Persona 5 Confidant Guide: How to Unlock All Confidants

The best part about any Persona game is the characters, and this goes doubly so for the Persona 5 cast. Whether you are playing Persona 5 or its expanded Royal version, you are in for a treat when it comes to the massive cast of characters you can get to know on a deeper level.

This is through spending time with these so-called Confidants, which I will break down in its entirety in this Persona 5 Confidant guide.

One of the most confusing parts about Confidants is why they are called this now after being known as social links previously. And then how many are there even? How do you unlock these Confidants? What are the deadlines for each of them?

These questions and more are ones that I had when I first played Persona 5. Having played it three times now and maxed out all of these Confidants twice, if not thrice, I have some tips and tricks to share with you in this Persona 5 Confidant guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

The number of Confidants will change slightly depending on which version of Persona 5 you’re playing. In the original game, you’re looking at a whopping 20 different Confidants to spend ten individual ranks with. If you play Persona 5 Royal, this number expands to now include two more Confidants for a total of 22.

You can romance almost every single female character in Persona 5 and even if you don’t romance them, every person grants some fantastic features and bonuses that make them worth unlocking.

Persona 5 Confidant Overview

If you’ve never played a Persona game before, the gist of what a Persona 5 Confidant is, is the various main characters in the game. You can spend time with these characters and get to know them on a deeper level. This is gamified through 10 individual ranks for each person representing your visual relationship.

The more time you spend with these main and side characters, the more your relationship rank will grow, especially if you pick the best dialogue options for them. There are several reasons why you would want to do this, such as learning more about the backstory and plot surrounding these individual characters.

But for some players, the best benefit is the rank rewards that you get each time you reach a new level in your relationship. Some levels aren’t that impressive, but others will grant you something new in combat, a twist when it comes to fusing Personas, and other neat features.

For me, the Confidants in Persona 5 are the best part of the entire game. I eschew every other activity in the game, including even the Palace dungeons at times in the main story, just to spend time with someone who may not be available again for a week or two in-game.

You see, spending time with a Confidant, outside of a couple of minor exceptions, will use up one of your severely limited time slots in the game. For most days, you get two activities, usually one during the daytime and another at night.

They are the single most important and best part about Persona 5, with some of the Confidants even affecting the storyline and what ending you get in the game in some cases. Confidants are what every Persona player should consider completing if they want to have the most fulfilling experience in their playthrough.

And, yes, I will answer your question right here: yes, you can complete all Persona 5 Confidants from start to finish in a single playthrough. Well, at least in Persona 5 Royal, that is.

I know this from personal experience, as I did that on my first playthrough of the Royal version. It isn’t easy, and it will take careful planning every step of the way, but it’s absolutely possible.

persona 5 morgana

For those of you who played the previous Persona games in the series, 3 and 4, you might wonder why the name changed for this relationship system from social links to now Confidants. For the most part, the systems are exactly the same but with a name change for aesthetic purposes.

However, there are a couple of key differences you should know about. For one, there are so many more Confidants in Persona 5 than you would find in some other games.

In addition, there are far more rewards for Confidants’ ranks than that of social links. You get more bang for your buck, so to speak, when it comes to your relationships now, compared to how it was in Personas 3 and 4.

How to Romance in Persona 5

Another key feature of the Confidants system in Persona 5 is the fact that you can romance some of the central and side characters that you meet. There are some restrictions in this game, such as the fact that you can only romance female characters.

But the benefit, at least, is that Joker, the main character of Persona 5, has a plethora of romance options to choose from. Every single female in both Persona 5 and Royal, except for Sae Niijima in both versions, is someone that you can romance.

How you go about doing this is quite simple, honestly. What you want to do is reach rank 7-9 of that specific Confidant relationship, and there will be a clear moment where you have the chance to show your feelings to that person in one way or another.

Doing so will put you in a relationship that will shape the remaining ranks of that relationship. And, before you ask, yes, you can romance every single person in the game at the same time. Don’t do it, though, as you are in for a lonely and well-deserved surprise on Valentine’s Day for all the ladies that you two(10?)-timed.

All Persona 5 Confidants

There are 20 Confidants in the base Persona 5 and an extra two in Royal. Here are all 20 of the Confidants you’ll meet if you play Persona 5. I gave some additional info about how to unlock their relationship since some require you to follow some extraordinary niche and hidden sequences to unlock them.

