Persona 5 Funko Pop Guide

Persona 5 Funko Pop Guide

Many fans of Persona 5 like to take home a representation of the game to keep a piece of its awesomeness. In my case, I focused on 1/8 – 1/6 scale figures of the characters since I enjoy collecting anime figures. Then again, if you’re into small figures, like Funko Pop, this Persona 5 Funko Pop guide should be your cup of tea.

Cause not only are Funko Pops cute, but they’re also easier to display, aren’t they? Plus, they’re much more affordable than the typical anime figures too. Due to this, I think they’re the perfect choice when you want to start collecting characters from games or anime. Easy on the eyes and pocket.

For this reason, if you’re interested in Persona 5, how about familiarizing yourself with the Funko Pop collectibles from the game? Discover the figurines you should add to your shopping bag in this guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

Funko Pops have taken over most toy stores in the past decade. In fact, any Joe Schmoe should be able to find a Funko Pop version of their favorite character at present. No matter where it’s from, be it from a game, movie, tv-show, or even a celebrity – you’ll find what you want in the form of a Funko Pop.

Having said that, I think the Funko Pop character that Persona 5 lovers should put on the top of the to-buy list is the Funko Pop Joker or Funko Pop Arsene. Cause regardless of which one you decide on. It’s more or less given that both are equally associated with Persona 5 at this point.

Pro Tips For Choosing Funko Pop Figurines

Funko Pop! Games: Persona 5 - Mona

If you’re currently on a Persona 5 high, you may be thinking of buying or ordering a Funko Pop of the characters right away. Before you press the check-out button, there are things that you have to think about carefully so you won’t have any regrets. Or worse, purchase a Funko Pop figure only to realize that it’s not the right stock for you.

To avoid that and other possible worries, I’ll give you a rundown of the factors you need to keep in mind:

  1. Funko Pop quality issues – It’s normal for Funko Pop figurines to have some sort of flaw or factory defect. In short, you’ll have to patiently sort through the available stocks in a store to get one with the tiniest blemishes or accept the quality issue.
  2. Resell value – You can do anything you want with your Funko Pop when you have no intention of getting rid of it. Yet should you feel that there’s a chance you’ll sell it in the future, it would be best to keep it MISB (Mint in sealed box) to have the highest resell value.
  3. Box condition – If you’re going to get rid of the box, you don’t have to worry about its condition. But when you’re going to sell the Funko Pop, you need to keep the box pristine cause it also affects the selling price.
  4. Exclusive editions – Like games and other collectibles, Funko Pop also has limited versions of specific characters. As such, some items are more expensive and harder to find since they’re only available in specified stores for a certain amount of time.
  5. Vaulted/Retired Pops – When a Funko Pop figure isn’t being produced by Funko anymore, it becomes a vaulted or retired pop. It will no longer be restocked at retail stores.
  6. Funko Pops come in different sizes – The majority of Funko Pops are 4 inches tall. Those that reach 5 inches are called Big-in-box Pops, 6 inches are Super Pops, 10 inches are Jumbo Pops, and 18-inch ones are Mega Pops.
  7. Don’t buy to sell – Planning to buy low and sell high? Think again. Unless you can successfully predict which Funko Pop figurines will turn rare or expensive, you won’t be able to profit from buying and selling Funko Pops.
  8. Funko Pop Variants – It’s common for many Funko Pop characters to have one or more versions. Yet this doesn’t always mean that the variant will be exclusive.
  9. Minor flaws don’t affect the value of a Funko Pop – Most, if not all, Funko Pops have paint or sculpt errors. Only significant flaws, such as missing body parts, can possibly decrease a Funko Pop’s price.

Now that you have the gist about these things, you should be equipped with sufficient info to know how to pick Persona 5 Funko Pop figurines. Cause these are the concerns that I wish I knew when I got interested in Funko Pop a decade ago.

The Importance of a Persona 5 Funko Pop Guide

Funko Toys POP Persona 5 Skull Figure

I tend to be a perfectionist about my toy figures and hate it when any of them have flaws or defects. Hence you can just imagine how frustrated I was when I personally learned the stuff that I mentioned above upon purchasing my first Funko Pop, the first version of Buffy from Buffy The Vampire Slayer TV series.

