the issue with a lot of these requests if you happen to have the right ones.

  1. First Request: Jack Frost, who knows Mabufu. Typically, Jack Frost learns Mabufu over time, which is super easy. Simply obtain a Jack Frost, either in a dungeon or through fusion, and level it up to 12 to learn Mabufu.
  2. Ame-no-Uzume that has Frei: This is a more complex situation since Ame-no-Uzume doesn’t learn Frei naturally. You can use a skill card if you have one, like the below requests, or fuse together Berith with Suzaku to pass along the Frei skill.
  3. Flauros, who knows Tarukaja: For this one, fuse together Berith, Eligor, and Orobas. Make sure to level up Eligor to learn Tarukaja so you can pass it on to Flauros.
  4. Phoenix, who knows Counter: First, you want to acquire Yaksini through fusion. Then take it and fuse it with Kelpie to pass along the Counter skill.
  5. Setanta that has Rakukaja: This requires you to fuse together Lamia and Silky to pass along the Rakukaja skill.
  6. Neko Shogun and Dekaja: You want to fuse together Kodama, Sudama, and a level 28 Anzu to make Neko Shogun. It needs to be level 28 to learn the Dekaja skill to pass along.
  7. Lachesis and Tetraja: First, you want to get Thoth through fusion to obtain the Tetraja skill. Then you want to fuse it with Anzu to make Lachesis.
  8. Hecatoncheires and Masukunda: Obtain a Lilim and level it up to 34 to learn Masukunda, then fuse it with Anzu.
  9. Bugs and Samarecarm: Level up Hariti until it reaches level 41 to learn Samarecarm. Then fuse it together with Pisaca and Pixie to make a Bugs with this skill.
  10. Seth with High Counter: For the final request, there are several options. Our recommendation, outside of using a skill card, is to get a Dakini to level 42, where it learns High Counter. Pass that along to an Anubis by fusing it with Ame-no-Uzume. Then take the Anubis with High Counter and fuse it with Isis, Horus, and Thoth to make Seth with High Counter.

Confidant Rank Benefits

lavenza persona 5 confidant rank benefits

The main goal of leveling up your relationship with Lavenza is to unlock all of the fantastic benefits that come from her Confidant ranks. In almost every rank, players unlock a new bonus that typically has to do with the Velvet Room and summoning Personas there. Here are all of the rank benefits you get:

  • Rank 1: Group Guillotine – This will let you now be able to fuse together three Personas at once for more robust and better overall Personas.
  • Rank 3: Lockdown – This lets you pick a Persona to put into lockdown, which will let them gain resistance to certain elemental affinities.
  • Rank 5: Special Treatment – This lets you now pay extra money and fuse for Personas that are higher than your current level, which would otherwise be impossible.
  • Rank 8: Guillotine Booster – You can now fuse together Personas in groups of four or even more. This lets you create some of the best Personas in the entire JRPG.
  • Rank 10: VIP Treatment – You will now get a discount for the Special Treatment moments in which you summon a Persona that’s higher in level than you.

In addition to the VIP Treatment ability, reaching the max level of the Confidant for Lavenza will also grant you the ability to fuse together to make the ultimate Persona of the Strength Arcana, Zaou-Gongen.


Question: Who is Lavenza Persona 5?

Answer: Lavenza is the true Velvet Room assistant in Persona 5. Spoiler alert, but she is the proper form of the twins Justine and Caroline. They are not two distinct people, but, instead, Lavenza split into two.

Question: How do I Get Lavenza Persona 5?

Answer: If you want to see Lavenza, be sure to finish off the Caroline and Justine Confidant and progress through until the end of Persona 5’s story. If you wish to do her final boss fight, make sure to do a New Game Plus playthrough after beating the game entirely.

Question: Do You Get anything for Beating Lavenza Persona 5?

Answer: Yes, you get an achievement and/or trophy on specific platforms as well as the Omnipotent Orb accessory item. This is the best item in the entire game. It makes the user utterly invulnerable to all attacks and damage from anything except Almighty attacks, nearly breaking the difficulty in the process.

The Velvet Room Runs in the Family

Lavenza is one of the most mysterious and underused characters in Persona 5, especially since she is present in so little of the game. There are even some players who have never seen her before, which makes her even rarer of a character.

That said, this doesn’t water down the importance of her as the main Velvet Room attendant in Persona 5.

However, Lavenza is far from the only Velvet Room attendant in existence. In fact, she is the fourth (if you exclude Justine and Caroline) after her siblings, that appeared in the two previous mainline Persona games.

If you wish to learn more about those characters who are more evident and present in the story than Lavenza, look at Margaret from Persona 4. She is the assistant during Persona 4, Golden, and Lavenza’s gorgeous older sister.

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