Best Persona 5 Figures Guide

Best Persona 5 Figures Guide

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As a gamer and anime figure collector, nothing compares to the joy I feel when I finally own a mini-replica of my favorite characters. And since I’m a huge fan of Persona 5, I made my own best Persona 5 figures guide to keep me in the loop about their prices and availability.

Cause despite knowing their release dates back then, I could only secure a few pieces, meaning my Persona collection is far from complete. I’ve been keeping tabs on which ones stand out since I plan on getting the available characters someday when I have the chance. With that said, I think I’m the right person to share with you what the best Persona 5 figures are that every fan should consider buying.

Bottom Line Up Front

Due to Persona 5 being the most mainstream and well-known Persona title, nearly all of the figures of its characters currently cost more than their original price. Aside from that, many of them were released 2 – 4 years ago, around 2017 – 2020, and have naturally become rare with time. In short, you have no choice but to settle for their hefty aftermarket price in specialty stores or third-party sellers.

If that isn’t stressful enough, you’ll also have to accept that you won’t be able to buy the complete cast as scale figures or wait a long time for them. Why? Cause not all of the main characters have a scale figure.

To be specific, there aren’t any of Sakamoto Ryuji and Kitagawa Yuusuke. Though 2 scales of the latter have been announced, they’ve been stuck in the planning stages. No prototypes have been shown yet, meaning there’s still nothing concrete that you can wait on at this point.

That is to say, when you want to dive into Pesona 5 figures, you’ll have to be content with a collection of primarily female characters. The Protagonist and Akechi are the only male figures available.

The Best Persona 5 Figures You Need In Your Collection

As I mentioned before, I intend to make a Persona 5 figure collection in the future. Once I’ve settled things and have the budget, I want to obtain at least one figure for each character made.

In preparation for that day, I sorted through Persona 5 scales and compiled a list of must-haves.

  1. Shujinkou-Joker Lucrea by MegaHouse
  2. Nendoroid Morgana by Good Smile Company
  3. Takamaki Ann Kaitou Version 1/7 by Amakuni & Hobby Japan
  4. Nijima Makoto 1/8 Kaitou Version Hobby Japan 50th Anniversary Version by Amakuni & Hobby Japan
  5. Sakura Futaba 1/7 Kaitou Version by Amakuni & Hobby Japan
  6. Okumura Haru 1/7 Kaitou Version by Amakuni & Hobby Japan
  7. Akechi Goro 1/8 ARTFX J by Kotobukiya
  8. Caroline & Justine 1/8 by Aquamarine
  9. Takemi Tae 1/7 by Amakuni & Hobby Japan
  10. Kawakami Sadayo 1/7 by Amakuni & Hobby Japan
  11. Arsene Game Character DX Anniversary Edition by MegaHouse
  12. Yoshizawa Kasumi Lucrea by MegaHouse

If you’re having similar thoughts as me and want to start your own Persona 5 collection, then you need to continue reading this guide. Learn from a fellow Persona 5 fan what makes these figures stand above all the others.

The Best Persona 5 Figures

These figures are based on the character designs of the Persona 5 and Persona 5 The Royal games.

The Best Protagonist/Joker Figure – Shujinkou-Joker Lucrea by MegaHouse

  • Release date: August 2022
  • SRP: 234$
  • Rarity: Low to Moderate
  • Current Market Price: Around SRP

I seriously had difficulty choosing between this MegaHouse Joker and Kotobukiya’s since they both have great poses and features. But after comparing them closely, this one takes the cake cause it’s got a more energetic and mischievous look which better represents Joker.

Not to mention, you can tweak this figure’s appearance as every stock comes with extra accessories. It’s up to you to choose the combination you’ll want to display.


  • You can expect a stylish base with Joker’s name on it, similar to Yoshizawa Kasumi Lucrea by MegaHouse
  • This figure gives you the option to display Joker in multiple looks, with the mask, without the mask, holding a gun, and holding a knife
  • Based on MegaHouse’s track record, the figure will have the exact sculpt and rich colors as seen in the promotional photos
  • The blue flame under the figure’s left foot matches Arsene’s flames, so it’ll look seamless when placed next to Arsene Game Characters Collection DX by MegaHouse
  • This figure’s dynamic pose allows you to display it from various angles while still showing Joker’s face


  • Since this figure isn’t a 1/7 or 1/8 scale, it’ll look smaller when you put it next to other brands’ Persona 5 figures
  • The design of the base may not be your cup of tea when you prefer basic or plain bases

The Best Morgana Figure – Nendoroid Morgana by Good Smile Company

  • Release Date: 1st release December 2017, and 2nd release November 2019
  • SRP: 33.84$
  • Rarity: Moderate
  • Current Market Price: 95$ or more

This Nendoroid of Morgana may seem out of place here cause it’s not a scale figure. Yet its size perfectly fits the other items on this list. Moreover, as Morgana doesn’t have a solo scale, this version is as good as one.

