Ame No Uzume Guide

Ame No Uzume Guide

The Shin Megami Tensei and Persona series wouldn’t be what they are today without the Demons and Personas that inhabit them. They are the crux of the entire premise and everything that players build their teams around. Ever since my first time playing these Atlus JRPGs, one particular demon that has been a crucial part of my early teams is Ame-no-Uzume. Find out all about her in this Ame no Uzume guide.

What I love about Ame no Uzume is the fact that she is one of the best healers in the business, typically early on in these lengthy JRPGs. This means that I have had her on my team in nearly every Atlus game that I have ever played. She is one of the most memorable characters to me, especially with the side quest that involves her in Persona 5. Find out about all of these aspects of this particular demon and her origins in this Ame no Uzume guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

Ame no Uzume is one of the more frequently used demons in the Shin Megami Tensei and Persona franchises. Admittedly, she leans towards the SMT side more, being favored in just about every game there and only featured in a few Persona titles. But she has made her mark on my adventures, being one of the best early healer demons you can get in most games. She is also crucial to fusing other healer demons as well as being the target of a particular side quest for one of the Confidants in Persona 5.

Ame no Uzume Overview

Ame no Uzume is an absolute stunner of a demon in the Shin Megami Tensei and Persona series. Since these games are about building out a team of demons to fight with, the ones you collect and use are crucial to how well you will do in the games.

What I notice is that the early parts of SMT and Persona games are sometimes the hardest parts of the journey, especially in the former. The games will usually have a high barrier to entry to start that you must overcome. Then it gets a bit easier or at least evens out from there in terms of challenge.

As part of this, it is crucial in the early parts of an Atlus JRPG to have a well-balanced team that is capable of withstanding strong hits and recovering when necessary. When it comes to healing, your options are a bit limited initially in most games.

You typically have your Pixies and the like that you can use in battle, and that is about it. As you start to go through the dungeons and unlock more demons to use as fusion material, it expands some. Ame no Uzume is one of those earlier demons that you can fuse for.

She is generally found in the earlier parts of the game, typically in the late teens to early 20s range of levels. Some exceptions are lower than that or even higher than that, but this is typically in those early moments of the game.

Ame no Uzume is a Persona and demon that I have used in every single Atlus title that I’ve played that she is featured in. Her healing capabilities are usually decent, mixed with the attacks or debuffs that she is capable of. These generally make her one of the more useful demons out there.


Ame No Uzume
Image From Megami Tensei Fandom

Like many of the demons and Personas in the Atlus titles, they experience some changes over time. Their initial designs when they first came out typically don’t match what they look like today. Ame no Uzume is one case of this, starting out one way and then switching later on.

What I like about her, though, is that she has a general uniformity going on at this point in time. But before it could get to that point, her appearance began in the original Shin Megami Tensei as a rather intriguing goddess. She had vibrant pinkish red skin compared to the color of her outfit.

Her clothing was both extravagant and simple at the same time. It is elaborate in the fact that she has such a flashy design that is vibrant with its bright green and white colors. The detail on the outfit and its various ribbons and parts are fantastic. Still, at the same time, the colors are relatively simplistic.

This is especially notable in her darker green hair, which just doesn’t go well with the lighter green on her clothing. I will note that the original Ame no Uzume design is quite good, but it needed some extra work to be up to par with some of the other demons.

However, what Atlus did was completely revamp the design entirely in Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne. Instead of building upon the original look for the character, Atlus went for an entirely new design. Surprisingly enough, it worked, and this is a vast improvement over what was offered originally.

The switch to 3D gave Ame no Uzume a new design that featured a much more intriguing appearance. It is both stunning in the glorious detail but also impressive in how it ties together so nicely compared to before. The general clothing that she wears features the exact same pattern from head to toe.

She has tannish off-white colored clothing that has a circular design that is spread throughout the clothing. She has a white gown or robe that goes over this tight-fitting clothing. She carries around two fans that have the same design and a similar-looking fan of sorts that covers her pale face.

Her hair is dark and flowing, looking gorgeous. Ame no Uzume gives off an otherworldly beauty that is part of what I love about what Atlus does with its demons. Her literal fatal attractiveness is quite welcome for a character that is an early game demon.

Origins Explained

Ame No Uzume origins

Let’s start with a little Japanese lesson before we get deeper into who and what Ame no Uzume is. Don’t you love it when this still somewhat beginner Japanese student gives you an explanation? Well, for starters, ame is the Japanese word for rain.

Uzume can be the word for a couple of different things as well, but I believe the general idea was to use the cloud meaning. So, her name literally means cloud’s rain or perhaps gorgeous rain, depending on how you want to look at it.

Admittedly, this isn’t all that important in the grand scheme of the situation. Her full name in Japanese folklore is Ame no Uzume no Mikoto. This is the being that the Persona is based on. She is a god in the Shinto religion, residing over that of dawn, meditation, art, and more.

