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Chihaya Mifune Guide


Chihaya Mifune is one of many Confidants in Persona 5 Royal who represents the Fortune Arcana. She takes the role of a fortune teller in the Shibuya district but turns out to have actual powers that can help the Joker in his adventures, both in and out of Persona Palaces.

As you progress through the Confidant, you will learn about Chihaya’s background, her fortune-telling powers, and her insecurities that she eventually begins to conquer with the help of Joker. This is a Chihaya Mifune guide that will help you get the most out of this Persona character when playing Persona 5 Royal.

Having played through Persona 5 Royal several times, I know how important Chihaya is to players looking to maximize their Confidants in a single playthrough.

She is also essential if you want to maximize a Persona’s stats. By following along with this guide, I will show you the best answers to level up her Confidant quickly, letting you experience the benefits as early as possible.


Chihaya Mifune is a fortune teller who does business in Shinjuku. She works for an organization called the ADP, which provides fake Holy Stones to help people improve their fortunes. Chihaya’s operations include telling a customer’s fortune, then recommending that they buy Holy Stones to change their fortune if it is negative.

When she first meets Joker, she tries to read his fortune and then tells him of the benefits of the Holy Stone. The initial display of her fortune-telling impresses Morgana and convinces Joker to buy the Holy Stone off of her.

After speaking with Joker, Chihaya will begin offering fortune telling services to disprove Joker’s ability to change fate, starting the Fortune Confidant. Through the Confidant, Joker learns about Chihaya’s background and her beliefs in fate. As she spends more time with Joker, she starts to believe that fate can be changed and that she is not the monster she thinks she is.

The Fortune Confidant allows Joker to get temporary benefits in both his real life and his work as a Phantom Thief. In Tokyo, he can temporarily get more social stat points from activities, deepen a Bond with a Confidant or learn which conversation options are the most optimal. For the Metaverse, it can increase the rate that Fusion Alarms occur or increase money from battles.

Key Moments:

Chihaya is first met after Joker and Ryuji travel to Shinjuku to meet Ichiko Ohya. She tries to reach out to them to tell them their fortune, but as the duo is trying to find the Crossroads bar, they don’t pay her much attention.

It isn’t until June 22nd that Joker has the opportunity to return to Shinjuku and speak to Chihaya, where he can speak to her to try out her fortune telling. Chihaya predicts that Joker will be blessed with some newfound wealth, which turns out to be true when Joker gets money from Sojiro after returning to Leblanc. This convinces Morgana that Chihaya has some real abilities, and they would benefit from another visit.

On Joker’s second visit, Chihaya offers to sell Joker a Holy Stone for 100,000 yen. The price tag is expensive, but Joker eventually buys the Stone. When they return home to Leblanc, they realize that the Holy Stone is made of salt and that they have been tricked.

Joker returns to Chihaya, who is in the middle of a fortune-telling session with a customer. The customer is trying to predict her relationship with her abusive boyfriend, and Chihaya cannot predict a good outcome. Joker intervenes and tells her that he can change her fate. This leads to a Mementos request to change the heart of the boyfriend.

Returning to Chihaya, she tells her customer’s fortune again, and she discovers that the fortune has changed. Chihaya cannot understand how Joker has somehow been able to change fate and wants to spend time with him to discover his secret. When Joker points out that this doesn’t give him any benefits, Chihaya offers to tell his fortune in exchange for his time, starting the Fortune Confidant.

Fortune Confidant Interactions

Chihaya begins the Confidant by predicting a female’s customer success at her job. The initial fortune telling turns up a negative result. With Joker’s encouragement, the female customer resolves to do better and rise up the ranks at her job. This changes Chihaya’s initial fortune telling result, and she chalks it up to a coincidence.

During the second session, Chihaya has a male customer who isn’t sure about marrying his childhood friend or going with an arranged marriage. Joker’s encouragement helps the customer decide to confess to his childhood friend, overturning Chihaya’s initial fortune again. She is upset because the two sessions could not have been a coincidence, but Joker encourages her to open her mind.

As Chihaya and Joker begin to interact, Chihaya confides in Joker that she was initially from the countryside but came to the city because she was isolated for her fortune-telling powers. She found a community in the chairman of the ADP who found her, which is how she started working for them and selling Holy Stones. She has been given the rank of Maiden and has become an important figure in the ADP.