Unlike the usual Nendoroid characters that are ‘chibified,’ this Nendoroid’s form is Morgana’s actual appearance from the illustrations as it’s got the correct proportions and details.

So this Morgana isn’t only cute, it also has the appropriate size to match 1/6 to 1/8 Persona 5 scale figures. I purchased one during the first release, and I couldn’t be happier with it.


  • You can create 16 expressions with this figure cause the 4 faceplates are made up of 2 interchangeable parts, the eyes, and mouth
  • This figure includes all the accessories you need to replicate Morgana’s All-Out Attack poses from the game
  • This figure comes with a special effect sheet of Zoro to duplicate the illustration of Morgana summoning his persona from the game
  • The seams of this figure are barely noticeable, and the joints aren’t visible
  • The Morgana goes well with scale figures, specifically with 1/7 and 1/8


  • You have to be alert when handling the figure as any scratch will be noticeable due to the matte paint
  • The flexible legs may get worn down if you stretch them out for a long time

The Best Takamaki Ann Figure – Takamaki Ann 1/7 Kaitou Version by Amakuni & Hobby Japan

  • Release date: February 2019
  • SRP: 187.99$
  • Rarity: High
  • Current Market Price: 440$ and above


The feisty cool girl of the group, Ann, is the definition of sublime in this figure. This version of her wearing the Phantom Thief red catsuit is to die for. It manages to express the sexiness and cuteness of the character while being faithful to the source material.

I own this figure and testify that it looks as impressive in person. One of the best anime figures I’ve ever bought.


  • All of the details from the game character’s illustrations are perfectly copied, such as the position and style of the zippers on the bust and tail
  • You can display this figure with 2 looks, one with the mask on and one without it since the mask is detachable
  • The paint job is fantastic cause the figure’s catsuit looks like it’s made of genuine patent leather
  • Every inch of the figure has been carefully sculpted that the creases all over its body seem lifelike
  • In spite of the figure’s inclined pose, it doesn’t have bending or leaning issues


  • The zippers of this figure are fragile, and some may crack or totally break off during shipping
  • The tail and whip aren’t sturdy and may break when handled roughly
  • Due to the glossy paint, touching the figure’s catsuit will leave smudges

The Best Nijima Makoto Figure – Nijima Makoto 1/8 Kaitou Version with Johanna Hobby Japan 50th Anniversary Version by Amakuni & Hobby Japan

  • Release date: June 2020
  • SRP: 369.99$
  • Rarity: High
  • Current Market Price: 500$ and above

Persona 5’s goody-two-shoes, Makoto, gets immortalized in her tough and angsty Phantom Thief form with this figure. Now, in case you’re a hardcore Persona 5 fan, you might have observed that the figure of Johanna seems different from what you’ve seen in the game. This is because this version is a variant and was intentionally given a different finish.

If you want a Johanna that’s accurate to the game, you should go for the Nijima Makoto 1/7 Kaitou Version with Johanna by Amakuni & Hobby Japan. When you want the best-looking Makoto and Johanna, this is it.


  • The Makoto figure can be detached from the bike, so you can pair Johanna with a similarly sized figure
  • The blue cover on top of this figure’s face definitely outdoes the first version, as it’s much clearer, making Johanna’s face more visible
  • This version’s Johanna seems more realistic and expensive due to the metallic finish
  • Makoto’s leather suit meshes well with the shiny metal finish than the matte blue-silver


  • You’ll need to clean the bike often when you display it cause it’ll smudge quickly, and any dust that gets on it will be instantly obvious
  • Makoto’s pose is out of character since she never positioned herself this way in the game
  • It’s easy to damage the tip of this figure’s scarf since it’s thin and is directed away from the main body

The Best Sakura Futaba Figure – Sakura Futaba 1/7 Kaitou Version by Amakuni & Hobby Japan Light Up Version

  • Release date: November 2018
  • SRP: 249.99$
  • Rarity: High
  • Current Market Price: 399$ and above

Are you itching for a superb duplicate of Futaba‘s Oracle or Navi? Look no further then, as this captivating and cool figure is practically the same Oracle you view on your screen while playing Persona 5.