In addition, I will also let you know the schedule for when to hang out with the person and the deadline in the in-game calendar by which you need to complete the Confidant. Lastly, I’ll give you some quick tips for some of the Confidants for completing them and the benefits you receive from every single rank. Let’s get started!

0. Igor – Fool Confidant

persona 5 igor

The first in the Arcana system is the Fool Confidant, which is represented by Igor. You may know him as a recurring character from past Persona games as the proprietor of the Velvet Room, where Personas gather. Unlike most of the Confidants on this list, his relationship is an automatic one.

You don’t have to do anything except continue and complete the main story to see this one through to the end. This makes him one of the easiest Confidants since you’ll complete it through to the end just by beating the entirety of Persona 5’s main story.

How to Unlock

Igor is the second Confidant that you unlock, and it is automatic in the story. On April 12, there will come a moment when you visit the Velvet Room, and the first rank of this relationship will automatically begin.

When to Hang Out and Deadline

There is no need to worry about hanging out or any of that when it comes to the Igor relationship since it will advance automatically during certain story cutscenes. In addition, there is no deadline you need to worry about, and your dialogue choices during conversations won’t affect anything.

Instead, this relationship will automatically come to an end on December 24 as you approach the conclusion of the main storyline.

What Each Rank Grants

Here are the benefits that you get from each rank of the Igor relationship:

  • Wild Talk – Rank 1: Lets you negotiate with Personas in battle.
  • Arcana Burst – Rank I: You get extra experience when fusing Personas of the Fool Arcana.
  • Third Eye – Rank 2: You can see invisible features in the world by holding down the R1 button (or other respective buttons).
  • Power Stock – Rank 3: You can now hold up to eight Personas at once.
  • Super Stock – Rank 5: You can now hold up to 10 Personas.
  • High Arcana Burst – Rank 6: You get more XP by fusing Fool Personas.
  • Ultra Stock – Rank 8: You can now hold up to 12 Personas.
  • Max Arcana Burst – Rank 10: You get max XP for fusing Fool Personas and can now summon Vishnu, the ultimate Fool Persona.


Here are the tips for this Persona 5 Confidant:

  • Simply continue the main story at your own pace, and you’re good to go
  • Pick any dialogue options you want since they don’t matter much

I. Morgana – Magician Arcana

Morgana is your best (not feline) animal companion in Persona 5 and one of the first characters you meet. Of the party members, he is the first that you build your relationship with. He is another Confidant that automatically ranks up during the main story, so there isn’t much you need to do.

How to Unlock

You don’t need to do anything to unlock Morgana other than continue the main story. On April 15, a sweet moment will come between you and Morgana, where your first rank will automatically unlock.

When to Hang Out and Deadline

There is no need to worry about hanging out or any deadlines in regard to Morgana’s Confidant ranks. The final rank will automatically happen on December 23.

Rank Benefits

  • Infiltration Tools – Rank 1: Lets you craft tools for infiltrating Palaces.
  • Baton Pass – Rank 2: This lets you pass your turn over to a party member.
  • Follow-Up – Rank 3: Morgana will occasionally follow up after Joker’s attack with an attack of his own.
  • Kitty Talk – Rank 4: Morgana occasionally gives Joker another chance to retry a failed Persona negotiation.
  • Pickpocket – Rank 5: When Joker attacks, you will sometimes gain an item.
  • Ace Tools – Rank 6: You can now craft more infiltration tools.
  • Harisen Recovery – Rank 7: Morgana sometimes cures all status ailments on a party member.
  • Endure – Rank 8: Morgana sometimes withstand a deadly attack with only one health point left.
  • Protect – Rank 9: There is a chance that Morgana will protect Joker from a deadly attack.
  • Second Awakening – Rank 10: Morgana’s Persona will evolve, and Joker will unlock Futsunushi as a new fusion.


  • Nothing you need to do here other than do the story
  • Your dialogue options don’t matter here

II. Makoto Niijima – Priestess

persona 5 makoto niijima

The ice queen herself, Makoto Niijima, represents the Priestess Arcana in Persona 5. She is the first party member on this list who isn’t automatic and requires the player to advance their relationship manually. She is also one of the romance partners in the game.

How to Unlock

Makoto Niijima’s Confidant can begin anytime after June 25 in the calendar, so long as the player has completed the Kaneshiro Palace.