However, Joker’s ability to change the fates of others makes her feel that fate is not predestined as she initially thought. She stops selling the Holy Stones after admitting that none of it is real and makes an honest effort to start helping her customers solve their problems.

The lack of sales eventually attracts the attention of the ADP, who subtly threatens Chihaya into resuming her business, or they will not have any need for her. At Joker’s urging, Chihaya looks into the ADP and realizes that they are an organization running scams. Unfortunately, Chihaya isn’t able to do anything about this as she is complicit in their activities as well. Joker asks her for the name of the ADP chairman and leads the Phantom Thieves into Mementos to change his heart.

After Joker manages to change the ADP Chairman’s heart, the organization becomes leaderless, and members flock to Chihaya in search of direction. Chihaya admonishes the crowd, telling them to take matters into their own hands and make their lives better with their efforts.

At the end of the Fortune Confidant, Chihaya reveals that she knows Joker is a Phantom Thief, as her fortune telling powers revealed that knowledge to her. However, she is grateful for his help and will not reveal his secret identity. She will continue to support him as he supported her and will always be on his side.

When Joker is arrested due to testifying against Masayoshi Shido, Chihaya organizes a peaceful protest to highlight the unfair treatment against him and turn public opinion in his favor.

As Joker is about to leave Tokyo, Chihaya will give him the Fortune Tarot Card, wishing him all the best in his future endeavors.

How To Begin The Fortune Confidant

The Fortune Confidant can be started on any date after June 22nd, when Joker can visit Shinjuku. There are multiple steps to starting the Fortune Confidant, and it will not be done during the initial meeting with Chihaya.

Visit Shinjuku at night and speak to Chihaya. This will start a conversation where Joker will learn about Chihaya’s fortune-telling abilities, where she predicts he will get some money soon. After returning to Leblanc, Joker gets money from Sojiro, which Morgana believes is a sign that she is the real deal.

Your second visit to Chihaya will have her offering to sell you a Holy Stone for 100,000 yen. You must buy the Holy Stone from her to proceed, which means having 100,000 yen on hand. If you do not have enough money to buy the Holy Stone, you can postpone the purchase. However, there is no alternative method, meaning you must eventually buy the stone.

You must return to Chihaya for a third visit to find her speaking with a customer. Joker will learn about the customer’s problems with her abusive boyfriend and offer to resolve the issue instead of Chihaya. This starts the “Ending the Boyfriend’s Abuse” request, which will be found in Mementos’ 3rd region: Chemdah.

You will have to fight a Sui-ki enemy, who isn’t any different from a generic Sui-ki encounter. After completing the request, return to Chihaya, and you can begin the Fortune Confidant.

Fortune Confidant Benefits

The Fortune Confidant allows you to benefit from Chihaya’s fortune-telling, from Confidant progression to Metaverse assistance.

At Rank 1, you will unlock Luck Reading, which will temporarily increase the growth rate of a social stat of your choice. This means any activity that raises Knowledge, Guts, Proficiency, Charm, and/or Kindness will increase your stats even further.

You can only get an additional stat point for activity and can’t go above three stat points per activity, but it helps turn a 1 point activity into a 2 point one or a 2 point activity into a 3 point activity.

At Rank 3, you will unlock Money Reading, which allows you to earn more money from battles for the day. You must revisit Chihaya and re-apply the Reading if you want the effect on another day.

At Rank 5, you will unlock Affinity Reading. This allows you to boost the affection of a Confidant of your choice. Having a Persona aligned with the Confidant’s Arcana will make this even more effective (as if you spent time with them). This can only be done once a day, and Chihaya will tell you how effective it was (whether the Confidant Rank will increase or needs more affection points).

At Rank 7, you will unlock Special Fate Reading. This allows you to see all of the benefits that a Confidant will be able to give you.

At Rank 8, you will unlock Celestial Reading. This will increase the rate that Fusion Alarms will occur in the Velvet Room (cutting down the number of victories needed to trigger the alarm). This effect lasts the entire day and will need to be used again if you want the effect on another day.

