Elizabeth Persona Guide

Elizabeth Persona Guide

In Persona 3, there are a lot of characters that you will meet that will guide your journey as the protagonist. One such character is the always present Velvet Room attendant. This is a trope that continues through most games in the series, and Persona 3’s version is Elizabeth, one of my favorite characters in the entire game. Here is everything you need to know about her in this Elizabeth Persona guide.

The Elizabeth Persona guide will go over this unique resident of the Velvet Room and how she connects to other attendants there. I will be sure to note her relationships, including that with the player, and how you can even date her.

Furthermore, there is much more to Elizabeth than meets the eye, with her appearing in many other games and media beyond just Persona 3. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the wildest and most passionate member of the Velvet Room.

Bottom Line Up Front

Elizabeth is one of two possible attendants to the Velvet Room in Persona 3. In the original game and FES, she is the only option to guide the player. But in Persona 3 Portable, she and her younger brother, Theodore, are both available as options.

She is the younger sister of Margaret from Persona 4 as well. She is crucial in helping the player fuse Personas, deal with the Compendium collection and more. It is even possible to take her out on dates and get to know her outside the Velvet Room. She cares deeply about the protagonist, as seen in her many other appearances in later games and adaptations like Persona 4 Arena.

Who Is Elizabeth in the Persona Series?

Elizabeth Persona Guide
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Elizabeth is one of the supporting characters in Persona 3. This game started a new trend where the recurring Velvet Room from past games contained an attendant to assist Igor in his duties. The first Velvet Room attendant is Elizabeth, a young lady with a passionate personality and likable attitude.

She plays a significant role in the protagonist’s story in Persona 3, assisting them in their journey to defeat Tartarus and the Dark Hour. As the assistant in the Velvet Room, she is responsible for helping the player when it comes to fusions and dealing with the Persona Compendium.

While she does not have a social link like some of the later Persona attendants do, she does have the possibility to get to know her on a personal level. You can take her out on dates and even possibly romance her to an extent as the protagonist.

Elizabeth is a significant character, even appearing in more games and other media outside of just Persona 3. This is likely due to her memorable personality and fan-favorite status in the community. She is also part of the family of Velvet Room attendants, including the ones who are introduced in Persona 4, 5, and possibly the inevitable Persona 6.

In some cases, fans are even able to take the role of Elizabeth and play her in certain games. As one of the most unforgettable Persona 3 characters, I think that she is lovely. I did not pursue her dates in Persona 3, which I regret and hope to remedy when I finally replay it soon. I appreciate her appearances in the Persona 4 Arena and Persona Q games.


Elizabeth has the standard Velvet Room attire, though it is customized to fit her personality. This is unsurprising since the other attendants of that blue room have the same general appearance. However, if you play additional games beyond the original Persona 3, you can see Elizabeth in a brand new light with exciting looks and outfits.

Velvet Room Attire

Elizabeth Velvet Room Attire
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In Persona 3, Elizabeth has her general Velvet Room gear, and you do not get to see her outside of it. In this outfit, she matches the aesthetic of the special elevator place with her almost entirely blue appearance. She is wearing a long dress that almost goes to her knees and is all blue.

The only accent to the dress is that it has two shades of blue, a darker one on the outer parts of it, with a lighter blue running down the more extensive middle section of the dress. There are also five circles in the middle that go up and down the outfit. In the middle of these circles is a very tiny yellow dot that you can barely see.

Finally, the dress has a large collar that covers up almost the entirety of Elizabeth’s neck. What is interesting about the dress is that it is sleeveless, despite the collar. Instead, Elizabeth wears long blue gloves that cover her hands and a portion of her arms.

On the bottom half of her look, she wears substantial blue boots that go from the bottom of her feet all the way past her knees. It almost meets up with the bottom of her dress, nearly covering up all of her in the process. On top of her head, she wears a blue hat that is simple and elegant.

As for her natural appearance, Elizabeth has pale skin and grayish-white hair, just like her siblings. Her hair is in a concise bob cut, with short bangs covering part of her forehead. She has a playful smile that is made a little menacing by her stark yellow eyes. In her hands, she holds the Persona Compendium tome.

Overall, I would say that Elizabeth is pretty but a little scary at times with her sly expression. Her outfit makes her look like she is a flight attendant, in my opinion.

Persona Q and Q2 Outfits

However, if you play the Persona 4 Arena, Q, and Q2 games, you can finally see Elizabeth look a little differently. In Persona 4 Arena and Ultimax, she retains her Velvet Room outfit, but there are dozens of reskins and color variations that you can pick for her clothing to make her look how you want her to.

