Eligor Persona 5 Guide

Eligor Persona 5 Guide

Within Kamoshida’s Palace is the nightmare known as Eligor. I always assume that when you enter the first dungeon, cave, or battlefield, it will be easy. You are still trying to get a good feel of what is going on.

The honeymoon stage of the game should want you to defeat enemies with ease, right? That is and is not the case here. The Persona series likes to toss in mini-boss fights whether you think you are ready for them or not.

Eligor is essentially an untitled mini-boss in Kamoshida’s Palace in Persona 5 Royal. He is easy, but you won’t know that without the proper knowledge ahead of time. All that said, this Eligor Persona 5 Guide will break down everything you need to know about Eligor. From the multiple fights to taming the foul beast. Phantom Thieves, I got your backs.

Key Features

This isn’t this shadow’s first rodeo in the franchise. Eligor made his first appearance in the game Megami Tensei II. Since then, he has shown up in every entry game, whether mainline or spin-off.

When it comes to In-Game Personas, Eligor ranks number 2 in Emperor Arcana. Don’t tell him that though, because Eligor may take it personally and fight Regent (current #1) for that spot.


Eligor is about as intimidating of a shadow as you could expect to see. He has had a few alterations throughout the series, but he has mostly stayed the same. This shadow is mounted on his black horse, so he is already looking down on you. The man himself is in an all-red suit of armor, with a fur cloak draped off his shoulders.

His helmet blends a barbarian/ Vikings with the knight look, so there are a massive pair of horns on top. As if he didn’t look threatening enough, Eligor is wielding a spear that looks to help cover a fair distance to attack enemies.

Guard Captain Boss Fight

Eligor Persona 5

Our first interaction with this heathen of a shadow is just after Ryuji awakens his persona. Eligor is the first mini-boss we face in the game, acting as a guard for Kamoshida.

Hopefully, you saved it before this interaction because You can get wiped pretty easily here. I’ll drop his stats for both the boss fight and his regular encounter later on, but let’s focus on this boss fight first.

The key to this fight, much like any, is to exploit the weakness. Unfortunately, Eligor has none during the boss fight. I don’t believe any of the shadows do when you face them in a mini-boss setting.

Anyway, this boss fight is easy, but he still can kill your team fast. Immediately he summons Bicorns to help, but can be easily disposed of by an electric attack from Ryuji. You will receive a “1 More” using electric on the Bicorns, so your first attack with Joker should be towards Eligor himself.

Any attack on Eligor at this point in the game should do about the same damage. When it is his turn, keep a close eye on your health. His move Cleave does light damage to one foe and can take half of your health with this one-shot.

Do not. I repeat, do not risk ending your turn without your party at max health Morgana is there for a reason. This fight should not last long if you keep raining attacks and healing accordingly. Congrats, your first encounter with Eligor is in the bag!

War-Hungry Horseman

Later, you will return to Kamoshida’s Palace. This time you will have Ann joining you. The difference is you can recruit him as a persona you can summon, granted if you are a high enough level(16) and can persuade him.

This fight is tricky because Eligor has more health this time around and different moves. Not to mention he actually has a weakness this time.

This time, Ryuji’s electric moves will drop him to the ground, you can try your hand at negotiating. Or just all-out attack him. Ann’s fire move set will hardly hurt him if at all, so use her regular attacks or Dia to heal.

If Eligor does get the status ailment shock from Ryuji’s electric attack, follow up with a wind move from Morgana or Joker to get a technical attack. This combo again will knock Eligor to the ground. Rinse, lather, and repeat until he is disposed of or recruited War-Hungry Horseman.

Eligor Stats


Mini-Boss Fight Stats

  • Level – 3
  • Health – 180
  • SP – 45
  • Strength – 3
  • Magic – 2
  • Endurance – 5
  • Agility – 5
  • Luck – 1
  • Weakness – None
  • Strong – Gun, Fire, & Curse
  • Skills – Cleave
  • Rewards – 300 Yen

Regular Encounter Stats

  • Level – 16
  • Health – 285
  • SP – 108
  • Strength – 8
  • Magic – 10
  • Endurance – 8
  • Agility – 10
  • Luck – 15
  • Weakness – Electric
  • Strong – Gun, Fire, & Curse
  • Skills – Double Fangs & Tarukaja
  • Rewards – 440 Yen(910 Yen P5R)
  • Negotiation Drops – Discharge Crystal, Revival Bead, Kongou Ofuda, Tarukaja skill card, Life Stone(P5R), & Soul Drop(P5R).

Eligor the Persona

Eligor Persona 5

I recommend getting Eligor sooner in the game if you can. Persona 5/Royal introduces negotiations as a new feature in the game. Negotiations start whenever all the shadows get knocked down in battle. Depending on their types, you have to answer questions accordingly to recruit them.

Eligor between Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal have two different types. That means the answers to recruit them between games will be different. For example, Eligor’s type in the base game is irritable.

Again meaning the answers you give should be serious and not vague or timid. In Royal, he is upbeat, which means you should answer more funny than serious or vague.

As a persona, Eligor falls under the Emperor Arcana. If you are here, you must know that the types tie into different characters in the game.

For this it is Yusuke Kitagawa. Eligor is going to help boost your friendship faster with Yusuke. If you bond with Yusuke first and then decide to fuse later, your Eligor will have a stat boost based on your bond.

Of course, you can execute Eligor in the Velvet Room’s electric chair. The point of this is to get an item you may not be able to acquire by typical means in the universe.

By executing Eligor, you will receive the skill card Tarukaja, which of course, any persona that doesn’t have this skill can learn. If you have Royal, your execution gets you Tarukaja. During a fusion alarm, you will receive the Matarukaja skill card.

Speaking of skills, these are the list of skills Eligor learns through leveling up.

  • Level 0 – Tarukaja
  • Level 0 – Sharp Student
  • Level 0 – Maragi
  • Level 18 – Double Fangs
  • Level 19 – Sukunda
  • Level 20 – Memory Blow

Lastly, in Persona 5 Royal, personas are given traits that give you a passive ability. Eligor’s is thermal conduct, which increases the chance of a burn status effect after a baton pass. That only applies in the Royal version, not the base game.

Fusing Eligor

Eligor Persona 5

If you decide against negotiating or you don’t have the funds to summon an Eligor from your registered list, you can fuse to create one. This could take a little more time, but it isn’t too out of reach. Here is a list of a few fusion pairs to make Eligor.

  • 1) Angel and Jack-o’-Lantern
  • 2) Angel and Genbu
  • 3) Yaksini and Silky
  • 4) Archangel and Makami
  • 5) Angel and Koppa Tengu

Eligor Persona 5 Guide: FAQs

Question: Is Eligor Located Anywhere other than Kamoshida’s Palace?

Answer: Thankfully if you miss your chance to recruit Eligor in the first palace he can be found later in the Path to Chemdah, Mementos.

Question: Why does Eligor Keep Rejecting My Negotiation?

Answer: You may not have enough badges to control him. Meaning you need to make sure you are the same or a higher level to bring him aboard.

Question: Can Eligor Learn more Skills after Level 20?

Answer: If have a skill card of a certain move, you can replace that old skill with a new one.


Although he is intimidating, he is a very strong persona to recruit early in the game. He has a good set of skills, dishes out good money upon defeat, and you can intimidate convenient items if you don’t want him on the team.

He also makes for a fantastic base in fusing other stronger personas down the line. Until next time, stay safe out there in the metaverse!

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