It had loads of paint flaws, such as excess paint along the hairline and the top’s straps. Looking back on it, I believe even the sculpt was terrible cause it had these tiny bumps that should’ve been smoothened down before being painted.

You must be thinking, ‘why did you buy it if it was that bad?‘ The answer is, I didn’t have an idea that Funko Pops back then had quality issues. Those defects weren’t that obvious to me since I was a noob who didn’t know what to watch out for. On top of that, it was the only remaining stock from the store I was at.

Had I read a guide like this about Funko Pops, I would be more satisfied with the Funko Pops in my collection. So keep on reading to not end up like me.

Top Persona 5 Funko Pop at a Glance

Since Persona 5 is an extremely popular game, nearly all of its characters were turned into a Funko Pop. As of writing, these are all of the Persona 5 Funko Pop characters available:

  1. Funko Pop! Game: Persona 5 – Joker
  2. Funko Pop! Game: Persona 5 – Joker Unmasked Chase
  3. Funko Pop! Game: Persona 5 – Protagonist Game Stop Exclusive
  4. Funko Pop! Game: Persona 5 – Mona
  5. Funko Pop! Game: Persona 5 – Panther
  6. Funko Pop! Game: Persona 5 – Skull
  7. Funko Pop! Game: Persona 5 – Queen Game Stop Exclusive
  8. Funko Pop! Game: Persona 5 – Fox Game Stop Exclusive
  9. Funko Pop! Game: Persona 5 – Arsene Game Stop Exclusive

Luckily, you won’t have a hard time getting your hands on most of the Persona 5 Funko Pops. Plenty of stores and sellers still have them in stock for reasonable prices.

All of the Persona 5 Funko Pops

Funko Pop! Game: Persona 5 – Joker

Funko Pop! Game: Persona 5 - Joker

As the head of the Phantom Thieves, this Joker version of the main character is one of the Persona 5 Funko Pops that best represents the game. He is essentially the player’s avatar, after all.

Not to mention, Joker’s become the most recognizable character from the Persona franchise to date. I think he’s even doing a better job of being the series’ mascot than Mona. In light of this, this is the number one piece from this guide that you can’t go without when you’re a big fan of Persona 5.

  • Release date: June 2019
  • SRP: 10.99$
  • Rarity: Moderate


  • Despite being a chibi version of Joker, this figurine includes all the critical features of the character.
  • The figurine includes Joker’s staple weapon, which completes his look
  • The shade of red that’s used for the gloves is eye-catching and makes the gloves pop out nicely against Joker’s almost all-black outfit
  • The style of the figure’s hair is on the mark cause it’s as fluffy and spiky as it is in the game


  • It would’ve looked way better if the figurine’s hair had a glossy finish instead of matte.

Funko Pop! Game: Persona 5 – Joker Unmasked Chase

Persona 5 - Joker Unmasked Chase

The Chase version of Persona 5’s MC is the unmasked Joker. As the name says, you’ll enjoy the Protagonist’s bare face while he’s wearing the Joker get-up.

The sole difference between this Joker variant, and the common one, is the face. That’s it. Everything else is an exact duplicate, meaning you can choose which of the two suits your fancy. You could also get both of them if you want.

  • Release date: June 2019
  • SRP: 34.99$
  • Rarity: Moderate


  • It’s an excellent alternative to the standard Joker Funko Pop cause it’s a mix of the Protagonist’s civilian and Phantom Thief sides.
  • The different paint finishes give this Funko Pop figurine more depth and a textured appearance.
  • The fluttering coat effect is a nice touch to the figurine’s overall vibe cause it feels like Joker’s about to throw his blade to attack


  • This Chase Funko Pop doesn’t feel like it’s special cause it’s so easy to find

Funko Pop! Game: Persona 5 – Protagonist Game Stop Exclusive

Protagonist Game Stop Exclusive

I’ve been collecting Persona 5 collectibles for years. Hence I’ve repeatedly seen Joker‘s Phantom Thief outfit a lot. I’m not saying I don’t like it anymore, but a different outfit is definitely a welcome sight.

This is why this Funko Pop figurine of the Protagonist in a prison uniform is such a breath of fresh air. There isn’t even a scale figure for this version, so If I were in your shoes, I’d snatch this up as soon as possible.

