Persona 5 Cosplay Ideas

Persona 5 Cosplay Ideas

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, especially when it comes to video games. With a massive and beloved title like Persona 5, one of the best ways to show your passion for the JRPG is to cosplay as your favorite character. And it just so happens that Persona 5 has some of the best characters to cosplay, as you’ll see in these Persona 5 cosplay ideas.

These Persona 5 cosplay ideas offer you the best look at some of the characters and potential cosplays you could do. The Phantom Thieves are some of my favorite characters of all time, and I, personally have the desire to cosplay as both Joker and Goro Akechi in the future. So, this is as much for you as it is for me. Below, you’ll have ten ideas for cosplaying as the Persona 5 characters that will hopefully get you on your way to stealing the hearts of everyone who sees you.

Bottom Line Up Front

The best Persona 5 cosplay ideas are the ones that are varied and well-made. I don’t want to use ideas that are cookie-cutter examples of how to make a cosplay. They have to be the very best there are, and I tried to show off only unique characters from the JRPG.

Characters like Joker, Morgana, Futaba Sakura, Goro Akechi, Ann Takamaki, and more are fabulous characters that you should absolutely cosplay as. Unfortunately, it will likely take a lot of time and money to make it happen.

Persona 5 Cosplay Tips

Before we dive too deep into the actual cosplay ideas themselves, I have some tips for you when it comes to creating your own Persona 5 cosplay. I have some knowledge when it comes to cosplaying in general, and I have learned some from my research of the Persona 5 characters.

Here are the tips I have for you before you even get started:

  • Never settle for less than the best. Part of the reason why I haven’t cosplayed yet as Joker or Akechi is that I haven’t had the time or the money to put towards that yet.
  • If you want to cosplay as these characters, go all out. Show the world why you love them with the best possible cosplay you can find or make. This will help you stand out, too, among the not-so-great cosplays.
  • Find the right time and place to make it happen. Sure, it can be fun to cosplay for pictures at home, but why not turn it into an entire event? You are putting so much into this; you might as well cosplay at a convention or event that is happening around you. You’ll appreciate it more this way, too.
  • Do your research into the best materials and places to get them. It is possible to make your own homemade cosplay, but you don’t want a fabric that will tear after only a few uses.
  • If necessary, it might be worth looking into cosplay designers who can build a custom cosplay outfit for you. This is going to cost more than anything else, but it will also turn out the best if you go with the right person for you.
  • Only cosplay the Persona 5 character that matters the most to you. Sure, it is so easy to find a Joker cosplay outfit on the internet these days. But if your favorite character is someone more obscure like Jose, don’t settle for Joker. There is a way to make that happen.
  • Finally, be yourself. This is a tip for any cosplayer out there. Don’t let prejudice or body types, or anything else define you and the cosplay you do. The point isn’t to look exactly like that character in every way. It is to take that character and mold them to fit you as an individual in the best way possible.

Selection Criteria

When it came to the best Persona 5 cosplay ideas below, I was very strict in my selection. I tried to have short ideas for a bunch of characters and various cosplays you could do, but I was picky in my selection. Here are the selection criteria I used to come up with this list:

  • Quality: Above all else, quality matters the most. There are countless Joker cosplays out there, but you don’t want just any old version. I only included the best of each character I could find and share with you.
  • Variation: There are so many characters worth cosplaying in Persona 5, from the Phantom Thieves to the Confidants, so I tried to include a nice variation of the different characters you could cosplay.
  • Originality: I also tried to include some cosplays that took some elements of the character and made it their own. This type of originality isn’t that common in cosplaying, but it can help you stand out.
  • Value: This is a significant part of these ideas, too. Most of them are going to be quite expensive to recreate since they are among the best for that character. But I also tried to include some ideas that I think would be easier to do on a budget for those who might want to test it out.
  • Difficulty: I also tried to include some variation in the difficulty of these cosplays. Some of them will be much harder to accomplish than others, so I tried to give some ideas to the cosplay newcomers and the veterans who already know what they’re doing.

Persona 5 Cosplay Ideas

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best Persona 5 cosplay ideas I could come up with. Below, you’ll find these cosplay ideas in no particular order. Chances are there is an entry there for your favorite character or two, as I tried to include some of the best characters from Persona 5 and Royal.

I included some thoughts on each cosplay idea I show you, what you’ll need to make it yourself, and how difficult it is going to be.

1. Hifumi Togo Cosplay

hifumi togo cosplay person5
Photo from cyberrmio Instagram
  • Cosplay Cost: $25-$75
  • Cosplay Difficulty: 2.5/10

Hifumi Togo is one of the several Confidants in Persona 5, and this cosplay nailed her character well. The school uniform’s coloring is a bit off, but otherwise, everything is on point. The originality in terms of the hairstyle and accessories helps this to show that you can even cosplay the Confidants.