In Persona Q and its sequel, though, she gets to wear some new garments. When the player picks the Persona 3 route, she will take over the nurse’s room at the school and wear a nurse’s version of the outfit that recolors the dress to pink and white.

In addition, in Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth, Elizabeth will wear a film version of her dress and 3D movie glasses on her head rather than the hat.


Elizabeth Personality
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Elizabeth is quite different from the rest of her family members. Unlike the other Velvet Room attendants, she is by far the most sociable and fun of the siblings. She is always upbeat and joking around, poking fun at the protagonist and anyone else that she encounters.

It is clear that she likes to have fun and is curious about the real world. She loves going on dates and spending time with the people that she cares about. She is pretty wild and daring, too, making comments and saying things that her siblings would never be able to divulge.

I would even say that she is both flirty and bold at times, being quite emotionally driven. With all of that said, though, it is also clear that she takes her seriously, and that is the number one goal in her mind at all times. Her dedication to her missions is unrivaled and admirable, in my opinion.

Key Relationships

Elizabeth Relationships
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Being that Elizabeth spends most of her time in the Velvet Room, there are only a few key relationships that she is able to make for most of Persona 3 and other games. That said, these relationships are the very lifeblood of her existence and drive her to be the person she is.

For starters, she has a strange relationship with her master, Igor, in the Velvet Room. What is odd about Igor is that he rarely interacts with his attendants, including Elizabeth. This makes their relationship hard to pin down, and the most that I can make of it, for now, is that it is strictly a working relationship.

Then there is Elizabeth’s relationship with her siblings, the other attendees of the Velvet Room. Theodore is her younger brother that we are introduced to in Portable, and she antagonizes him most of the time, poking fun at the character and acting like the cool big sister.

For Margaret of Persona 4, it seems that the two sisters have a decent relationship, but there could be a rivalry that is hidden there. This is especially possible since their personalities are pretty different. Margaret is much more serious about her job, while Elizabeth is a jokester who has too much fun.

And then there is Lavenza. While the youngest of the siblings (that we know of), it seems that Elizabeth does not appreciate some parts of her twin-like personality. It appears that the relationship with her younger sister is quite complicated, much like how the situation is with Margaret.

The player protagonist can also have a strong relationship with Elizabeth. This is one that is, technically, optional for both the male and female main character, but it can go quite deep if the player allows it to. There are even hints of passionate romance that are alluded to for Elizabeth.

Elizabeth also moderately connects with other members of the Persona 3 and 4 casts, like in the case of Aigis when she visits the Velvet Room. However, I think it is unfortunate that we do not get to see more of these connections in games like Persona 3: FES and Persona 4 Arena.

Voice Actor

In the Persona 3 games, the voice actor who brings Elizabeth to life on the Japanese side is Miyuki Sawashiro. Sawashiro is an immensely talented voice actor, and she got a voice for some of my favorite characters in anime and games, besides just Elizabeth alone. By far, the unique character that she voices is Kurapika from Hunter x Hunter. She also played people like Sinon in Sword Art Online and Toko Fukawa in Danganronpa.

On the other side of the equation, there is Tara Platt, who voiced Elizabeth in the English dub, which is the version that I originally played Persona 3 in. She does a great job on her own, too, but Platt is known for some impressive roles of her own. The most interesting of the bunch for this guide is that Elizabeth is not the only character she played in Persona 3.

She also voiced Mitsuru Kirijo, which is fascinating as they are both powerful and prominent female characters in the same game. I think she also does a fantastic job of differentiating between the two, where I did not even realize she voiced both of them until writing this guide. She also played significant roles like Edelgard in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Alice in Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward, and Millia Rage in Guilty Gear Strive.


Elizabeth has a couple of abilities as a member of the Velvet Room. She is a guide for the player, which is a crucial role in Persona 3. It is worth mentioning that, while the first one of her abilities is non-spoilery, the second power that she has could be considered significant spoilers. This is your fair warning for that being the case.

Velvet Room Guidance

Elizabeth Velvet Room Guidance
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The first of Elizabeth’s abilities has to do with her guidance inside the Velvet Room in Persona 3. The different game versions can feature her as the attendant for Igor, the master of the Velvet Room. As the guide for the player, she offers various tasks for the player.

While Igor is the main one who does the fusions in Persona 3, she assists with this and can offer some feedback for the player to keep in mind. In addition, she is the proprietor of the Compendium. The tome that she holds in her hands at all times contains the records of the player’s exploits when it comes to collecting Personas.

She ensures that the player is able to keep tabs on the demons that they have collected so far and, more importantly, helps the player resummon old Personas that they would like to use again in battle. These abilities of hers take full use of the Velvet Room’s capabilities.