You’ve got the best figure of Futaba as she sits atop two connected cubes that represent the inside of her spaceship persona, Necromicon. What’s extra appealing about this limited version of Futaba is that the base up to the first cube lights up and bathes this figure in a lovely green glow.


  • The way this figure’s shiny hair is spread out gives the illusion that she’s really floating
  • You can display this figure at various angles that will totally hide the transparent support for the circular effect part
  • This figure has 2 removable hair parts, you can present Oracle wearing the goggles or show her face with the goggles raised to her forehead
  • When this figure isn’t wearing the goggles, you can display Futaba as is or put on one of the 2 glasses that are included to achieve her usual appearance
  • The circular effect part and base are detachable


  • The white switch for the LED light clashes with the black base
  • The micro USB that’s needed to power up the LED light isn’t included

The Best Okumura Haru Figure – Okumura Haru 1/7 Kaitou Version by Amakuni & Hobby Japan

  • Release date: March 2021
  • SRP: 261.99$
  • Rarity: Low to Moderate
  • Current Market Price: Around SRP

Obtaining Haru, the high-class lady of the group, is necessary for you to make the best Persona 5 figure collection. Of the 3 available Haru figures, this one stands at the top spot. It’s got the prettiest face, cleanest paintwork, and sculpt. In my book, those are the qualities of an excellent figure.

Plus, the entire set that this figure comes with simply captured Noir in her most recognizable illustration to a tee. Or rather, down to her tea.


  • This figure’s facial expressions can be changed from devious to innocent as it has 2 faceplates
  • You’re able to mix up this figure’s face as the mask and hat can be worn on both faceplates since they’re detachable
  • You can remake Haru’s All-Out Attack exactly as it looks in the game
  • The accessories the figure comes with are lightweight and can be used with other figures


  • The slightest movement can make the sauces fall since it’s just being balanced on the figure’s hand
  • The seam on the figure’s hair is very apparent, and you can hide the top part with the hat, but you can’t hide the seams on both sides of the head

The Best Akechi Goro Figure – Akechi Goro 1/8 Kaitou Version ARTFX J by Kotobukiya

  • Release date: December 2018
  • SRP: 114.99$
  • Rarity: High
  • Current Market Price: 400$ and above

A villain has probably never been loved this much by fans in the Persona franchise. Even I was drawn in by the crafty scoundrel. This is why you can’t pass up on this princely figure of Akechi in his Crow get-up.

Besides being a former Phantom Thief, this is also the sole scale figure of Goro with this appearance, so your Persona 5 collection definitely needs him in it.


  • There are 2 bonus parts available for this figure, a head wearing a mask and an empty outstretched hand
  • The base’s design totally complements the figure cause it goes well with Goro’s visuals and even has the quote, “My sole interest is uncovering the truth,” that’s part of Crow’s All-Out Attack illustration
  • This figure’s face closely resembles Goro’s appearance in the game
  • You won’t have to fret about ruining the sword cause it’s sturdy as it’s made of flexible plastic material
  • Kotobukiya did a remarkable job with this figure’s sculpt since they smoothly and correctly replicated all of Goro’s details from the game


  • This figure has a stiff and boring pose, especially when you compare it to the other Persona 5 figures
  • You’ll have to buy the more expensive version to get the bonus parts since the regular one only has a single head

The Best Justine and Caroline Figure – Justine and Caroline 1/8 by Aquamarine

  • Release date: August 2018
  • SRP: 126.94$
  • Rarity: High
  • Current Market Price: 300$ and above

The twin wardens of the Velvet Room, Justine, and Caroline, are two of my favorite characters in Persona 5. They have an otherworldly aura that appropriately suits them since they represent the connection between the protagonist and the Metaverse of Persona 5.

Considering these things, this lone premium figure of the two Velvet Room attendants should, without question, belong to your ‘auto-buy’ list. If I didn’t have to prioritize another figure at the time of the twins’ release, I would have gotten them for my Persona 5 figure collection.