  • Release date: September 2019
  • SRP: 29.99$, part of the Game Stop Exclusive Persona 5 Funko Collector’s Box
  • Rarity: Moderate


  • This Funko Pop version of the Protagonist has all the necessary details of the prisoner’s outfit.
  • I love that the handcuffs and chain are included, as it’s what the MC wears every time he enters the Velvet room.
  • Funko did a great job on this figurine cause even the uniform has frayed and worn out hems.


  • I wish Funko could’ve been more faithful to the character’s outfit and made the uniform as dirty as it’s shown in the game.

Funko Pop! Game: Persona 5 – Mona

Persona 5 - Mona

Until Persona 4, Koromaru from Persona 3 was the series’ best mascot for me. That all changed, however, when Morgana arrived. He took over the title as the cutest character in the Persona franchise, and fans can’t get enough of him.

Seriously. No one could probably resist this kitty’s impish grin and spunky personality, whether as a cat or a Phantom Thief. Do you find Morgana irresistible as well? Then this Funko Pop version of him should be marked as a must-buy.

  • Release date: June 2019
  • SRP: 10.99$
  • Rarity: Low to Moderate


  • The figurine’s eye color correctly matches Mona’s from the game, which makes up for the lack of intricacy.
  • I like the figurine’s pose cause it’s Mona’s trademark pose from the game and the official illustrations.
  • This Funko Pop version does an excellent job of highlighting the details of Mona’s bags, as they look realistic and even have tiny gaps in between the flaps.


  • Many stocks of this version have paint flaws cause of the style of Mona’s whiskers on the sides.

Funko Pop! Game: Persona 5 – Panther

Persona 5 - Panther

Anne Takamaki isn’t among the top characters in Persona 5 for me. Yet I can’t deny that I love her Panther costume. Fortunately, this Funko Pop figurine managed to replicate her mesmerizing and sultry appearance better than I thought.

So if you’ve been entranced by Panther, like me, you shouldn’t hesitate to buy this Funko Pop for yourself.

  • Release date: June 2019
  • SRP: 10.99$
  • Rarity: Low


  • I think that this Funko Pop figurine closely copies the red and pink shades of Panther’s costume from the game.
  • My favorite part of this figurine is the light ash blonde hair. It’s because this Funko Pop’s hair color is more accurate to the character’s design than the Nendoroid version.
  • In spite of this figurine having a glossy finish, you won’t have to worry about leaving any smudges on it.


  • The whip doesn’t look like a whip to me and should’ve been a bit thinner

Funko Pop! Game: Persona 5 – Skull

Persona 5 - Skull

The resident, ‘bad boy’ or delinquent of the Persona 5 Phantom Thieves, Skull, is the epitome of badass in this Funko Pop version of him. This figure’s vibe screams “Hell, yeah!” from head to toe.

Donning the skull mask, metal pipe, and the rock on hand sign, this Funko Pop has all of Skull’s established features.

  • Release date: June 2019
  • SRP: 10.99$
  • Rarity: High


  • This figurine has all the crucial details from Skull’s costume design, such as the metallic backbone plates and the tiny bullet cartridges on both sides.
  • The windblown effect on the red ascot gives this figurine a dynamic feeling, complementing Skull’s pose.
  • The sculpt of this Funko Pop is well-done, namely the skull mask and the distinct outline of Skull’s costume.


  • Due to its simple standing position, this Skull Funko Pop seems a bit flat or boring at times.

Funko Pop! Game: Persona 5 – Queen Game Stop Exclusive

Persona 5 - Queen Game Stop Exclusive

In her Queen persona, Japanese fans’ best girl, Makoto, looks formidable despite the small size of this 4-inch Funko Pop. I particularly like this version since it’s faithful to Queen’s feisty image. It even has the same fighting stance in the game when she’s ready to take down shadows.

Moreover, instead of Queen’s bike Persona, Johanna, this figurine has the spikey brass knuckles I’m fond of.

  • Release date: November 2020
  • SRP: 15$
  • Rarity: Moderate


  • The little scratches on the figurine’s mask give this Funko Pop a somewhat genuine weathered effect.
  • This figurine’s red eyes stand out in the mask, which is fitting for Queen cause they look really intimidating and fierce.
  • This version of Queen is loyal to the character’s original design in the game, and you can clearly see the details like the many metal buttons, leather straps, and the like


  • Funko messed up on the color of this figurine’s suit. Instead of dark navy blue, they used a rich blue-violet color that is shades lighter than the one Queen wears in all of the illustrations.