Persona User

Now, for the more exciting and spoilery side of Elizabeth’s abilities in Persona 3. As you can optionally find out at the end of the Persona 3 games, Elizabeth is a final boss for players to fight. As part of this, she is revealed to be a Persona user herself.

Not only can she summon her Personas, but she is similar to the wild card protagonist in some regards. She has more than one demon at her disposal, and she can switch between them mid-battle, much like the protagonist is able to. This shows that she is even different from and has more advanced abilities than the Persona users in SEES, the organization that the player is part of.


The history of Elizabeth in the Persona 3 games is tied directly to the main story of the protagonist. Though she does not have a lot to do in the main story in Persona 3, her appearances are meaningful. In addition, her appearances in later games directly spoil the events of Persona 3. That is why I am giving this spoiler warning now, as I do not recommend spoiling the fantastic plot of this excellent JRPG.

Velvet Room Assistant

Elizabeth Velvet Room Assistant
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At the start of Persona 3, the game’s main character is quickly ushered into the Velvet Room. Here in this elevator-shaped place, they find out about their unique Persona powers from Elizabeth and Igor. Elizabeth notes her position as the assistant of the room and what she can do for the MC.

Throughout the story of Persona 3, the main character returns to the Velvet Room and interacts with Elizabeth, using her services to better their adventures in the Dark Hour. Elizabeth continues to play a vital role in helping the lead character in Persona 3 to gain better Personas and fuse for new ones.

Eventually, though, she begins to offer the player some special requests that she has. These are optional side missions to the player’s true objective in the year, but some players will offer to do them. They ask the player to gather certain items and complete various purposes.

In exchange, Elizabeth will reward the player. Furthermore, over the course of Persona 3, Elizabeth will also spend some time with the player outside of the Velvet Room. This is also optional, but the player can take her out on dates and spend time with her.

Through this, Elizabeth begins to have feelings for the main character and falls for them. She reveals her true feelings for them at the end of their time going on dates together but does not commit to a full-on relationship with them. This is due to her primary purpose as the attendant in the Velvet Room.

But, her story does not end here. If the player plays the game right, they can confront Elizabeth in one final request where they fight her to help her figure out her purpose and reason for living in this world. They defeat Elizabeth, and it awakens her to the actual meaning. This is heightened by what happens with the player at the end of the main story.

Expanding Her Role

Elizabeth Persona 4
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After the events of Persona 3, Elizabeth goes on a chase to find the main character and help them following what happened to them in the story. To this point, she embarks on a quest that eventually takes her into the events of Persona 4 Arena and Ultimax.

She goes on her own personal journey in these games, contributing to helping the prominent party members from Persona 3 and 4 succeed in stopping the new villain from taking control of the Midnight Channel. Besides these, Elizabeth appears in the storyline of Persona Q and Q2, where she once again assists SEES in their new mission.

Requests and Dating Elizabeth Explained

Elizabeth Protagonist Dating
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Early on in Persona 3, the player will meet Elizabeth and find that one of the primary purposes that she has besides her guidance as the Velvet Room assistant is to offer the special player requests. These are side missions that the player can take on that are entirely optional.

They are dozens and dozens of these side missions that the player can do. Many of them have to do with sending the player out to Tartarus, finding various items, or completing different fusions and objectives. They are not super tough, but they gradually get a little more challenging as time goes on. The ultimate request that she eventually gives the player leads to fighting her as the ultimate boss in Persona 3.

Besides giving you requests, you can also spend time with Elizabeth. Unlike her siblings, Margaret and Lavenza, you cannot advance a social link with her. She does not have a social link, which is a bit weird, but you can still spend time with her nonetheless.

If you do so, you will take her out on dates and have a seemingly romantic relationship with her. This leads to the end of her side storyline with dates where she confesses her feelings to you. When this happens, it is quite different from the other characters out there that you have a romance with.

Because Elizabeth does not have a social link like the other romantic partners, you are not able to confess your feelings to her back in the same way. At the same time, though, going on dates with her does not affect your relationship with another person in the game since she does not have a social link.

What is fascinating about this romantic relationship that you have with Elizabeth is that you can do this regardless of gender. She will fall for both the male and female protagonists. This is interesting since the male protagonist is unable to choose Theodore, Elizabeth’s younger brother, as the Velvet Room attendant. Only the female MC can, and she has the option of both characters to romance.

Elizabeth in Other Games and Media

Elizabeth Persona Q
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Elizabeth is probably the most prolific of the Velvet Room attendants, likely only matched by her older sister Margaret in terms of appearances. As the original and possibly even the best, she has understandably shown up in countless other places. There are plenty of cosplay and merch items that revolve around her.

