Aigis Persona Guide

Aigis Persona Guide

The Persona games would not be complete without a robot companion in the series. Aigis fills that role, as you will see in this Aigis Persona guide. Aigis is one of the most beloved characters in the series, and for a good reason. I think she is one of the most compelling characters, written well and with a unique plot unlike anyone else to date.

This aspect of her is one of the reasons that I like her fascinating role in the series. I aim to show how unique she is in this Aigis Persona guide and, hopefully, convince you to play one of my favorite games in Persona 3. To help with this here’s everything that you need to know about Aigis, from her history in the games to her abilities to her relationship with you, the player.

Bottom Line Up Front

Aigis is one of the main characters in Persona 3. She is a prominent party member in the group known as the Anti-Shadow Suppression Weapon. Yes, she is not a natural person at all but, instead, a sentient robot that has been created for the sole purpose of eliminating shadows in the Dark Hour by the Kirijo Foundation. While she is not a natural person, she does develop emotions and motivations over the course of Persona 3.

Despite being a robot, she is a Persona user, and she even holds some unique traits that are wholly her own. Not only does Aigis have a strong relationship canonically with the player in Persona 3, but she gets her attention as the protagonist of The Answer epilogue section in the game. In addition, her fan-favorite nature resulted in several inclusions in later Persona games and other crossovers.

Who Is Aigis From Persona 3?

Aigis Persona 3 Character
Image from Wiki Fandom

Aigis hails from Persona 3 and is one of the party members in that groundbreaking JRPG from Atlus. She showed that there could be more to the party than just the standard humans that had appeared in the first three games in the series. She redefined expectations by not being a human but a sentient robot created by the Kirijo Foundation.

Aigis is designated as the Anti-Shadow Suppression Weapon, and she is the most successful of her line of robots. The sole purpose in her life was given to her from the moment that she was created, and that is to eliminate the shadows that exist in the Dark Hour. This aligns with the ultimate goal of the SEES group that the player joins in Persona 3.

But there is so much more to Aigis than meets the eye, and it is this unexpected nature of her that makes me and many other fans in the community like her so much. For starters, there is the fact that her personality, motivations, and emotional development throughout Persona 3 are the central parts of her storyline.

Then there is also the fact that there is more to her than meets the eye. Despite being just a robot that is not like everyone else in the party or even Koromaru, who is at least a living animal, she is capable of being a Persona user. She was programmed to summon her Persona, and she is able to do so, even though you could argue that she does not have an “other self” to manifest.

With all of the intrigue and mystery surrounding Aigis, she is also one of the essential characters in Persona 3. She dominates the community as one of the most loved characters in the franchise, and for a good reason. There is no one in the series like her, and absolutely no one at all can claim to play the role that she has so far. Because of this, she is featured in many games beyond just Persona 3.


Since Aigis is one of the series’s best and most beloved characters, it should come as no surprise that she is featured beyond just the original Persona 3. Because of this, she has multiple appearances throughout the series, even changing somewhat within Persona 3 itself. Here are the looks that you should know about her.

Persona 3

Aigis Persona 3 Appearance
Image from Wiki Fandom

In the original Persona 3 and its other versions, Aigis has a standard, iconic look that she starts out with. This design is based on the fact that she is a robot trying to look like a human, but the execution is imperfect. Her “outfit” (if you can even call it that) comprises almost all-white clothing.

On the top of her clothing, she wears a long-sleeve (sort of) shirt that covers her torso. There is nothing too special to it other than the occasional nuts, bolts, and holes that indicate that she is a machine. The exciting part is that, on her arms, it only covers part of them.

The shoulders of Aigis are golden and mechanical, while the sleeves cover most of the arms and hands. However, there are a couple of parts on her arms where you can see more silver components that give away her less than human nature.

Around her neck is a red ribbon that she cherishes and gives her a cuter look, in my opinion. On the bottom half of her outfit, Aigis wears white pants that match her top. However, the top of her legs shows the black and golden parts that reveal her machine nature.

Finally, when it comes to her head, she has short blonde hair that is cut like a messy bob cut with long bangs that go on the sides of her face. She has beautiful blue eyes and a kind facial expression most of the time. She wears a signature headband on top of her head, covering her ears.

The Answer

Aigis Persona 3 The Answer FES Appearance
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If you play Persona 3: FES for PS2, you will find that there is more to the game in the epilogue with The Answer section. In this part of the game, Aigis takes the central role and looks different. It is pretty much the same outfit as the main game but slightly changed.