The goddess Ame no Uzume is the wife of Sarutahiko Okami, a fellow god in Japanese history. She plays a significant role in the tale of Amaterasu, perhaps one of the most famous Japanese gods from the Shinto religion. Atlus decided to take this beloved goddess and turn her into an actual Persona that you can add to your team to help you save the world.

Key Moments

Ame No Uzume key moments

Ame no Uzume is featured in a lot of games, but as I mentioned already, not a ton of Persona titles until much later on. That said, this doesn’t stop her from playing some huge roles when it comes to the main story of the games that she is in.

There are a few titles that she plays a much larger place in, starting with Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne. The switch to full 3D with this game on PS2 saw her name become Uzume, for whatever reason. At least this was the case in the original game.

What is intriguing is that there is a little Easter egg of sorts with Uzume that references her placement in the Japanese legends. As I mentioned earlier about her origins, her husband was, in fact, Sarutahiko. It just so happens that he is a demon that you can recruit in some Atlus games, too.

And it just so happens that one of the games that you can recruit both of them in is SMT III: Nocturne. Suppose you find Sarutahiko in one of the random battles that you can encounter in the overworld while exploring. In that case, this is how you would normally negotiate to add a demon to your party.

In this case, though, Uzume and Sarutahiko will have a unique discussion that you will only see this way. This conversation will then lead to Sarutahiko gifting Uzume (and the player in the process) an emerald before he will leave the battle.

For some reason, this conversation between him and his wife in the Japanese religion doesn’t cause him to automatically join the team. I’m not sure why that is, but the emerald is a nice touch nonetheless. Many see it as symbolism for marriage, hence why he offers that to her.

Of course, if you still want the two god lovers together, you can undoubtedly recruit him later on. It is also notable that while Uzume is her name in the original game, the HD Remaster recently, on modern systems, restored her full name to Ame no Uzume as it should be.

In the MMO Imagine, that was super unique when I had a chance to play it for a time; Ame no Uzume was one of the bosses you could face in the Shibuya Metro area. If you were to get her soul stone and her husband’s, you could learn the skill Sexy Dance for whatever reason.

During Strange Journey, Ame no Uzume is one of the demons that gives you a side quest. It has to do with finding Amaterasu, which Ame no Uzume and a few other characters play a significant role in.

Finally, Ame no Uzume played a massive part in the side quests you receive in the Velvet Room in Persona 5 and its sequel/spin-off Persona 5 Strikers. In the former, she is a special Persona that you need to summon with a particular skill. At the same time, the latter has her play a part in fusing together a different Persona with a particular skill.

lucifers call shin megami tensei

While she’s not in everything, Ame no Uzume is in most of the games in the Shin Megami Tensei and Persona series, especially when it comes to the mainline titles. Here is the complete list of the featured games that you can find this healer Persona in and add her to your party:

  • Shin Megami Tensei
  • SMT II
  • Majin Tensei
  • Majin Tensei II: Spiral Nemesis
  • SMT if
  • SMT 20XX
  • Persona
  • SMT Nine
  • SMT III: Nocturne
  • Digital Devil Saga
  • SMT Imagine
  • SMT Strange Journey
  • DemiKids Light and Dark
  • Persona 4 Golden
  • SMT IV
  • SMT IV: Apocalypse
  • Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth
  • Persona 5 and Royal
  • Persona 5 Strikers
  • Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth
  • Shin Megami Tensei Liberation Dx2
  • SMT V

As you can see, Ame no Uzume is every single one of the main SMT games that have been released since the very beginning. However, the Persona is a little bit different and odder. She was in the original Persona title, but that was it for a long time.

For some odd reason, she wasn’t in either Persona 2: Innocent Sin or Persona 2: Eternal Punishment. And then, strangely enough, she wasn’t in Persona 3 or any of the several versions that came out for that game. Perhaps the oddest scenario, though, is the case of Persona 4.

Ame no Uzume wasn’t in the base version of Persona 4, but she did make a return to the series for the first time in a long time with Persona 4 Golden. The reason for this was likely due to the fact that the Aeon Arcana became a thing with the arrival of Marie as an exclusive character in that PlayStation Vita version.

How to Acquire Uzume in SMT Games

How to Acquire Uzume SMT

If you find yourself ready to add Ame no Uzume to your party in the Shin Megami Tensei games, there are a couple of possible ways that you could add her to your team. The first of these is through simple negotiation, a staple in the SMT series.

How this works is that you can encounter Uzume in some of the games through random encounters. When you do this, you can speak with her in the middle of the battle and try to persuade her to join your team. This is done through either picking the right answers to her questions or giving certain requested items.

The problem is that Ame no Uzume isn’t available through negotiation in some games. In this case, you have to go through fusion to unlock the character for your party. This will generally require at least two different demons that you must sacrifice in order to acquire her.