When to Hang Out and Deadline

You can hang out with Makoto Niijima during these days of the week once you unlock her Confidant relationship:

  • Tuesday: During the daytime
  • Thursday daytime
  • Saturday daytime
  • Sunday daytime
  • Any rainy day (day or night)

The deadline for maxing out Makoto Niijima’s relationship is December 24 (Persona 5) and February 2 (Royal).

Rank Benefits

  • Shadow Calculus – Rank 1: Analyzing a Persona will let you see its skills and item drops.
  • Baton Pass – Rank 2: This lets you pass your turn to a party member.
  • Brainiac Talk – Rank 3: Sometimes enables a Persona negotiation retry.
  • Follow-Up – Rank 4: Gives a chance for Makoto to follow up an attack from Joker.
  • Harisen Recovery – Rank 6: Sometimes cures party members of their ailments.
  • Shadow Factorization – Rank 7: Lets the player see if a Persona will null, repel, or drain an attack.
  • Endure – Rank 8: Lets Makoto survive a deadly attack sometimes.
  • Protect – Rank 9: Sometimes lets Makoto save Joker from a deadly attack.
  • Second Awakening – Rank 10: Evolves Makoto’s Persona and lets Joker fuse Cybele.


  • If you want to build your relationship with Makoto, be sure to reach the max Charm rank as required.

III. Haru Okumura – Empress

Haru Okumura is another party member who you have to advance her ranks manually. She is another possible romance partner, representing Empress Arcana.

How to Unlock

Players can start the Haru Okumura Confidant as early as October 30. You will find her on the rooftop of the academy near her garden.

When to Hang Out and Deadline

Haru is available every single day of the week during the daytime except for Sundays and rainy days. This is due to her shorter time to complete her ranks.

Her deadline is around the final dungeon, like the others, except in Royal.

Rank Benefits

  • Cultivation – Rank 1: Lets you grow vegetables on the rooftop of the school.
  • Baton Pass – Rank 2
  • Follow-Up – Rank 3
  • Celeb Talk – Rank 4
  • Bumper Crop – Rank 5: Lets you yield more vegetables per harvest.
  • Harisen Recovery – Rank 6
  • Soil Improvement – Rank 7: Reduces the amount of time it takes for a harvest.
  • Endure – Rank 8
  • Protect – Rank 9
  • Second Awakening – Rank 10: Evolves her Persona and unlocks the fusion of Mother Harlot.


  • If you want to complete your relationship or romance with Haru, complete her ranks as soon as possible, especially in the base Persona 5, since she has one of the shortest windows of time.

IV. Yusuke Kitagawa – Emperor

persona 5 yusuke kitagawa

Yusuke Kitagawa is the fourth party member you gain in Persona 5. He represents Emperor Arcana and can’t be romanced.

How to Unlock

Yusuke’s Confidant will begin as early as June 18, depending on your actions. You’ll find him in the underground area of Shibuya Station.

When to Hang Out and Deadline

  • Every single day of the week during the daytime (he is a little finicky and randomly won’t appear some days, though)
  • Also available on any rainy day, daytime, or nighttime

The deadline for Yusuke is the same as the other prominent party members.

Rank Benefits

  • Novice Duplication – Rank 1: Lets Yusuke turn blank skill cards into cards of your choosing.
  • Baton Pass – Rank 2
  • Follow-Up – Rank 3
  • Artist Talk – Rank 4
  • Adept Duplication – Rank 5: Lets Yusuke make average skill cards.
  • Harisen Recovery – Rank 6
  • Master Duplication – Rank 7: Lets Yusuke make high-level skill cards.
  • Endure – Rank 8
  • Protect – Rank 9
  • Second Awakening – Rank 10: Evolves Yusuke’s Persona and lets you fuse Odin.


  • Take your time with Yusuke unless you’re in a hurry to max out. His relationship is one of the less essential Confidants in terms of gameplay bonuses and you have plenty of opportunities to hang out with him.
  • I prioritize others above Yusuke, for the most part.

V. Sojiro Sakura – Hierophant

Sojiro Sakura is the pseudo-“uncle” of the main character, Joker, and the guardian for him during his stay in Tokyo. He represents the Hierophant Arcana and must be advanced via the player’s choices.