She wears a battle vest over her clothing, complete with many pouches and compartments for carrying around her equipment. She also includes a visor atop her forehead that matches nicely with her classic headband. She also wears the SEES armband, both in the main game and The Answer, when fighting in the Dark Hour.

Other Games

Aigis Persona 4
Image from Wiki Fandom

There are other games that Aigis appears in that feature different looks for her. Persona 4 Arena features her as the main character and playable fighter. For the most part, her outfit is the same here, but there are slight refinements to her colors and the like. Plus, she has a ton of guns and equipment that she carries around in battle.

However, the main difference here is that there is an insane amount of color options for Aigis. She retains the same general outfit, but there are color swaps to make her look futuristic, fantastic, cutesy, and even like other characters from the series.

Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight is the spin-off music game, and here, Aigis gets to show off her style. She swaps her average top for a white and black dress, with little hints of neon blue around. Instead of the red ribbon, she now has a neon blue one.

There are also panels around her body that show blue neon lights that give a more cyberpunk feel to her and a stylish black and blue headband on top. This is, personally, my favorite look for her in the entire series to date.


Aigis Personality
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Aigis’ personality is arguably at the forefront of her storyline in Persona 3. I will try to avoid spoilers but come on; she’s a robot who looks like a young woman built for destruction. You can likely guess where this is going in the end. The gist of her personality comes down to her lack of one when she first joins the SEES group.

She is a blank slate, monotone in her voice and not showing any emotion or feelings at all when interacting with the core party members in SEES. She is there to destroy shadows, and that is it. However, her personality changes (spoilers, I guess?) over time, developing into her person.

I won’t give away too much about her personality and character since this is something that comes later in Persona 3, but she is a driven and surprisingly passionate person. She also deeply cares about her friends and comrades, willing to take the brunt of attacks from foes for them. While I think her personality is one of the weaker parts of her character, I think the direction she goes in is fascinating.

Key Relationships

Aigis Relationships
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Aigis is one of the party members featured in Persona 3 and an integral part of the group. Outside of the main character, I would even argue that she is one of the core parts of SEES that binds them together with one another. Because of this, she has a strong relationship with almost everyone.

There are her friends in the other females in the group, for starters. Mitsuru starts out as her leader and boss, but they develop a closeness with one another over time that goes beyond pure business alone. There is Fuuka, who is her girly friend and someone who brings out her teenage side.

There is also Yukari, another close friend who shows Aigis how to be an ordinary girl while also having a rivalry of sorts. This is a similar situation with Junpei, as they are like siblings. Ken is someone who looks up to her, and Aigis seems to have a decent enough relationship with Akihiko. However, it is one of the more minor connections for her.

However, above all else, no relationship is more critical to Aigis than the one with the main character. Whether you play as a boy or girl in Persona 3, the relationship with Aigis is crucial. This is even the case canonically in the storyline, whether or not you decide to romance her. The relationship that Aigis has with the MC is easily the most crucial part of her character’s writing, in my opinion.

Voice Actor

In Persona 3, the Japanese voice actor for Aigis is Maaya Sakamoto. The 42-year-old actor is renowned for some of the most talented roles in games and anime in the past. I cannot state enough how impressive her range is, going from the, at first, monotone Aigis to some of her other roles. These roles include my favorite characters like Jeanne d’Arc in Fate/Apocrypha, the amazing Echidna in Re: Zero, Shinobu in the Monogatari series, and Merlin in The Seven Deadly Sins, and much more.

On the other side, there is Karen Strassman. She has an impressive range of her own, playing some surprising roles, especially given that she was not exactly a teenager at the time. These include some other Persona characters like Nanako in Persona 4, which is impressive. She also played Palm in Hunter x Hunter, several Mortal Kombat characters, and Phi in Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward, which I think is her best role.


Aigis is one of the prominent members of the SEES group who are at the heart of Persona 3, trying to take down Tartarus. Since one of the main requirements of being a member of the group is being a Persona user, she is that while also having a few secrets of her own. Here is a slight spoiler warning for her abilities, especially regarding the second one.

Anti-Shadow Suppression Weapon

Aigis Anti-Shadow Supression Weapon
Image from Wiki Fandom

First off, Aigis is a Persona user, and this is due to the fact that she is an Anti-Shadow Suppression Weapon. She was created to be a Persona user, and the project from the Kirijo Group was successful. She uses an Evoker like the other SEES members, but it is built into her.

This allows her to summon her Persona with ease and use it in battle. She has many skills that are at her disposal, courtesy of her Persona. For the most part, though, the skills that she uses are modeled after her actual self, so they are generally focused on heavy physical attacks.