What You’ll Need

Here’s what you’ll need to cosplay Hifumi Togo:

  • Dark blue blazer top
  • School emblem for blazer
  • Red string hair accessory
  • Brown hair with long bangs or wig
  • Striped bowtie
  • White undershirt
  • Dark leggings or pants

2. Tae Takemi Cosplay

tae takemi cosplay persona 5
Image from
ioatang_cos Instagram
  • Cosplay Cost: $35-$85
  • Cosplay Difficulty: 3/10

Tae Takemi is the somewhat illegal doctor who supplies the Phantom Thieves and is a close Confidant to Joker. This cosplay takes a more passionate approach to the character, accurately interpreting the short hair she has and her dress mixed with the doctor’s lab coat well.

I also appreciate the added accessories and environment for the cosplay photo.

What You’ll Need

  • Black dress
  • Red belt
  • White doctor’s lab coat
  • Short dark blue bob haircut or wig
  • Intense eye and lip makeup
  • Sparkly neckband
  • Any accessories like a clipboard, office chair, etc. (optional)

3. King Kamoshida Cosplay

king kamoshida cosplay persona 5
Image from amenokitarou Instagram
  • Cosplay Cost: $25-$50
  • Cosplay Difficulty: 1/10

Kamoshida is the most infamous villain from Persona 5. While it is questionable if you should cosplay as him, he is a relatively easy target. All you need, at least for the Metaverse King Kamoshida, is a sparkly red robe with a fluffy white border, some underwear, and a crown; an actual prop one, not a photoshopped fake like in this image.

Oh, and the willingness to cosplay as this super evil dude.

What You’ll Need

  • Long sparkly red robe with a fluffy white border
  • Underwear
  • Crown
  • Medium-cut puffy brown hair or wig

4. Sadayo Kawakami Cosplay

sadayo kawakami cosplay Persona 5
Image from persona5fansite Instagram
  • Cosplay Cost: $10-$50
  • Cosplay Difficulty: 1.5/10

Sadayo Kawakami is Joker’s teacher and one of the easiest cosplays you could go for. You only need some basic clothing items and some accurate hair, and you’re good to go. This cosplay nailed how easily even a beginner could do it.

For a harsher challenge, you could try the Kawakami maid cosplay, but I can’t show those cosplays here for some obviously inappropriate reasons.

What You’ll Need

  • Long-sleeve yellow striped shirt
  • Blue skirt or pants
  • Somewhat messy medium-length dark brown or black hair
  • Maid outfit (optional)

5. Sae Niijima Metaverse Cosplay

sae niijima metaverse cosplay persona 5
Image from ezcosplay Instagram
  • Cosplay Cost: $50-$150
  • Cosplay Difficulty: 8/10

This cosplay of Sae Niijima in her casino villain outfit is phenomenal. The quality and accurate attention-to-detail level is extraordinary in everything from the hat to the clothing to the tattoos. It is like bringing the video game version to life.

This is a true challenge for only the experienced cosplayers out there.

What You’ll Need

  • Fancy black hat
  • Long black dress
  • Long black gloves
  • Gray hair color or wig
  • Intensely dark eyeshadow and lip makeup
  • Yellow colored contacts
  • Real or fake tattoos (optional)

6. Ann Takamaki Panther Cosplay

ann takamaki panther cosplay persona 5
Image from
miracchii Instagram
  • Cosplay Cost: $75-$150
  • Cosplay Difficulty: 6/10

Ann Takamaki is the first female companion in Persona 5, so there are many fans of her. As you might expect, her striking design has led to countless cosplays over the years. If I had to pick one I truly appreciate, it would be this one by miracchii on Instagram.

The cosplayer did a fantastic job of making a suit reminiscent of the actual one Panther uses in the Metaverse. The mask is a standout, too, even if it does give off some Daredevil vibes. In addition, this cosplayer went the extra step by including a red whip, similar to the one that Ann uses in combat.

But if there is anything that sets this cosplay apart that you should take note of, it is the cosplayer’s hair. They went for a long, ash-blonde hairstyle that is the closest you’ll get to how Ann looks in the real world. Little touches like this set apart a decent cosplay from a fantastic one.

What You’ll Need

You’re going to need a few items to make this cosplay work. Here are the items I recommend for this particular set. Keep in mind that these can be homemade or bought online. There are quite a few Panther costumes that are of decent quality out there.