At Rank 10/MAX, you will unlock True Affinity Reading. This will reveal the optimal answers for boosting affection when speaking with a Confidant. All optimal answers are marked in red, though this does not always mean it is the only optimal answer. The reading does not apply to conversations where affection is not boosted (if all answers remain white, there is no optimal answer).

Guide To The Fortune Confidant

Rank 1:

Meet Chihaya at Shinjuku at night after June 22nd. You must visit her again to buy a Holy Stone from her for 100,000 yen. Visit her a third time to get the “Ending the Boyfriend’s Abuse” Request.

The location is Chemdah’s 3rd floor, and it is an easy battle. Return to Chihaya after completing the request to be the Confidant.

You unlock Luck Reading.

Answer with the following responses:

  • I’ll be there

Rank 2:

Answer with the following responses:

  • Encourage her
  • Overturn your fate!
  • Open your mind to change
  • Of course, I am

Rank 3:

Answer with the following responses:

  • Follow his heart
  • Thieves may steal her away
  • I’m not, sorry

You unlock Money Reading.

Rank 4:

Answer with the following responses:

  • Do you want to test it again?
  • Trust in yourself
  • That sounds so peaceful
  • It all depends on you
  • I didn’t do much

Rank 5:

Answer with the following responses:

  • You’re such a hard worker
  • But what?
  • Are you in trouble?

You unlock Affinity Reading.

Rank 6:

Answer with the following responses:

  • I like fortune telling
  • …Maiden of Relief?
  • Leave her alone
  • You’re just Chihaya to me
  • Be honest with yourself

Rank 7:

Answer with the following responses:

  • I don’t think so
  • Be careful

Rank 8:

Answer with the following responses:

  • What have you found?

To progress past Rank 8, you will need to complete the “Debunking the Psychic” request given after your talk with Chihaya.

This will involve going down to the 3rd floor of Kaitul in Mementos, where you will fight Shadow Fukurai. Shadow Fukurai takes the form of a Baphomet, using Brain Jack to Brainwash your party and Eigaon for Dark damage.

Use Ice and Bless attacks to tackle its weaknesses, then go for All-Out Attacks to bring it down.

You can then continue the Confidant with the following responses:

  • I know
  • It’s because you’re strong
  • Hell yeah I am
  • It was all your own will

You unlock Celestial Reading.

Rank 9:

Before you begin, you will get 100,000 yen as compensation for the Holy Stone you bought earlier.

Answer with the following responses:

  • Listen to what Chihaya’s saying
  • Well, fate can be changed
  • I like having my fortune read (Friendship)/So I can be with you (Relationship)

If you chose Friendship:

  • I’m planning on it

If you chose Romance:

  • I wanted to hear your voice too

Rank 10:

Any response will do.

You will unlock Special Bond Reading. You will also be able to fuse Lakshmi of the Fortune Arcana and obtain Chihaya’s Fortune Tarot Card in March.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Question: Is there a deadline for completing Chihaya’s Confidant?

Answer: The deadline for the Fortune Confidant is December 24th in Persona 5 and February 2nd in Persona 5 Royal.

Question: Is there anything special about Chihaya’s Confidant?

Answer: The Fortune Confidant is unique in that it requires three meetings, 100,000 yen, and Mementos request before you can begin Rank 1. However, it is considered a fantastic Confidant since it can speed up Confidant progression and offer benefits for advanced players.

Question: Why doesn’t Chihaya’s New Game Plus bonus appear?

Answer: You need to begin Chihaya’s Fortune Confidant at Rank 1 before the bonus will appear. The date is not set in stone since you need to meet with Chihaya 3 times, have paid her 100,000 yen, and completed the Mementos request for the bonuses to appear.


Chihaya Mifune is a valuable Confidant who will always help you advance your progress with other Confidants. Whether it is boosting social stat growth or speeding up relationship boosts, there is always something to do. If you are trying to maximize all Confidants in a single playthrough, you cannot do it without Chihaya.

Even if you are focused on Persona development, her new changes in Persona 5 Royal allow you to get Fusion Alarms faster. This helps in getting opportunities to quickly customize Personas to your liking, as well as getting great equipment that you can’t buy anywhere else.

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