Also, since she is a Persona user, this also means that she is able to enter the Dark Hour and move around freely there, unlike other people and explore the dungeon of Tartarus.

Wild Card

The surprising trait that Aigis has that some fans may not even know about is the fact that she is a wild card Persona user. Or, at least, she can be under the right circumstances. In only Persona 3: FES (no Portable love here), there is The Answer epilogue playable section.

In this, Aigis takes over as the protagonist, and the player controls her. At the same time, she unlocks the ability to become a wild card, which means that she can access the Velvet Room. In addition, she can fuse Personas and collect more than one. This effectively makes her a secondary protagonist, much like the Persona 3 MC, Yu Narukami in Persona 4, and Joker in Persona 5.


The history of Aigis is relatively long and goes throughout much of the Persona 3 storyline. Because of this, be warned that there are going to be some significant story spoilers in these following few sections. Persona 3’s story is so good and my favorite in the series, so you are doing yourself a disservice if you read this next section without playing the game first.

Created as a Weapon

Aigis History
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The story for Aigis begins before the start of the Persona 3 events. In 1999, Aigis was created by the Kirijo Group and Mitsuru’s family to be an Anti-Shadow Suppression Weapon. Aigis is far from the first of her kind. In fact, she is the 7th Generation unit and the only remaining member of her robot line (or so we think).

She was formed by the Kirijo Group to become an artificial Persona user and defeat the Dark Hour that the organization was investigating. However, there were some complications that came about surrounding her situation, and she was not kept online for too long.

Soon after her creation, she was turned off and only brought back a few months later to be seen in Aegis: The First Mission, where she goes on her first objective. In the process, she becomes much of who she is when we first see her in Persona 3. Unfortunately, her memories are erased in the process.

Joining SEES

Aigis with SEES
Image from Wiki Fandom

Eventually, Aigis awakens again, and her first appearance in Persona 3 itself is when the SEES group is on the beach. She is hit on by Junpei and Akihiko but ignores them until she meets with the protagonist. At this point, she remembers a little bit about herself and her primary mission.

She quickly becomes a member of SEES and even enrolls in Gekkoukan High School alongside the other party members, despite not being a human. She plays the role of protector for the main character, keeping them safe from nefarious people at school and outside of it.

Over time, she develops her personality and comes into her own as a person. She loses the monotone machine nature of her character and acts as an actual human does. She develops feelings for her friends and eventually falls in love with the main character canonically, whether or not they reciprocate those feelings.

It is eventually revealed the truth of Aigis’ previous mission to defeat Nyx, the final boss of Persona 3, and her failure in doing so. This tragic moment is preceded by an attempt to turn Aigis against the other SEES members, but it fails in the end.

Forging Her Own Path

Aigis with Shadow Operatives
Image from Wiki Fandom

Aigis is among the SEES party members who take out Nyx once and for all and put an end to Tartarus. At first, she is also the only member of the group who remembers what happened in the Dark Hour. She watches over the protagonist until their eventual passing on the day of graduation.

At this point in Persona 3 FES, The Answer begins, and Aigis takes over the lead character. Metis attacks the group, Aigis’ robotic sister, and thus ensues a new mystery to find out more about this intriguing character and her connection to Aigis’ past.

After solving this mystery as well, Aigis enlists in the shadow operative group that Mitsuru Kirijo forms as the new head of the Kirijo Group. A few years pass as part of this group, and Aigis becomes entangled in a new mystery surrounding the return of the Midnight Channel from Persona 4.

She plays a significant role in Persona 4 Arena, investigating that mystery and finding out about the tragic villain, Labrys, who is one of her robot sisters from the past. She returns in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, but she plays a minor role as one of the kidnapped main characters from the newly revealed villain.

Aigis Protagonist Romance
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Aigis has a social link in both Persona 3 FES and Persona 3 Portable. The best part is that her social link is not tied to your gender, so feel free to pick the male or female hero. In addition, she is one of only two characters in the entire game who you can romance as either the male or female Persona 3 hero.

The social link for Aigis is based around the Aeon Arcana, and it automatically starts on January 8. From this point forward, the player can optionally spend time with Aigis almost any day during the daytime except for Sunday. Players can find her in the Classroom 1F area at school.

There are slight changes to the dialogue in the social link depending on the protagonist and game version that you are playing, but the general rule applies of having ten ranks for her in total. Aigis’ feelings for the main character exist regardless of if you build your social link with her or not, but this part is crucial if the player wants to date her.

