Margaret Persona Guide

Margaret Persona Guide: Persona 4’s Velvet Room Assistant Explained

There are many predictable parts of the Persona series, such as the main character being the wild card and an attractive attendant guiding you along the way in the Velvet Room. Each of the mainline games, especially starting with Persona 3, has had a gorgeous member of the same family tending to the protagonist’s needs. In Persona 4, that person is none other than the star of this Margaret Persona guide.

Being the oldest in the line of Velvet Room attendees, there is an alluring maturity to Margaret that has made her a beloved character in the Persona community. Ever since I first played Persona 4 Golden, I have known that she was definitely my favorite of her siblings. Though that did change some with Persona 5, as I came to love Lavenza as well. There is a lot to love about Margaret, who is arguably the best assistant in the Velvet Room, so here’s what you need to know about her, including how to romance Margaret.

Bottom Line Up Front

Margaret is one of those older sisters, motherly figures who guides you through the events of Persona 4. Unlike her siblings, she has a level of maturity that is both beautiful and enrapturing. I adored her when I first played Persona 4 Golden as one of the better parts of that legendary JRPG.

Even today, I would rank her as the best Velvet Room assistant in the Persona series. Atlus also knows how amazing she is, featuring her in multiple games and even being playable in one or two titles. Better yet, players can even romance her in Persona 4. Well, sort of, at least.

Margaret Persona Overview


Do you have that appreciation for that older sister archetypal character that will always take care of you? That is something that I admire in video games as the youngest sibling of a large family. Like me, Margaret has a lot of siblings, and she is the oldest of them all.

Margaret and her family have a job attending the visitors to the Velvet Room. While most of her siblings are immature or emotional, Margaret is a calm, cool, and highly intelligent member of the Velvet Room assistants club. There is something so intriguing about her status.

Many fans in the Persona community praise Persona 4 as the best in the series regarding its characters. Though I would, personally, disagree with that notion by a long shot, I think that Margaret is one of the bright examples of that possibly being true.

She doesn’t necessarily play a huge role in the game, mainly dealing with the Compendium and teaching the player about the Velvet Room. So, unless you are summoning a lot of Personas to fuse in the game, it is unlikely that you will spend a lot of time with her.

However, you really start to get a feel for the mystery and beauty of Margaret should you dive deeper with her. She is one of the many social links in the game, being a character you can connect with and get to know better.

There is even the possible chance for romance (in a way) if you play your Arcana cards right. Margaret is beloved by both the fans and Atlus alike, being featured in more than just Persona 4. She appears in several different games, even being a playable character in a couple of them. There is a lot to love about the very best Velvet Room assistant.


If you could not already tell, I am a fan of the appearance of Margaret. There is something so kiddy about her younger siblings, but that is not the case with her. Margaret is a stunning older woman who appeals to my inner waifu radar.

Overall, you can see the resemblance between her and her siblings if you have played any of the other last three mainline Persona games. For starters, she has that blue velvet outfit style that is prominent among her family members and necessary for matching the Velvet Room.

Her stunning attire begins with her impressively designed and unique dress. It is an average-length dress, going down to around Margaret’s knees. It is interesting because it is a rich and dark blue color that is quite appealing to the eyes.

The dress has a high level of detail, containing intense textures and intricate designs. There are plenty of large metal buttons and other fascinating aspects of the dress that add some pizazz to the entire affair. There is also a belt in the middle with a large buckle that ties the dress together quite nicely.

The most bizarre but unique element of the dress that Margaret wears is the fact that it is a long-sleeve dress in one. This was an intriguing choice you do not usually see for dresses like this, but it somehow works. Underneath the dress, it appears that she has some dark leggings underneath.

To match the dress that she has, she also has some sharp and deadly but immensely gorgeous blue heels that she wears. As for her hair, it is the signature ashen gray color that she and her siblings have. But she has her own unique way of dealing with her hair, in her case, a long ponytail.

She has a small headband on her head to add some color, giving her that gorgeous but well-put-together look. Lastly, she can be seen carrying around the unbelievably important Persona Compendium, necessary for resummoning demons.

Margaret is so fashionable, and I love that about her, giving her such style that none of her siblings can come close to achieving, which is why I like her character design so much.

Key Moments

Margaret Persona

Here is your obligatory warning that there are some massive spoilers on the way that you should keep in mind. This includes both Persona 4 and the later games as well. For the most part, Margaret, sadly, plays a background role in the events of Persona 4 and even its Golden variant.

Players will find that the bulk of your time spent with her is summoning your old Personas for fusions and the like. Throughout the main story, she has only a few minor monologues and conversations with you, the player, as you journey to find the killer behind the serial murders.

Her most prominent scenes are at the beginning of the game when you first arrive at the Velvet Room, and then a couple of other times are key turning points in the story. Unfortunately, though, she plays a very minor role in the rest of the game.