How to Unlock

Players are able to start their relationship with Sojiro as soon as April 20, which is right after completing Kamoshida’s Palace. You’ll want to find him at Cafe Leblanc and chat with him there.

When to Hang Out and Deadline

  • Sojiro is available every day of the week, except for Wednesday, during the nighttime only.
  • He is also available on most rainy days, daytime or nighttime

Sojiro has a deadline similar to the party members. However, you can’t get ranked five and above until after Futaba’s Palace.

Rank Benefits

  • Coffee Basics – Rank 2: Lets you make some coffee that will restore some SP to one party member.
  • Leblanc Curry – Rank 4: Lets you make some curry that will restore SP to all of your party members.
  • Coffee Mastery – Rank 6: This lets you make coffee that restores a lot of SP to one character.
  • Curry Tips – Rank 9: Lets you make curry that restores a medium amount of SP to all allies.
  • Curry Mastery – Rank 10: This lets you make curry that restores a high amount of SP for all characters.


  • Don’t feel rushed to start Sojiro’s Confidant as soon as you unlock his. You can only get to rank four anyways until late in August, so feel to take your time if there are other Confidants available.
  • His benefits are some of my least favorites, so I prioritize others first. However, his story is one of the best, so keep that in mind.

VI. Ann Takamaki – Lovers

persona 5 ann takamaki

Ann Takamaki is the first female party member in the Phantom Thieves and the representative of the Lovers Arcana. She is one of several possible romantic partners.

How to Unlock

Unlike some of the other characters in the game, Ann’s Confidant will start automatically within the main story. This happens on April 15 once you save her from Kamoshida’s Palace, and she gets her Persona. However, you have to advance her other ranks manually.

When to Hang Out and Deadline

  • Monday-Wednesday, Friday, Sunday: Daytime
  • Rainy days: All day

Ann has the same deadline as almost everyone else in the Phantom Thieves near the end of December or February for Royal players.

Rank Benefits

  • Baton Pass – Rank 1
  • Girl Talk – Rank 2
  • Follow-Up – Rank 3
  • Crocodile Tears – Rank 5: There is a chance that Ann will make the Personas ask for fewer items or things during the negotiations.
  • Harisen Recovery – Rank 6
  • Sexy Technique – Rank 7: There is a chance that Ann will seduce the Personas during negotiations, making them a whole lot easier to accomplish.
  • Endure – Rank 8
  • Protect – Rank 9
  • Second Awakening – Rank 10: Ann’s Persona will evolve, and the player will be able to fuse Ishtar.


  • Ann is one of the first Confidants you can manually advance in Persona 5, so she is fantastic early on in the game. She is one I try to advance as much as possible in the early months to get her out of the way of the onslaught of Confidants later on.
  • You’ll need the second level of Kindness for this relationship early on

VII. Ryuji Sakamoto – Chariot

Ryuji Sakamoto is another early Confidant as the first party member you gain in Persona 5. He represents the Chariot Arcana.

How to Unlock

Like Ann, Ryuji’s story starts automatically for you reasonably early on April 12 once you leave Kamoshida’s Palace in the main story. You don’t have to worry about starting this at all. He is usually found on the second floor, right in front of your classroom.

When to Hang Out and Deadline

  • Ryuji can be found every day of the week during the daytime and on rainy days, but he is random and doesn’t always appear.

Ryuji’s deadline is the same as the others; late December for the base game and February 2 for Royal players.

Rank Benefits

  • Baton Pass – Rank 2
  • Follow-Up – Rank 3
  • Punk Talk – Rank 4
  • Harisen Recovery – Rank 6
  • Insta-kill – Rank 7: Ryuji gives the chance of the team instantly winning a fight after ambushing the enemy.
  • Endure – Rank 8
  • Protect – Rank 9
  • Second Awakening – Rank 10: Ryuji’s Persona evolves, and you can now fuse Chi You.


  • Ryuji is another early Confidant that I like to focus on while there are few people to hang out with. He’s available most days, so feel free to prioritize others that have more infrequent availability.

VIII. Goro Akechi – Justice

persona 5 goro akechi

Goro Akechi has one of the strangest and best Confidants in Persona 5. The representative of the Justice Arcana changes some depending on if you’re playing Persona 5 or Royal. We’ll focus on Royal for this.

