Tae Takemi Guide

Tae Takemi Guide

Tae Takemi is one of many Confidants in Persona 5/Persona 5 Royal who represents the Death Arcana. Starting her Confidant and getting to know her will allow you to strengthen your Death-aligned Personas, as well as buy better medicine and accessories that can make your journeys into Palaces/Mementos easier. Here’s an overview of what we’re going to discover in our Tae Takemi guide.


Tae Takemi runs the clinic in Yongen-Jaya as the only doctor. After you learn about her “more powerful” medicine, Morgana will ask you to inquire about the medicine, which leads to the start of the relationship between Takemi and Joker.

As part of the Death Confidant, you will learn of Takemi’s skill as a doctor, the challenges she faced in her previous role and why she is motivated to keep creating medicine. If you choose to complete the Death Confidant, Joker will have the opportunity to assist Takemi with her medicine development, clear her name and possibly enter a romantic relationship with her.

Starting the Death Confidant will give Joker access to better medicines that will allow him to heal more health, buy accessories that gradually restore HP/SP and rare revival items that can take a fatal blow for you. You can also get a discount which halves the price of all items, making them significantly more affordable (especially the revival items).

Key Moments:

Tae Takemi Key Moments

Tae Takemi is first seen as a customer in Leblanc who comes in for a cup of coffee. You get a brief introduction about her from Sojiro Sakura but you only find out more when Morgana considers visiting the clinic to stock up on medical supplies.

When you visit Takemi’s clinic, you will get access to a small list of healing items at first. As you leave, another man will come in and accuse Takemi of creating “special medicine” while you overhear the conversation. This prompts Morgana to have Joker ask about the “special medicine”, since it could benefit the Phantom Thieves when they explore Palaces and Mementos.

Becoming A Test Subject

After April 18th, Joker will go in and ask about the special medicine for help with his exams. During a quick medical examination, Takemi figures out it is a lie and refuses to provide any medicine. Joker’s insistence that he needs the medicine has Takemi ask him to be a test subject, drinking some medicine that she made.

When Joker drinks the medicine despite Takemi believing he would refuse, he falls unconscious. He will wake up and Takemi will agree to provide better medicine as long as Joker continues to be the test subject, which establishes the Death Confidant.

Takemi Reveals Her Past

As Joker begins to spend more time with Takemi, he learns about her situation, such as being harassed by authorities and her past medical situation. Things start to change when a little girl comes in for treatment and her father mentions that even a famous university hospital cannot cure her. Takemi’s medical skills become evident as she is able to treat the girl’s symptoms where the university hospital was unable to.

This boosts Takemi’s reputation in the local community and she begins to get more patients. She opens up more about her past, explaining she used to work at a university hospital under a man named Oyamada, and was working on a drug that could cure Crawford-Ende’s disease.

Unfortunately, the drug was given to a female patient named Miwa without Takemi’s supervision, and she suffered adverse side effects. Takemi was made to take the blame since it was her drug, and she was forced to leave. However, Takemi has not given up on developing the drug, which is the same medicine Joker has been helping her test.

Helping Takemi With The Phantom Thieves

Eventually, Takemi gets a visit from Oyamada, who has heard of Takemi’s new reputation in the community. He pressures her to give up on the drug development by using the threat of legal action and tells her that Miwa is dead to further discourage her. Takemi will be greatly discouraged, which gets Joker to rally the Phantom Thieves to change Oyamada’s heart in Mementos.

After Oyamada’s heart has been changed, he reveals his jealousy when it comes to Takemi’s medical knowledge and skills. He also informs Joker that Miwa is still alive, she has just been transferred to another hospital to protect the reputation of Oyamada’s university hospital. He will plan to give a press conference where he admits his wrongdoings and will announce his resignation.

Takemi will still be discouraged when Joker visits her after the change of heart, but when the patients in Yongen-jaya come to tell her about Oyamada’s confession and Miwa’s survival, she regains her motivation.

She will eventually complete the drug and is later contacted by the hospital Miwa has been transferred to. She is offered a position at the hospital and discusses the future ramifications of the decision with Joker. You are also able to enter a romantic relationship with Takemi at this time if you choose to do so.

At the end of the Death Confidant, Takemi will reveal that she is aware Joker is part of the Phantom Thieves, noting Oyamada’s change of heart was too sudden to be brought on normally. But she will not report Joker because she is grateful for his assistance, and will continue to support the Phantom Thieves with her medicine.