The majority of the conversations that you can have with Margaret are, technically, optional. The player can choose to initiate a social link with her and get to know her more over time. For fans of Margaret like myself, this is the best way to have her be part of the story.

After the events of Persona 4, she returns in Arena Ultimax to watch over the events that occur. At the conclusion of that story, it implies that she remains the main Velvet Room assistant, offering her help from then on to characters like Aigis and Yu Narukami.

Should players play Persona 3 Portable, which is chronologically before Persona 4, but the game was released afterward. In this game, if the player picks the right path, it is possible to engage in an entirely optional side quest on behalf of Margaret that culminates in one of the hardest boss fights in the entire series.

Voice Actor

There are a few different voice actors that add that deep and calming voice to Margaret. There is a single voice actor with Sayaka Ohara on the Japanese side. This is far from her first role as that older sister type of character as she has played amazing anime and game characters like Milly in Code Geass.

The two roles that I would like to point out that you should know about are Beatrice from Umineko, which is an underrated murder mystery anime and visual novel, plus Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail. Erza is one of the best characters in Fairy Tail, so worth watching for her alone.

The early days of the Persona series’ English voice acting, on the other hand, were marred with issues. There are several instances of characters being recast, which is the case for Margaret. In most games, Michelle Ann Dunphy is the voice who I know to be her myself.

She is not a voice actor I am too familiar with due to her not being in many notable roles outside of Margaret. This is a darn shame since she did such a fantastic job. What is odd is that it is very possible that she is currently a politician these days? Unless they just so happen to have the exact same uncommon name.

After Dunphy left the role of Margaret, Marisha Rey took over for Persona 4 Arena Ultimax and a few other titles. She is fantastic herself, voicing some underrated characters like Laura in the underrated and always recommended Trails of Cold Steel games and being a massive part these days of Critical Role.

How to Play as Margaret

How to Play as Margaret

Perhaps you are someone so obsessed with Margaret that you would like to be her. Well, if that is the case, I have some exciting news to share with you. It is possible to even play as Margaret in a couple of different Persona games. The first of these is relatively simple in the case of Persona 4 Dancing All Night.

This music dancing rhythm-based spin-off title features the cast of Persona 4 returning for a good old time on the dance floor. They definitely deserve it after saving an entire town from the clutches of evil and a serial killer, after all. Margaret is a playable dancer there, controlling the same as everyone else.

The by far more intriguing and unique playable scenario for Margaret, though, is in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax. The fighting game spin-off sees her show off her true skills on the battlefield. I will admit that she is one of the less-played fighters in that game for me, but I will give you my thoughts on playing as her nonetheless.

As you may know, Margaret has a ton of Personas as seemingly a wild card herself. Her fighting style in Ultimax depends entirely on using her Persona skills in battle. She has the most Personas and skills available from the entire cast of characters.

This makes her the most versatile around, but she has little in the way of combos and moves outside of using her Personas. In this way, players have to be careful, or else they may fall victim to being stuck in an animation or not being able to do anything if they are inflicted with a status ailment.

Margaret is quite difficult to master, but she is a relentless force of power in the right hands. She will control the battlefield and not allow the opponent to do almost anything. The devastating damage and flexibility make her one of the strongest fighters. Still, few players will be able to take full advantage of her utility.

Margaret is one of the leading social links you can connect with in Persona 4 and Golden. She is one social link that I highly recommend to everyone for a few different reasons. For one, if I hadn’t already made that clear, she is one of the best characters in the entire game.

But, at the same time, there is the flexible nature of her social link that is unlike anyone else’s in the game. For everyone else, spending time with her will generally use up one of your precious time slots, whether in the afternoon or in the evening on a day.

Even someone somewhat flexible like the Fox social link requires you to spend some time to rank up his social link. On the other hand, you can completely progress through almost all of her ranks without spending any extra time like you would with everyone else.

This is due to the general nature of her social link and how it all works. Somewhat similar to Fox, Margaret has special requests that she gives the player for you to complete. Doing each one will grant you the next rank of her social link until you reach the max. It is a fun and more engaging system than the other standard social links in Persona 4.

How to Unlock

First and foremost, you must start the relationship with Margaret to advance her social link. Doing so is pretty simple as all you need to do is chat with her inside of the Velvet Room. Once you chat with her for a little bit starting on May 3, and anytime after that, you will begin this social link.

From then on, players do not have to worry about speaking with her on certain days of the week or times or anything like that. Basically, almost anytime that you can access the Velvet Room, you are able to speak with Margaret and progress through her ranks with no worry at all about time or anything like that.

All Margaret Fusion Requests Explained

Secret Boss

The unique aspect of Margaret’s social link is that you must complete her requests. Her missions are different from the Fox‘s in that it entirely revolves around showing her different Personas that you have acquired. Each rank of her social link involves a single Persona request.