She also appears in many games in the Persona series, including all versions of Persona 3: the original, FES, and Portable. She is also mentioned in other games like Persona 4 and Golden. She even appears in Persona 4 Arena and Ultimax as a playable character and even has her own story arc.

Elizabeth is also playable in Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight. The dancing rhythm spin-off title features the cast of Persona 3 in a new light, and Elizabeth is one of the playable dancers there. But Arena and Dancing in Moonlight are the extents of her playable games.

She appears in other spin-off games like Persona Q and its sequel, Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth, but she is relegated back to a supporting character and ultimate boss there in those games. I am actually playing these games for the first time right now due to running out of Persona games to enjoy these days as we patiently await Persona 6. They’re pretty good, and I highly recommend them.

She is also available in Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight. However, she is only a partner character and not a playable dancer there. Besides these, there are other media where Elizabeth appears beyond just video games. All of the primary adaptations of Persona 3 feature her since she is the Velvet Room attendant. This includes the Persona 3 anime film series that adapts the main plot, the official manga version, and the stage play. She is featured in both the Persona 3 and Persona 4 plays.

Fun Facts About Elizabeth Persona 3

Elizabeth Persona Character
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Here are some fun facts about Elizabeth, the Persona 3 Velvet Room assistant, that you may not have known about before:

  • Elizabeth started the trend of Velvet Room assistants from the same family that we now take for granted in Persona 4, 5, and their various versions.
  • Elizabeth is the younger sister of Margaret, the Velvet Room assistant from Persona 4 and Golden, the older sister of Theodore, the second attendant option in Persona 3, and the older sister of Lavenza from Persona 5 and Royal.
  • Elizabeth and Theodore are the two attendants that you can have in the Velvet Room in Persona 3. However, Elizabeth is the only one of the two who is available in all three versions of the game, including the original Persona 3, the expanded FES version, and Persona 3 Portable. Theodore is only available in Persona 3 Portable and only for the female protagonist.
  • Oddly enough, in Persona 3 Portable, Elizabeth is available to both the male and female protagonists. However, Theodore is only an option for the female MC. This is a bit strange to me, but I already plan to play the female route the next time I play Persona 3 (hopefully in the new PlayStation Plus revamp).
  • Furthermore, you can “date” both Elizabeth and Theodore. However, Theodore is exclusive to the female, and Elizabeth is actually a romantic partner option for both the male and female MC.
  • The English voice actor for Elizabeth also voiced Mitsuru Kirijo in the same game, Persona 3. This does not happen in the Japanese voiceover version, though.
  • In Persona 4 Arena and Ultimax, Elizabeth uses Thanatos as her Persona, which is interesting since that Persona is associated with the main character of Persona 3.
  • Lastly, this final trivia fact is going to be a significant spoiler for towards the end of Persona 3. With that out of the way, it is possible to fight Elizabeth as a boss, as we previously mentioned. When you fight her, she does not summon her Personas like the SEES members or even the Strega trio. Instead, she uses a Tarot card to summon her Personas, just like the members of Persona 4.


Question: What Persona does Elizabeth use? 

Answer: Elizabeth has quite a lot of Personas that she will use in battle, switching between them with almost every turn and action that she does. Here are the Personas that she uses in her ultimate boss fight:
• Alice
• Cu Chulainn
• Jack Frost
• Masakado
• Metatron
• Nebiros
• Surt
• Thor

Answer: Throwing up a minor spoiler warning here for this answer. Yes, the two are sisters. Elizabeth is the older sister, while Lavenza (including both Caroline and Justine) is the younger sister.

Question: How tall is Elizabeth in Persona 3?

Answer: Elizabeth is reasonably tall (well, at least to me, since I am pretty short), at around 173 centimeters or 5’8”.

Question: How do you get silver medals in Persona 3?

Answer: One of the requests that Elizabeth gives the player is to collect silver medals. You can get these as rewards for defeating the Opulent Hand. You can find this enemy in the Tziah area of Tartarus.


I find Elizabeth one of the Persona series’s best characters. The members of the Velvet Room are so fascinating and easily the most underrated group of characters in the series. Since they are not ever part of your party (though I think this should change with Persona 6), they are overlooked compared to some of the other main characters. That said, Elizabeth is an excellent character in her own right.

Suppose you want to find out more about the Velvet Room attendants beyond just Elizabeth in Persona 3. In that case, I recommend checking out our previous guide to Marie, the social link, and Persona 4 Golden-exclusive character. At the same time, not a member of Elizabeth’s family, Marie plays a crucial role in connecting with the main character.

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