Funko Pop! Game: Persona 5 – Fox Game Stop Exclusive

Persona 5 - Fox Game Stop Exclusive

Even in his Phantom Thief form, Yusuke still shows off his artistic flair in his Fox attire. Cause unlike the other male Phantom Thieves, who embrace a flashy but rugged vibe, Fox is all about reaching his visual aesthetics. Even being in the Metaverse won’t change him.

Improve your Persona 5 collection by adding this miniature work of art to your display.

  • Release date: April 2020
  • SRP: 11.99$
  • Rarity: Moderate


  • This Funko Pop version follows Fox’s costume design and attack stance, as it’s how Fox looks when he’s ready to attack in the game.
  • Most Fox Funko Pops have a clean paint job, with little to no paint bleeding or errors. Even the grommets (the small metal rings) on the sleeves don’t have any issues.
  • The mold of this figurine is smooth and consistent with the character’s costume that even Fox’s tail has a different texture than the rest of the suit.


  • Funko didn’t get this figurine’s hairstyle right. It’s completely different from Fox’s actual hairstyle, which resembles a pixie cut.

Funko Pop! Game: Persona 5 – Arsene Game Stop Exclusive

Persona 5 - Arsene Game Stop Exclusive

Seeing how majestic Arsene’s design is, it’s not surprising that he’s one of the most well-known Personas. And as a result of this fame, Persona 5 fans can bring home this Funko Pop version of the flashy Persona.

This figurine of Arsene may be small, but it definitely has the powerful aura of the original.

  • Release date: September 2019
  • SRP: 29.99$, part of the Game Stop Exclusive Persona 5 Funko Collector’s Box
  • Rarity: High


  • Although this figure is the same size as a regular Funko Pop, it looks much bigger and more dominant than the other Persona 5 Funko Pop characters.
  • Funko put tons of effort into this figurine, as the sculpt and material are better than usual.
  • The colors of this figurine are rich and striking, especially Arsene’s fiery eyes and mouth.


  • This figure’s head is heavier than the rest of its body, so it can easily topple over if it’s moved without care.

Top Q&A

Question: Are there Fake Persona 5 Funko Pop Figurines?

Answer: Yes. There are numerous fake Funko Pop figurines on the market. Therefore if you’re not wary, you might accidentally purchase them.

From what I’ve experienced, the most effective way to stay away from counterfeit Funko Pops is to buy from credible stores, like partner shops or official distributors.

When you do have to purchase from third-party sellers, be sure that the seller has positive reviews and on-hand photos. And as much as possible, choose to pay through Paypal since it has buyer protection.

Question: Will there be a Second Wave of Persona Funko Pop?

Answer:  It’s been 2 years since the last Persona 5 Funko Pop was released. Until now, Funko hasn’t made any announcements about a new wave of Persona 5 Funko Pops. Based on this prolonged inactivity, they may be finished with the Persona 5 line.

Question: What is the Rarest Persona 5 Funko Pop?

Answer:  The rarest Pesona 5 Funko Pop is Funko Pop! Game: Persona 5 – Skull. It’s in high demand and is the hardest to find among the 9 Funko Pops in this guide. As for the most expensive one, it’s the Funko Pop! Game: Persona 5 – Arsene Game Stop Exclusive and costs over 150$.


I got into Funko Pop collectibles sometime in 2012 – 2013, just as it was booming. Frankly, I wasn’t always happy with what I saw because the quality of each figurine greatly varied. Some stocks would be alright, while some weren’t acceptable due to massive factory defects.

Thankfully, this doesn’t seem to be a big concern anymore. After scrutinizing the Persona 5 Funko Pops with my own eyes, it’s clear that the quality issues have significantly dropped. So now that you’re sure to get good quality Funko Pops, I highly recommend that you buy any of the Persona 5 Funko Pops that I talked about in this guide.

If you want something that embodies the game, you could go with Funko Pop Arsene or any of the two variants of Joker. You can’t go wrong with picking the game’s Protagonist or his initial Persona, as they are basically the faces of Persona 5.

On the other hand, when you’re searching for a unique design, you should buy Funko Pop Protagonist. Of course, nothing will feel better than clicking that confirm button on buying them all if you have the money and a big love for Persona 5.

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