How to Unlock

The Goro Akechi Confidant will automatically start on June 10 in the main story. He is in Kichijoji in Royal near the Penguin Sniper.

When to Hang Out and Deadline

  • Every day of the week at nighttime
  • Available all day on rainy days

Goro’s deadline is weird. Try to reach rank eight by November 17 to access the other two ranks in Royal’s third semester.

Rank Benefits

  • Follow-Up – Rank 1
  • Smooth Talk – Rank 1
  • Sleuthing Instinct – Rank 2: There is a possibility that Goro will show the elemental affinity of an enemy when you start the battle.
  • Sleuthing Mastery – Rank 4: There is a chance that Goro will show all of the elemental affinities of one enemy.
  • Harisen Recovery – Rank 7
  • Endure – Rank 10
  • Protect – Rank 10


  • Goro Akechi is one of the best and most time-sensitive Confidants, so focus on him.

IX. Futaba Sakura – Hermit

Futaba Sakura is the Hermit Arcana and one of the party members you can romance.

How to Unlock

Futaba’s relationship automatically starts on August 31. You can find her during the daytime hanging out on the street outside of the cafe.

When to Hang Out and Deadline

  • Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday: Daytime

Her deadline is the same as the other party members.

Rank Benefits

  • Moral Support – Rank 1: Random possibility of Futaba using support skills in battle.
  • Mementos Scan – Rank 2: Futaba will sometimes map out a floor of Mementos for you.
  • Position Hack – Rank 4: Sometimes, a battle will start with a hold-up.
  • Active Support – Rank 6: Sometimes, she will recover SP for the team.
  • Treasure Reboot – Rank 7: Treasure items will sometimes return to the dungeon after a battle.
  • Emergency Shift – Rank 9: Sometimes, Futaba will transition reserve party members into the lineup automatically after two characters are knocked out.
  • Final Guard – Rank 10: Same as protect.
  • Second Awakening – Rank 10: Futaba’s Persona evolves, and the player can fuse Ongyo-ki.


  • Focus on Futaba when you can since her support skills are invaluable and her schedule is somewhat whacked.

X. Chihaya Mifune – Fortune

persona 5 chihaya mifune

Chihaya Mifune is a side character who is a fortune teller in Shinjuku’s Kabukicho area.

How to Unlock

You can start Chihaya’s Confidant anytime at night beginning on June 22. Head to Shinjuku, meet her and then buy the Holy Stone item for 100,000 yen. See her again and tell her it’s fake, then visit one more time to get the Ending the Boyfriend’s Abuse Mementos request. Complete that, and you’ll finally start Chihaya’s Confidant.

When to Hang Out and Deadline

  • Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday: Nighttime

Her deadline is roughly the same as everyone else’s.

Rank Benefits

  • Luck Reading – Rank 1: Raises a social stat for a period of time.
  • Money Reading – Rank 3: Boosts money from battles for a short time.
  • Affinity Reading – Rank 5: This lets you increase your relationship with any Confidant. (Extremely useful)
  • Special Fate Reading – Rank 7: Lets you see the skills that a Confidant gives you.
  • Fusion Alert Reading – Rank 8: Boosts the chances of getting a fusion alarm.
  • True Affinity Reading – Rank 10: This lets you see the right dialogue choices to pick.


  • Chihaya’s fifth rank is the most important skill on this list. Get it as soon as you possibly can, as it will save you so much time that you don’t have to waste time hanging out with friends to try and deepen your bonds.

XI. Caroline and Justine – Strength

Caroline and Justine represent the Strength Arcana and are the Velvet Room attendants.

How to Unlock

What you want to do is have the Madarame Palace section begin and then head to the Velvet Room as early as May 18. The relationship will begin then.

When to Hang Out and Deadline

Unlike the others, Caroline and Justine are available almost all the time in the Velvet Room and do not take up a time slot. It simply involves completing the Persona fusion requests they have.

Rank Benefits

  • Group Guillotine – Rank 1: Lets you fuse together three Personas.
  • Lockdown – Rank 3: Lets you hand over a Persona for a time to give it a new elemental resistance.
  • Special Treatment – Rank 5: Lets you fuse Personas higher than your level for a price.
  • Guillotine Booster – Rank 8: Lets you create more three-Persona fusions.
  • VIP Treatment – Rank 10: Special Treatment now costs much less.


  • Caroline and Justine take up no time to raise their ranks, so do this whenever.