Again, it does not matter which gender you pick, as you can romance her either way. Technically, she is the only social link you can do this with since the other person you can date no matter your gender, Elizabeth, does not have a social link. In addition to confessing feelings, completing the Aigis social link will unlock Metatron Persona for fusion.

Aigis in Other Games and Media

Aigis Persona Q
Image from Wiki Fandom

Aigis is one of the most popular characters in Persona 3, so I’m not surprised at all that she is featured in so much more than just this game. After all, you could even argue that she is the second-most important character in that JRPG besides the main character that we play.

She is all major versions of the game, but the one that I want to hone in on is Persona 3 FES. The expanded version of the PS2 game features The Answer epilogue, where Aigis is the main character. She takes over this role and is even playable there.

Outside of the primary Persona 3 games, though, there is also the direct story sequel in Persona 4 Arena. She is one of the few playable Persona 3 characters in that first fighting game, and she even has a story arc of her own that you can play through.

She is also in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax and playable there, though her presence in the actual story of it is much less than in the previous title. There are also the Persona Q games, which include both Persona Q and Q2, which feature Aigis as one of the playable party members in the dungeon-crawling adventure.

There is also another playable instance of her in Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight, where she is one of the dancers in that game with plenty of costumes and songs to choose from. There are also the official manga, stage plays, and anime films where you can see Aigis in a different light. Interestingly enough, though, she has a different live-action actor in the two stage plays for Persona 3 and Persona 4 Arena.

Finally, there is Aegis: The First Mission, which is a mobile game that was only available in Japan. In this game, we get to see the Persona 3 party member in her first mission soon after her creation as an Anti-Shadow Weapon.

Outside of gaming and the Persona series, there are a couple of collaborations that Aigis is featured in as well, mostly with mobile games, unsurprisingly. She is involved in Chain Chronicle, Puzzle and Dragons, and others as part of their Persona events. Outside of mobile games, she is a playable DLC fighter in BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, and an outfit for her exists in Phantasy Star Online 2 as part of a crossover event.

Fun Facts About Aigis Persona 3

Aigis Persona 3 Facts
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Here are some interesting and fun facts about Aigis from Persona 3 that even the most hardcore fans might not have known about before:

  • Aigis speaks more than just Japanese (or English, if you’re playing the English version). She can also understand French, dogs, as seen with Koromaru, and even monkeys, crazily enough.
  • The Persona that Aigis gets in Persona 3 is reflective of her. Her starting Persona is robotic-like, but her later one is more human-like, showing her growth as a person.
  • Aigis is the only party member in Persona 3 and the series as a whole to be immune to the status effect of poison.
  • Aigis is one of only two characters in Persona 3 (the other being Elizabeth, the Velvet Room assistant) who can fall in love with the main character no matter their gender.
  • (Spoiler warning) Aigis is one of the only characters in the Persona series to be a wild card who can fuse Personas together and visit the Velvet Room. Since she is a secondary protagonist in Persona 3 FES, this makes sense.
  • Also likely due to her wild card status is the fact that Aigis will actually change her quips in battle, animations, and more, depending on what weapon she is using. Only the main character in Persona 3 also does that.


Question: What is Aigis weak to?

Answer: Aigis is weak to electric elemental attacks, even though she is literally a robot, so watch out for any Zio skills.

Question: How does Aigis have a Persona?

Answer: Aigis has a Persona because of the way that she was designed as a robot. Through her design, difficult training, and the experiences of the previous models before her, she is able to summon a Persona.

Question: When can I date Aigis?

Answer: The social link, as mentioned above, starts on January 8. From then on, you can hang out with Aigis every day except Sunday during the daytime only. The actual romance happens at the very end of the social link.

Question: How does Aigis summon her Persona? 

Answer: Like the other members of SEES, Aigis must use an Evoker to summon her Persona. Unlike the others, though, her Evoker is built into her body, so there is no need to pull a gun-like trigger like most of the other party members.


While she may not be a favorite character in Persona 3 for me, there is no denying how unique and crucial to the game that Aigis is. She may start out as a bland and blank robot designed to defeat the shadows of the Dark Hour, but she quickly evolves into something much more. Without a doubt, she is worthy of being one of the most popular Persona characters of all time.

In the end, though, part of what makes Aigis so well-written and great is her canonical relationship with the player character. The relationship between the two is something that I’ve very briefly covered before when addressing the complicated nature of the main character, so it might be worth checking out that guide to finding out more information about the two of them.

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