Sometimes there will even be recipes that ask for more than two. Of course, because Ame no Uzume is easy to get early on, the fusion requirements are generally not too difficult. This also means that she is usually early on in her group and is useful for unlocking even better demons down the line.

How to Acquire in the Persona Series

In the Persona series, it can slightly differ when it comes to Ame no Uzume. For the most part, she is generally the same as the SMT series, but there are some key changes. For one, in Persona 4 Golden, you can’t get her through the wild card system.

Usually, the way to unlock a new Persona is to randomly acquire one of the cards after battle that will include a new teammate to add to your party. But Ame no Uzume is exclusive only to fusion purposes in that game. There is no way to unlock her through the random battles.

Worse still, Persona 4 had a huge emphasis on having lots of demons to fuse in that game, so you won’t be able to collect her without sacrificing at least three demons at once. This is a bit annoying since she is one of the earlier Personas in that game, so you will be getting rid of a good chunk of your team early on.

For the other Persona titles, though, it is a bit different. In the case of Persona 1, you can fuse for her, but Persona 5 and Royal is where it is different. Once again, players could use the negotiation system in the Persona series and speak with random enemies to add them to your team.

Persona 5 borrows this from the leading SMT franchise, and players can recruit Ame no Uzume this way or, alternatively, fuse her together early on in the game.

How to Get Ame-no-Uzume With Dodge Psy

How to Acquire Uzume Dodge psy

Speaking of acquiring Ame no Uzume, this is where a lot of players have trouble when it comes to Persona 5. You see, this is where things get a bit tricky here. As you may know, there is a Confidant in Persona 5 that involves the two Velvet Room girls who assist you.

The two twins there, Caroline and Justine, are your guides when it comes to the Compendium and fusing together Personas. Like the Velvet Room assistant in Persona 4, they also have a relationship that advances by you fulfilling their requests.

These side missions involve bringing them Personas that have unique abilities that they usually wouldn’t have. One of the most confusing ranks is when you get to rank five, and they require you to bring an Ame no Uzume who has the Dodge Psy ability available to her.

Dodge Psy is a passive ability that makes it easier for Ame no Uzume to evade psychic attacks, which is extremely useful for Personas who have a weakness to that brand new element in that game. Unfortunately, she doesn’t acquire that ability on her own through leveling up.

So, there are two main ways that you go about this. The first is by finding the skill card that contains the Dodge Psy ability and then giving it to her. This might be the most straightforward way of completing the request, but the problem here is that you’d have to have some amazing luck to find that skill card in the game in a decent amount of time.

So, the more reliable method is by fusing together the perfect Ame no Uzume. To do this, you must first gain a Kin-Ki Persona. This can be through fusion or whatever method you prefer. Once you have this Persona, you need to level it up to reach level 27, and it will learn the Dodge Psy ability naturally.

Once you have done that, you need to acquire a Sui-Ki. Then head to the Velvet Room and fuse the two together to make an Ame no Uzume. The catch is that you must ensure that the Dodge Psy ability transfers over to her.

In the original Persona 5, this is annoying since the inherited skills are random, so you may need to play around a few times for it to work. On the other hand, Persona 5 Royal made it easier by letting you select the skills you would like for your Personas to pass on through fusion. Once you have Ame no Uzume with Dodge Psy, you are ready to turn her in to complete the request.


Question: How do you get Ame no Uzume Persona 4 Golden?

Answer: She is only available in fusions in Persona 4 Golden. There are many possible ways of fusing her together in this game, but here are a few recommended options:
• Anzu, Slime, and Ukobach
• Jack Frost, Slime, and Yaksini
• Izanagi, Pixie, and Senri

Question: How do you get Ame no Uzume with Dodge Psy Persona 5?

Answer: The shorter answer to what I mentioned above is to get yourself a Kin-Ki. It will learn Dodge Psy when it levels up. Then fuse it with Sui-Ki to get Ame no Uzume with the Dodge Psy skill.

Question: How do you make Ame no Uzume in Persona 5 Royal?

Answer: As always, there are a few ways to fuse together Ame no Uzume in Persona 5 Royal. Here are just a few methods that I recommend to players:
• Eligor and Fuu-Ki
• Angel and Lamia
• Shiisaa and Sui-Ki


Ame no Uzume is a gorgeous, steadfast member of my teams in most Atlus games that I play. At least the ones that she is available in. Her position in the series has been iffy at best, not being in every mainline game in both the Shin Megami Tensei and Persona series. Thankfully, her track record is a bit more steady these days, so hopefully, that continues.

After all, Ame no Uzume is one of the best early game healers you can add to your team. Depending on the game, too, she can be an effective attacker at the same time. One of the games I remember using her the most was Persona 4 Golden, where she was only level 18. If you want to know more about that game, in particular, be sure to check out my complete Persona 4 guide.

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