XII. Munehisa Iwai – Hanged Man

persona 5 munehisa iwai

Munehisa Iwai is the owner of the gun store and the Hanged Man Confidant.

How to Unlock

You’ll get a bag with a model gun on May 6. Raise your Guts stat to the fourth level and then ask Iwai about the gun to start the rank.

When to Hang Out and Deadline

  • Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday: Nighttime
  • Rainy days all-day

The deadline is similar to the others.

Rank Benefits

  • Starter Customization – Rank 1: Lets you customize guns now.
  • Medium Customization – Rank 3: Lets you customize better guns.
  • Discount – Rank 5: Customization costs less now.
  • Expert Customization – Rank 7: Lets you customize better guns.
  • Ace Customization – Rank 10: Lets you customize the best guns.


  • Not my favorite Confidant, so I typically don’t prioritize this one. But his schedule is rough.

XIII. Tae Takemi – Death

Tae Takemi is a doctor at the local clinic, a romantic partner, and the persona of the Death Arcana.

How to Unlock

The first day you can visit the Takemi Clinic and start your relationship is April 18. You’ll need to speak to her about the “special medicine” she makes.

When to Hang Out and Deadline

  • Every day during the daytime, but she randomly isn’t available
  • All day on rainy days
  • Normal deadline

Rank Benefits

  • Rejuvenation – Rank 1: Lets you buy more healing items.
  • Sterilization – Rank 3: It lets you buy even more healing items.
  • Immunization – Rank 5: Lets you buy more items.
  • Discount – Rank 7: Prices are cheaper for items.
  • Resuscitation – Rank 10: This lets you get more revival items.


  • She has some of the worst benefits in the game, but her early availability makes her helpful in knocking out this bond at the beginning.

XIV. Sadayo Kawakami – Temperance

persona 5 sadayo kawakami

Sadayo Kawakami is controversially a romance partner, rental maid, the Temperance Arcana, and the player’s teacher.

How to Unlock

Complete Madarame’s Palace, and then, starting on May 24, speak with Mishima in Shibuya Central Street at night. Speak with Kawakami-sensei the next day and then call her once you have level three Guts to start the relationship.

When to Hang Out and Deadline

  • Friday and Saturday night
  • Rainy days all-day
  • Normal deadline

Rank Benefits

  • Slack Off – Rank 1: Lets you slack off and do other activities in class.
  • Housekeeping – Rank 3: Kawakami can make coffee or do your laundry.
  • Free Time – Rank 5: You can slack off in other classes.
  • Super Housekeeping – Rank 7: Kawakami can now make infiltration tools or curry.
  • Special Massage – Rank 10: Lets you out during the nighttime after venturing into dungeons.


  • This Confidant is worth doing early on for the final rank’s benefits
  • Prioritize when you have the chance; due to the horrible availability

XV. Ichiko Ohya – Devil

Ichiko Ohya is a romantic partner, the Devil Arcana, and a journalist who drinks too much.

How to Unlock

Starting on June 23, players must go to the Crossroads Bar in Shinjuku and speak with her to start the relationship.

When to Hang Out and Deadline

  • Every day at night
  • All day rainy days
  • Normal deadline

Rank Benefits

  • Rumor-filled Scoop – Rank 1: Makes the security level system less severe.
  • Shocking Scoop – Rank 4: It dramatically reduces the effect of the security system in dungeons.
  • Outrageous Scoop – Rank 7: Even more dramatically reduces the effect of the security system.
  • Legendary Scoop – Rank 10: The security system is voided now.


  • While the final benefit is nice, if you play the game wisely, you won’t ever need it. One of the Confidants I prioritize the least.

XVI. Shinya Oda – Tower

Shinya Oda is a kid who hangs out at the local arcade and is the Tower Arcana.

How to Unlock

Beginning on September 4, you’ll get the Winners Don’t Cheat Mementos request. Follow the request, lose in the battle, and investigate more to find Shinya Oda. Then talk with Futaba and meet with Shinya again to start the Confidant rank.