  • Instead of a plain base, Caroline and Justine have an eye-catching one that’s modeled after the floor of Persona 5’s jail-themed Velvet room
  • The figures have a cute yet strict vibe which follows how the characters are in the game
  • The figures’ uniforms and overall appearance are true to the characters’ designs in the game, and the illustrations
  • You can adjust how close the figures stand next to each other, whether there’s no space in between their arms or they have a gap in between them


  • The figures lack the accessories that the characters always carry in the game, Caroline’s baton and Justine’s clipboard
  • The figures’ poses are dull and lifeless, so they’ll be outshined when next to

The Best Takemi Tae Figure – Takemi Tae 1/7 by Amakuni & Hobby Japan

  • Release date: February 2020
  • SRP: 203.99$
  • Rarity: High
  • Current Market Price: 700$ and above

My fave confidant and best girl in Persona 5, Takemi, is the ultimate epitome of a flawless seductress. And I’m thrilled that I can enjoy her sensual and provocative form as a beautiful scale figure. So if you’re like me and are a sucker for Takemi and her long legs, you definitely have to aim for this masterpiece.

I was determined to get this in 2020 as it’s one of the best Persona 5 figures for me, and thankfully my preorder of her came through. Having been mesmerized by this figure in person, I can say that this version of Takemi is worth every penny of your hard-earned money.


  • You have 2 ways to display this figure since the white lab coat, and the clipboard can be removed, civilian Takemi or back-alley doctor Takemi
  • There aren’t any visible seams on this figure, as they’re entirely hidden regardless of the angle you view Takemi from
  • This figure has incredible paintwork, and I particularly like the skin tone cause it looks soft and flawless
  • The figure is basically a copy of Takemi’s appearance in the game whenever you visit the clinic, from her clothes, accessories, and chair
  • The details of this figure are stunning, cause even Takemi’s glossy high heels seem real


  • This figure has a few unflattering angles where Takemi’s face feels off
  • The hand holding the clipboard may become loose after a while

The Best Kawakami Sadayo Figure – Kawakami Sadayo 1/7 by Amakuni & Hobby Japan

  • Release date: February 2023
  • SRP: 231.99$
  • Rarity: Low to Moderate
  • Current Market Price: Around SRP

The hottest teacher in Persona 5 who moonlights as a maid, Kawakami, is available as a scale figure in her ‘Becky’ outfit. While Takemi wearing her lab coat is my number 1 pick, I have to admit that this version of Kawakami in a maid costume is just as attractive.

I know this figure’s price will skyrocket once it’s out, so I’m not going to take the risk of missing out on this. You shouldn’t either.


  • This figure includes many additional parts to change up Kawakami’s looks, 2 faceplates, one with an annoyed expression and another with a perky one, 2 hairstyles, short hair and pigtails, and an arm
  • You can display this figure by itself, as the mop isn’t attached to the left hand and can be removed
  • This figure is on point for me, and I think it’s accurate to how Kawakami looks in the game
  • The sculpt of this figure is so well done that the thigh-high white stockings even look like they’re really creased at the knees
  • It’s your choice how to display this figure cause you can get up to 8 different looks by mixing up the different faceplates, hairstyles, and arm


  • The clear base is too plain and could’ve had a better design
  • The figure has noticeable seams in some areas, like the waistband of the apron

The Best Arsene Figure

Arsene Game Characters Collection DX Anniversary Edition by MegaHouse

  • Release date: July 2022
  • SRP: 173.99$
  • Rarity: Low to Moderate
  • Current Market Price: Around SRP

Since the topic of this figure guide is Persona 5, it wouldn’t be complete without at least a single persona. On that note, there’s no one better than the protagonist’s primary persona, Arsene.

He’s got one of the most badass designs you can’t possibly ignore when he’s up on the screen. The dashing and commanding presence he has in the game is successfully reproduced in this version.


  • This figure has enough space on its left side for you to safely insert a Joker figure to mimic the scenes from the game
  • This figure has vibrant colors, and the quality of the paintwork is impeccable
  • The sculpt of the figure is detailed and closely follows the character design of the game’s Arsene, and you can even trace the chains and stirrup of the pants
  • The feathers of the wings are carefully carved and look much better in pure black than the regular version, which has blue to light blue tips


  • This figure’s a bit confusing to assemble as it doesn’t include an instruction manual
  • Putting the figure together might be painful for you due to the sharp and pointy parts, like the fingernails and flames
  • Placing the wings into the figure’s back can be hard to do with some stocks since the pegs or the slots can be too small or too big

The Best Yoshizawa Kasumi Figure – Yoshizawa Kasumi Lucrea by MegaHouse

  • Release date: 1st release August 2020 and 2nd release May 2022
  • SRP: 151.99$
  • Rarity: Low to Moderate
  • Current Market Price: Around SRP

Although Kasumi is a playable character and part of the Phantom Thieves, she’s nowhere in Persona 5. She only pops up in the story of Persona 5 Royal, the enhanced version of the original game. In other words, it’s your call whether you want to just stick to the characters in the first version or include her in your Persona 5 figure collection.