If Joker chooses to visit her on his last day in Tokyo, Takemi will thank him for his help and wish him all the best for his future, providing him with a Dog Tag to remember her by.

How To Begin The Death Confidant

Death Confidant

The Death Confidant can begin anytime after April 18th, which is the first day you gain full control over your daily activities. Visiting the Yongen-jaya clinic and asking about the special medicine will begin the Confidant.

To further progress the Confidant past Rank 1, you must have your Courage at Bold (Rank 2) in order to continue the examinations, otherwise Joker will not have the courage to speak to her about the trials.

Once you reach Rank 8, you will need your Charm at Charismatic (Rank 4) in order for you to proceed with the Confidant, or else you will be prevented from continuing. This will also require the completion of the Bad Medicine request which will then allow you to complete Rank 8 and continue with the Confidant as normal.

Despite Takemi’s clinic being open during the day and night, you cannot progress the Confidant at night and must work on it during the day (though you can still buy medicine during the night). The only exception is romancing Takemi, where you will only be able to complete the Confidant at night.

Death Confidant Benefits

Death Confidant Benefits

Getting Rank 1 will unlock the “Rejuvenation” benefit, which will unlock the Takemedic-All and Takemedic-All V medicines, which can heal everyone in the party (Takemedic-All heals 50 HP while the All V version heals 100 HP).

Getting Rank 3 will unlock the “Sterilization” benefit, which unlocks the Takemedic, Takemedic-All Z, Rejuvenating IV and Life Ointment medicines. Takemedic is a more powerful single heal (heals 200 HP to a single target) while Takemedic-All Z heals 200 HP to the entire party. The Rejuvenating IV fully restores everyone’s HP at a safe place, while Life Ointments can revive a fallen teammate back to full HP.

Death Confidant Benefits Rank 5

Getting Rank 5 will unlock the “Immunization” benefit, which unlocks the Kajaclear-R and Kundaclear-R medicines. This will also open up the clinic’s accessory market, which consists of Hot Compress, Grudge Gauze, Thought Gauze, Regen Patch 1/2/3 and SP Adhesive 1/2/3.

Kajaclear-R will remove buffs from a single enemy while Kundaclear-R removes debuffs from a single ally. Hot Compress will prevent Freeze from affecting a character when equipped, Grudge Gauze will reduce Curse damage while Thought Gauze will reduce Psychokinesis damage.

The best accessories are the Regen Patch and the SP Adhesives. The higher the rank (1 being the lowest and 3 being the highest), the more HP/SP they restore. The SP Adhesives are particularly useful as they will allow the Phantom Thieves to stick around the Palace for a longer duration, tackling more enemies and training up instead of having to retreat because they are out of SP.

Getting Rank 7 will unlock the “Discount” benefit. It doesn’t add any items, but it will cut all of Takemi’s prices by 50%, which will be a significant boon in stocking your inventory with medicines. It will also make the accessories significantly cheaper, allowing you to buy multiple copies for your entire team if you weren’t able to do so before.

Getting to Rank 10 will unlock the “Resuscitation” benefit. This adds the Reviv-All, Renew-All, Homunculus, Magic Ointment and Physical Ointment medicines to the clinic. Reviv-All and Renew-All will revive all fallen allies on the field (Reviv-All will restore 50% HP while Renew-All will restore them back to full health).

The Homunculus will take a fatal blow for any member who has been hit by an instant-kill spell such as Hamaon and Mudoon. While expensive (even with the price reduction from Discount), it can protect a lot of characters in difficult fights. This is particularly useful against the Reaper, who is known to use many instant-kill spells.

Magic Ointment will create a barrier that reflects one magical attack, while Physical Ointment creates a barrier that reflects one physical attack. These items are helpful if you know there is an attack coming that your teammates cannot withstand.

Getting to Rank 10 also allows the player to fuse Alice, the ultimate Death Persona, and Takemi will give Joker the Dog Tag item, which will unlock her fully expanded inventory in a New Game Plus (as if Rejuvenation, Sterilization, Immunization and Resuscitation had been applied all at once). This does not include Discount, meaning you will be paying full price until you reach Rank 7 again.

Takemi’s Requests

Takemi’s Requests

While not started by Takemi herself, you will get the Bad Medicine Request upon reaching Death Confidant Rank 8. You must then travel into Mementos, where you will find the Request target in the Chemdah section on the 2nd floor.