When to Hang Out and Deadline

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday during the daytime at the arcade
  • All day on rainy days
  • Normal deadline

Rank Benefits

  • Down Shot – Rank 1: Lets you use up all your bullets to down a target.
  • Bullet Hail – Rank 2: Ambushes will let you occasionally use a gun All Out Attack.
  • Warning Shot – Rank 3: It makes it easier sometimes to negotiate.
  • Ammo Pouch – Rank 5: Can carry more bullets.
  • Cheap Shot – Rank 6: Down Shot takes fewer bullets.
  • Electric Slug – Rank 8: Bullet Hail does more damage.
  • Oda Special – Rank 10: Joker’s gun attacks will now ignore elemental resistances.


  • Shinya Oda has valuable skills, but I usually don’t prioritize him due to his schedule and tough start.

XVII. Hifumi Togo – Star

persona 5 hifumi togo

Hifumu Togo is a romantic partner, shoji star, and the Star Arcana.

How to Unlock

Beginning at nighttime on June 26, players can meet Hifumi Togo at the church in Kanda. However, you must have already reached at least rank two with Yusuke, have level three Charm, and unlocked Kanda by watching TV on June 25.

When to Hang Out and Deadline

  • Monday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday: Nighttime
  • Rainy days all-day
  • Normal deadline

Rank Benefits

  • Koma Sabaki – Rank 1: Lets you switch out party members in battle.
  • Uchikomi – Rank 3: Allows for more follow-up attacks.
  • Kakoi Kuzushi – Rank 5: Can try to escape anytime in normal battles.
  • Narikin – Rank 7: Can earn more money for winning in a single turn.
  • Touryou – Rank 9: Lets you escape battle right then.
  • Togo System – Rank 10: Can switch party members during anyone’s turn.


  • The rank benefits are hit or miss, so I generally get the first rank and then leave her for later.

XVIII. Yuuki Mishima – Moon

Yuuki Mishima is a classmate of Joker’s, the social media star for the Phantom Thieves and the Moon Arcana.

How to Unlock

The Mishima Confidant automatically begins on May 6. He first hangs out in Shibuya at nighttime, but changes locations throughout the game.

When to Hang Out and Deadline

  • Every single day at nighttime
  • Rainy days all-day
  • Normal deadline

Rank Benefits

  • Mishima’s Support – Rank 1: Reserve party members will get experience.
  • Mishima’s Enthusiasm – Rank 3: Gain more XP from battles.
  • Mishima’s Desperation – Rank 5: Reserve party members get even more XP.
  • Phanboy – Rank 7: Increases XP from battle even more.
  • Salvation Wish – Rank 10: Reserve party members get the exact same amount of experience as ones in battle.


  • Mishima requires you to complete his various Mementos requests before you can hang out with him and up his rank.
  • This Confidant is best done as soon as possible to make full use of the XP bonuses.

XIX. Toranosuke Yoshida – Sun

persona 5 toranosuke yoshida

Toranosuke Yoshida is a politician you can help campaign and the Sun Arcana.

How to Unlock

Starting on May 6, you can find Yoshida outside Shibuya Station giving a campaign speech. Work the Beef Bowl Shop part-time job twice and then listen to a speech from Yoshida to start the relationship.

When to Hang Out and Deadline

  • Sunday nights
  • Some holidays

He has a strict deadline of November 13 because of elections. Make Sunday nights Yoshida’s night.

Rank Benefits

  • Diplomacy – Rank 2: You’ll sometimes get more money or items in negotiations.
  • Fundraising – Rank 3: You can get even more money in negotiations.
  • Manipulation – Rank 5: Sometimes, Personas will give you rare items.
  • Mind Control – Rank 8: Lets you sometimes automatically acquire a Persona.
  • Charismatic Speech – Rank 10: This lets you negotiate with Personas higher than your level.


  • Always make Sunday nights Yoshida’s night to guarantee completion before November.

XX. Sae Niijima – Judgement

Sae Niijima is the only female Confidant you can’t romance, and her ranks are automatically tied to the story.

How to Unlock

You get the first rank for Sae automatically on July 9, and it continues throughout the course of the main story.

When to Hang Out and Deadline

  • N/A. Just continue to play the main story.

Rank Benefits

  • N/A, except for the ability to fuse for Satan at rank 10.


  • Nothing to see here; keep doing the story

Persona 5 Royal New Confidants

Persona 5 Royal added two new Confidants: Dr. Maruki and Kasumi. Both of these can be found before the third semester that was added in Royal, and in the case of Kasumi, she is a new romantic partner. And, in my opinion, the best and most canon romance partner in the game. Here’s what you need to know about these two.