  • Red Jumpsuit
  • Red gloves
  • Hair ties
  • Red whip
  • Red panther mask

7. Futaba Sakura Cosplay

futaba sakura cosplay persona 5
Image from
pinabuns Instagram
  • Cosplay Cost: $25-$75
  • Cosplay Difficulty: 3/10

Futaba Sakura is one of the best characters in Persona 5, being the main character’s pseudo-cousin or little sister. This cosplay is one of the few on this list that doesn’t opt for the Metaverse version of the Oracle member of the Phantom Thieves. Instead, it shows off her daily gamer outfit.

This is a nice touch, and it makes for a solid cosplay that won’t break the bank. The ease of making this cosplay is uncanny as you only need a few clothing items like a jacket and shirt that are commonly found, possibly online for cheap or even at places like thrift stores.

What I appreciate about this take on cosplay is that the cosplayer went out of their way to find eyeglasses and headphones that match the ones that Futaba uses in Persona 5. The wig is also about as perfect as it gets for a character who has such vibrant neon orange hair.

What You’ll Need

Here are the items you’ll need, homemade or otherwise, for pulling off this Futaba Sakura cosplay:

  • White shirt with red imagery on the front
  • A green jacket or long-sleeve shirt to go over
  • Black eyeglasses
  • Red headphones
  • Vibrant orange temporary hair color or wig

8. Kasumi Yoshizawa Violet Cosplay

kasumi yoshizawa violet cosplay persona 5
Image from
luckynoircos Instagram
  • Cosplay Cost: $75-$150
  • Cosplay Difficulty: 7/10

Kasumi Yoshizawa pops up in Persona 5 Royal as the only new Phantom Thieves member, so she deserves a place on this list. There are quite a few cosplays of her, but many of them don’t feel right. That said, this one from luckynoircos absolutely nails the character.

This cosplay opts for the more difficult Metaverse version of Kasumi known as Violet. This is a daring cosplay and one that can be hit or miss, depending on the quality of the outfit. In this case, this cosplayer hit the target accurately on how to make this outfit look great in the real world.

The jacket and general outfit look to be well-made, possibly with some faux leather design. The red gloves are a bit much in terms of thickness but still add a nice touch. But what I appreciate the most is the beautiful red hair on the cosplayer and the signature sword Kasumi uses. This is how you help your cosplay stand out.

What You’ll Need

Here are the items you’ll need for this Kasumi Yoshizawa cosplay:

  • Black tight jumpsuit
  • Leather or faux leather jacket
  • Red gloves (hopefully, thinner than the one in this cosplay idea)
  • Mask
  • Red hair color or wig with a long ponytail style
  • Black neckband
  • Thin sword prop

9. Joker Metaverse Cosplay

joker metaverse cosplay persona 5
Image from
dorian_photoart Instagram
  • Cosplay Cost: $50-$150
  • Cosplay Difficulty: 5/10

This list wouldn’t be complete in the slightest without showing some love to the star of the entire video game: Joker. Ren Amamiya, Joker, Akira, or whatever you want to call him, is one of the most cosplayed characters from Persona 5.

As such, I will admit I am a bit picky when it comes to Joker cosplays, and I would argue that at least 75% of the ones I’ve seen online and at events don’t meet my standards. This particular Joker cosplay is one of the few exceptions, and it honestly isn’t because the outfit is fantastic.

In reality, this Joker outfit is one of the standard ones you can find online. There is honestly nothing too special about the Joker Metaverse cosplay outfit here, but it is what the cosplayer does with it that makes all the difference.

Their pose, gloves, and heavily stylish hair are what make the difference here. Sure, there is quite a bit of editing involved with this cosplay image but that is part of the flair. This person took what is a simple outfit you can buy online for cheap and elevated it, showing how you can turn a budget cosplay into something truly special.

What You’ll Need

Here is what you’ll need to pull off a Joker cosplay:

  • Black long cape
  • Leather-style suit and pants
  • Black boots
  • Red or black gloves
  • Black flippy anime-style haircut or wig
  • Joker white and black mask

10. Goro Akechi Crow Cosplay

goro akechi crow cosplay persona 5
Image from
giuzzys_photo Instagram
  • Cosplay Cost: $75-$250
  • Cosplay Difficulty: 6/10

Goro Akechi is easily my favorite character in Persona 5, and I might even be harsher when it comes to him than Joker in terms of cosplays. This particular Goro Akechi cosplay is one of the few that impresses me, mainly due to what the person did with so little.

From a quick glance, it appears that this person used a standard Crow-style Goro Akechi cosplay outfit that can be bought online for reasonably cheap. It comes with the usual marching band-style outfit, a Crow mask, and a sword prop.

While you can make a homemade version of this outfit, which will cost you quite a bit to do so, this cosplayer shows how you can turn a readymade outfit into a professional-looking picture. This is mainly because they nail the Goro Akechi personality and poses in these shots, selling me on this recreation in the process.