I personally like how she’s designed and want this figure of her as Violet. This version appropriately embodies the character’s elegant yet sassy attitude.


  • This figure comes with a removable mask, meaning you can show off Kasumi’s face in 2 ways, wearing the mask and without it
  • The base’s blue crystal pattern looks fancy and also nicely represents Kasumi’s persona, Cendrillon
  • This figure’s belt is fabulous cause MegaHouse used a real chain for it, giving this version a realistic vibe
  • The sword is removable, so you can take it off or insert it in the opposite direction
  • The figure has great paintwork, the black stockings and thigh accessories stand out the most cause they look realistic


  • Some stocks of this figure may have pegs that fit loosely on the base
  • You have to be careful with the figure’s coattails as they’re thin and may accidentally break off

Will the Persona 5 Figures In This List Get Rereleased?

Based on what I’ve experienced as a collector, it doesn’t look like the older figures, like Amakuni’s Makoto and Futaba 1/8 scales, will be reproduced soon. Cause contrary to smaller items, like Nendoroids, which get frequent rereleases due to high demand, scale figures tend to have limited releases.

The thing is one of the reasons why Amakuni and other pricey toy manufacturers thrive is due to the exclusivity of their figures. The more uncommon or unique a figure is, the more collectors will be willing to pay a high price for it, right?

Now that you know just how much Persona 5 figures are worth these days, you’re likely wishing they would get a rerelease, aren’t you? I’ve been hoping badly for that, too, since I don’t want to shell out 400$ for just a single figure. I can already buy 2-3 figures with that amount. But if you’re as into the figures in this list as I am, all that you can do is accept things and save up. It’s the price you’ll have to pay for the cream of the crop.

Top Q&A

Question: What Are The Most Expensive Persona 5 Figures?

Answer: The most expensive Persona 5 figure is the Nijima Makoto 1/8 Kaitou Version with Johanna Hobby Japan 50th Anniversary version by Amakuni & Hobby Japan.

Second place is the Nijima Makoto 1/7 Kaitou Version by Amakuni & Hobby Japan. And in third place is the Sakura Futaba 1/7 Kaitou Version by Amakuni & Hobby Japan Light Up Version.

These 3 figures are typically worth around 43,000 to 60,000 JPY each in Japan or 330 to 470$ outside Japan brand new.

Question: How Can I Get This Specific Persona 5 Figure That Was Released Years Ago?

Answer: When the specific Persona 5 figure you want has been in the market for over 2 years, it’ll be challenging to get it locally. In this situation, your best options are buying the figure on eBay from a Japanese seller or using a proxy to buy from Japanese marketplace sites.

Should you prefer to get things done fast and conveniently, I suggest buying the Persona 5 figure on eBay. If saving money or consolidating multiple orders from different Japanese stores is what you want, use proxy shipping services like ZenMarket, or From Japan.

Question: Is There A Complete Set Of Persona 5 Figures?

Answer: The main characters of Persona 5 main aren’t complete as scale figures, but you can get them all as Nendoroids. You can buy the Nendoroids of Protagonist/Joker, Morgana, Ryuji, Ann, Yusuke, Makoto, Futaba, Haru, and Goro.
Except for Futaba, they’re all wearing their Phantom Thief costumes and were released by Good Smile Company in 2017 – 2021.


Since you’re arriving a bit late to the collecting game, you’ll mostly have to deal with the aftermarket prices of the figures. I wish it didn’t have to be that way, but Persona 5 figures are highly sought after. Their value won’t decrease unless they get a rerelease or an ‘upgraded’ version. And you already know the probability of that happening.

On the bright side, though, you can be selective with the pieces you’ll be buying if your target isn’t completing them. For instance, by reading this guide on the best Persona 5 figures, you’ll know why a certain figure is good or bad and pick out the characters you want.

However, if you’re not up for spending more than 100$ for a figure, you can try smaller or cheaper anime figures. What’s important isn’t the price but the satisfaction you get from the toys you’ll be bringing home. You can consider the following toy lines since they’re below 100$ and have all the Persona 5 characters: Figma, Nendoroid, Pop Up Parade, Prize Figure, and Funko Pop.

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