The catch is that you cannot just bring her a specific Persona, and that is it. That Persona must have a particular skill on it that it cannot usually learn on its own. This requires the player to either use a skill card on it to learn that skill, which involves a lot of RNG if you even have that skill card, or fusing specific other Personas together first.

It can be confusing and will take forever without a specific guide to each request unless you have the right skill card. To help with this, here is each Persona you need and my preferred way of unlocking them. Keep in mind that there are sometimes multiple paths to obtaining that particular Persona.

  • Rank 2: Ippon-Datara who knows Sukukaja. My preferred solution is to get an Angel who learns Sukukaja at level six and then fuse her with Sarasvati.
  • Rank 3: Matador who knows Mahama. I recommend leveling up Principality to 21 to learn Mahama and then fusing it together with Oberon and Saki Mitama to obtain Matador.
  • Rank 4: Gdon with Rampage. I like to get Ares to level 28 to learn Rampage and then fuse him with Legion.
  • Rank 5: Neko Shogun with Bufula. The only real option here is to level up King Frost to get Bufula, then fuse him with Hua Po to make Kusi Mitama. With that, fuse it with Ara Mitama, Nigi Mitama, and Saki Mitama to make a Neko Shogun.
  • Rank 6: Black Frost with Auto-Sukukaja. This will require you to get Anzu to level 20 and then fuse it with Apsaras to make Jack Frost. Take that Jack Frost and then fuse it with Ghoul, King Frost, Pyro Jack, and Pixie to make Black Frost.
  • Rank 7: Yatagarasu with Megido. I like to take Cu Sith and Taotie that has leveled up to learn Megido to make another Ares. Then Ares and Black Frost come together to make Yatagarasu.
  • Rank 8: Yatsufusa with Mediarama. This is an easy skill card for me to find but you can alternatively get a Thoth who learns Mediarama at level 47. Fuse him with Makami, Mothman, Narasimha, and Orthrus to make Yatsufusa.
  • Rank 9: Ganesha with Tetrakarn. Get yourself a Decarabia and it will learn Tetrakarn. Then fuse it with Cu Chulainn to make Ganesha.
  • Rank 10: Trumpeter with Mind Charge. The tough part about this one is that you have to be level 67 to max out Margaret. For Trumpeter, you need to get Mind Charge from Taotie at level 38. Then fuse it with Daisoujou, Matador, Pabilsag, Taown, and White Rider to make Trumpeter.

Margaret Romance Explained

Many players will be wondering what the point of the Margaret social link is. Can you actually romance her like some of the other women in the game? Well, the unfortunate answer is yes and no. No, you cannot romance her in the same way as the other girls where it is a clear-cut thing.

Instead, you just get a little kiss as a reward but nothing too special. That said, Margaret is a fantastic character and well worth the max social link on her own. If you’re looking for something more tangible, you will be able to fuse Isis as the ultimate Empress Persona. In addition, you will be able to fight Margaret in the New Game Plus and receive the Deep Blue costume as a reward for doing so.


Question: What do you get for beating Margaret Persona 4?

Answer: Defeating Margaret in Persona 4 will grant you a ton of experience and money that will be useful in the rest of the game. In addition, you will receive the Spiral Bookmark item. With this, you can return to the Velvet Room in the future and speak with her to receive the special Deep Blue costume.

Question: Is Margaret older than Elizabeth Persona?

Answer: Yes, Margaret is older than Elizabeth but we do not know by how much. At this time, Margaret is the oldest of the Velvet Room siblings but there is a chance that there is someone even older than her. For that, we will have to wait and see for Persona 6.

Answer: The way that you max out Margaret’s social link is by completing her requests, which is bringing special fused Personas to her. If you want the specifics on how to do all of them, check above.

Question: What is Margaret’s Persona?

Answer: Revealing Margaret’s Persona is a slight spoiler so here’s your warning. Her Personas are quite a lot, especially in Persona 3 Portable. She is a wild card herself so this makes sense. But the notable ones include Ardha, Cu Chulainn, Helel, and Yoshitsune, which she uses in multiple games.


Margaret is the prime example of a Persona waifu at her finest. She is an older woman with the maturity and intelligence that is sorely lacking from a lot of the teenagers in the series. With her powerful prowess as a Persona user herself, her helpfulness as the Velvet Room assistant, and her alluring character, she is a triple threat if I’ve ever seen one.

It is quite unfortunate that Margaret does so little in the series overall as she is only in the background of the games. This is unfortunate since she is so wonderful and one of my favorite characters from Persona 4. The same can be said for Marie, a character exclusive to Persona 4 Golden who also hangs out in the Velvet Room. Like Margaret, Marie is one of the best parts of Persona 4 Golden, but she at least plays a major role towards the end of the game.

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