Takuto Maruki – Councillor Arcana

persona 5 takuto maruki

Dr. Maruki is the school counselor in Persona 5 Royal and, quite literally, the Councillor Arcana.

How to Unlock

It automatically begins your relationship with Maruki on May 13. He is in the nurse’s office on the first floor at school.

When to Hang Out and Deadline

  • Monday-Wednesday, Friday: Daytime until September 20
  • Rainy days all-day
  • After September 20, only specific days
  • You must complete all ten ranks by November 18

Rank Benefits

  • Detox X – Rank 2: There is a chance of Joker recovering from status ailments automatically.
  • Flow – Rank 3: Charge and Concentrate may automatically be cast at the beginning of a fight.
  • Mindfulness – Rank 5: Joker’s SP may occasionally restore when it is low.
  • Flow Boost – Rank 7: Flow has a greater chance of happening.
  • Detox DX – Rank 9: Detox X has a greater chance of happening.
  • Wakefulness – Rank 10: Joker receives more SP when recovering from Mindfulness.


  • Dr. Maruki’s Confidant must be fully completed to access the new semester in Royal. Prioritize his ranks as number one on all days he is available.

Kasumi Yoshizawa – Faith Arcana

persona 5 kasumi yoshizawa

Kasumi Yoshizawa is a romantic partner (the best one, in my opinion), the Faith Arcana, and the only new party member for the Phantom Thieves in Persona 5 Royal. Initially, only the first five Confidant ranks are available for her.

How to Unlock

The first rank for Kasumi will automatically unlock on May 30 during the main story event. You can hang out with her by accepting her invitations via text.

When to Hang Out and Deadline

Her availability is strange and predetermined. She will text you with an invite to hang out. Try to prioritize this and hang out with her whenever she wants to since her first five ranks have a deadline of December 22, which you must complete if you’re going to see the other five in the third semester.

Rank Benefits

In addition to the below benefits, Joker will always gain five more health points every time he hangs out with Kasumi.

  • Tumbling – Rank 2: Stops you from being surrounded by enemies sometimes.
  • Chaines Hook – Rank 4: The grappling hook lets you ambush enemies.
  • Follow-Up – Rank 6
  • Fitness Talk – Rank 6
  • Harisen Recovery – Rank 7
  • Endure – Rank 8
  • Protect – Rank 9
  • Second Awakening – Rank 10: Kasumi’s Persona evolves, and you can now fuse Maria in the Velvet Room.


  • Always accept any invitations to hang out with Kasumi. Like Maruki, Yoshida, and Chihaya, she should be at the top of your Confidant list.


Question: Is it Possible to Max all Confidants in Persona 5?

Answer: Yes, I have researched and apparently, it is possible to max out all Confidants in the base Persona 5 on a single playthrough.

I regret to inform you that I wasn’t able to in my first playthrough (I was playing pre-release without guides, sadly), but I did max out all Confidants on my first playthrough of Persona 5 Royal, where it is even easier to do so.

Question: What Confidants should I Focus on in Persona 5?

Answer: You should focus on the ones that matter the most to you or are available to you right now. However, the one person I appreciate for their gameplay benefits is Chihaya Mifune.
She allows you to advance your relationship with someone to the point where you are ready for the next rank without spending time with them.

Question: Who is the Best Confidant in Persona 5?

Answer: The best Confidant in Persona 5 is a tough one. I like all three of the expanded and changed Confidants in Persona 5 Royal: Goro Akechi, Dr. Maruki, and Kasumi. But my favorite of those has to be Goro Akechi, who has the single best confidant storyline out of anyone in the series to date.

Dive Deeper Into the Persona 5 Confidants

Finding, unlocking, and advancing your relationship with each of the 20-plus Confidants in Persona 5 and Royal is the best part of the entire massive JRPG.

Each of their stories is arguably better than the base game’s plot, and it is so exciting getting to know everyone. It’s made even better when you receive those special in-game benefits from them.

While you know the basics about every single one of the Confidants in Persona 5, there is still so much more to learn about. Take, for example, Goro Akechi, my favorite Confidant in the game and the best Persona character of all time.

You can find out more about him here. Or, if actual romance (not implied) is more your style, be sure to find out more info about the best Persona 5 girl, Kasumi Yoshizawa, right here.

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