You will fight Shadow Oyamada, who takes the form of Thoth. Thoth has a weakness to Psy attacks, and will only use one attack: Megido. The damage is low and you will easily be able to heal as long as you have Media/Mediarama to heal from the damage.

Thoth will not use any other move, and as long as you don’t use Nuclear or Bless skills, you will be able to win without much trouble as long as you can heal the entire party.

Guide To The Death Confidant

Death Confidant Guide Ranks

Rank 1 (after visiting Takemi about the special medicine):

Answer with the following responses:

  • Fine by me (if playing Persona 5 Royal)

Rank 2:

In order to progress to Rank 2, your Courage must be Bold (at the 2nd level).

Answer with the following responses:

  • I have a bad heart
  • I agree
  • I’m totally fine

Rank 3:

Answer with the following responses:

  • What was that about?
  • What do you mean?
  • I don’t mind
  • Of course not (if playing Persona 5 Royal)

Rank 4:

Answer with the following responses:

  • Dr. Takemi will help
  • You seem happy
  • I’ll reflect on my mistakes (if playing Persona 5 Royal)

Rank 5:

Answer with the following responses:

  • They trust you
  • It’s not too late
  • That’s good
  • About Miwa-chan? (if playing Persona 5 Royal)

Tae Takemi_Death Confidant_Rank 6

Rank 6:

Answer with the following responses:

  • Well, someone’s popular
  • Having fun?
  • It suits you
  • You can count on me (if playing Persona 5 Royal)

Rank 7:

Answer with the following responses:

  • She’s a great doctor
  • Don’t lose hope
  • Just rest for today
  • We all do sometimes (if playing Persona 5 Royal)

Rank 8:

In order to start Rank 8, your Charm must be Charismatic (Rank 4) to proceed.

Answer with the following responses:

  • What about Miwa-chan?
  • I’m your ally
  • You gonna run away?
  • What’s his full name?
  • I won’t do anything

You will then have to complete Bad Medicine in Mementos before you can continue the Confidant. You will then have to resume progress on the Confidant on another day, but after completing the Mementos request.

Answer with the following responses:

  • Miwa-chan is alive
  • Let’s get to work, doctor
  • It’s for Miwa-chan
  • I’ll be cheering you on (if playing Persona 5 Royal)

Rank 9:

Answer with the following responses:

  • It was rough
  • And your patients?

Friendship Route:

  • It was for my exams
  • I’m glad we saw it through (if playing Persona 5 Royal)

Romance Route:

  • I wanted to see you
  • I love you
  • It isn’t a joke
  • So did you (if playing Persona 5 Royal)

Rank 10:

The Confidant will complete automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Question: Is there a deadline for completing Takemi’s Confidant?

Answer: The cut-off date is December 24th for Persona 5 and February 2nd for Persona 5 Royal if you have unlocked the 3rd semester.

Question: Is there anything special about Takemi’s Confidant?

Answer: Takemi’s Confidant is special in that Rank 8 will start but will not be completed until you complete the Bad Medicine Mementos Request. Until you do so, all progress will stop on her Confidant.
You must then start another meeting with Takemi while you are still on Rank 8 after finishing the Mementos Request, which will then complete Rank 8.

Question: Are there any benefits to romancing Takemi?

Answer: Gameplay-wise, you do not get any different abilities or benefits from the Confidant if you romance Takemi.

Question: Why doesn’t Takemi’s Dog Tag benefit work on New Game Plus?

Answer: Takemi’s Dog Tag benefit will only start once the Death Confidant is active. This is noted from the first time you visit the clinic, where Takemi will only have the basic list of medicines despite having the Dog Tag in your inventory on a New Game Plus.

Once you have formally begun the Death Confidant (it is Rank 1), you will see the fully expanded list of medicines in your inventory. You will not have the Discount benefit applied, which means everything will be at full price until you reach Rank 7.


Takemi’s Death Confidant is a useful Confidant as it helps you buy new types of medicine and even get accessories that are invaluable in the early-mid game for Palace/Mementos exploration.

Getting a discount as you progress the Death Confidant will make future purchases of protective items more affordable, protecting you against powerful enemies that enjoy using instant-kill attacks.

Keep in mind that you will need to complete the Bad Medicine Mementos request and will spend a few days progressing past Rank 8, but you should be able to gain access to the full benefits of the Death Confidant before long.

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