What You’ll Need

Here’s what you’ll need to pull off a Goro Akechi cosplay, at least for his Metaverse version:

  • White, gold, and red marching band-style suit jacket and pants
  • Red crow beak mask
  • Thin sword
  • Possibly a light brown medium-hair wig or color

11. Makoto School Uniform Cosplay

Makoto School Uniform Cosplay persona 5
Image from
clarateaa Instagram
  • Cosplay Cost: $50-$100
  • Cosplay Difficulty: 3/10

This Makoto Niijima cosplay is one of the sweetest I’ve ever seen. For one, there is the fact that the cosplayer chose to go for the school uniform version of the Student Council President rather than her Queen Metaverse outfit, which I am honestly not a fan of. 

This person nailed this outfit down, and it appears to be ordinary clothes put together into this set rather than buying a premade version online. This gives a far more natural design to the cosplay, making it far more realistic in the process.

The best part, though, is the hair and makeup that the cosplay has on. They themselves embody Makoto Niijima in one of the best ways possible. I will be the first to admit that it doesn’t matter if you look exactly like the person you are cosplaying; you can and should absolutely go for it.

That said, there is something exceptional when someone legitimately embodies the look and style of the character they’re cosplaying as naturally. This is a rarity, and it elevates a look to much higher than anything else. It is for this reason that this Makoto Niijima cosplay is my favorite on this list of ideas.

What You’ll Need

  • Red, blue or black, and white plaid skirt
  • Black tank-style top
  • White long-sleeve undershirt (turtleneck optional)
  • Black leggings
  • Black boots
  • Headband
  • Short dark brown bob cut or wig

12. Ryuji Sakamoto Skull Cosplay

ryuji sakamoto skull cosplay persona 5
Image from tawko_cosplay Instagram
  • Cosplay Cost: $75-$150
  • Cosplay Difficulty: 6.5/10

Ryuji Sakamoto is that best friend and certainly one of the goofiest characters in Persona 5. So, I adore that this particular cosplay photo, despite being super serious and fantastic, is casually taken on the cosplayer’s bathroom. That was a possibly unintentionally hilarious part of this.

When it comes to the actual cosplay outfit, this person did a solid job of recreating Ryuji. The outfit itself isn’t super detailed or high-quality, but the person makes it work well. This is an example of a possible homemade or more casual cosplay that the person takes seriously, and it turns out well in the process.

The jacket looks particularly nice, while the yellow glove is nice but a bit too bright of a touch. Admittedly, the skull mask isn’t the best, but it doesn’t have to be, as the person captures the personality of Ryuji well enough. That said, I adore the bleached yellow hair as it shows true commitment and wraps up this fantastic Ryuji cosplay well.

What You’ll Need

  • Black leather or biker jacket
  • Black undershirt
  • Red scarf
  • Black pants and belt
  • Yellow glove
  • Skull mask
  • Bleached yellow hair or wig (don’t feel like you have to bleach your hair for this)

13. Haru Okumura Noir Cosplay

Haru okumura noir ccosplay persona 5
Image from
nix_cosplay Instagram
  • Cosplay Cost: $50-$125
  • Cosplay Difficulty: 5.5/10

Haru Okumura is undoubtedly one of the more underrated characters from Persona 5 and equally underappreciated in terms of cosplays. Thankfully, there is a cosplay like Nix here who did such a gorgeous job of bringing the character of Haru to life.

Haru has one of my favorite Metaverse costumes, due to it not being so harsh, so it is nice to see an extravagant and colorful outfit like this one. The fabric for the top has a sheen to it that possibly unintentionally added an extra touch to this outfit that is welcome.

This is clearly a homemade cosplay outfit and a beautiful one at that. Everything feels tailor-made for this person, and it shows how the custom cosplay style can outpace a premade one any day. Thankfully, this isn’t a costly outfit, either.

What You’ll Need

  • Brown skirt
  • Black leggings
  • Pink or purple shiny long-sleeved top
  • Dark vest to go over the top
  • Pink or red curly short haircut or wig
  • Cute black hat
  • Feather to go on the hat

14.Yusuke Kitagawa Fox Cosplay

yusuke kitagawa fox cosplay persona 5
Image from
manaknight Instagram
  • Cosplay Cost: $75-$200
  • Cosplay Difficulty: 7/10

Yusuke is another underrated character in Persona 5, despite having one of the flashiest Metaverse designs out of the entire cast. This cosplay idea from mana knight is a stunning one that shows how extravagant and flashy you can be. It is certainly worth showing off at a convention, as seen in the images.

The Yusuke outfit appears to be one that is seemingly homemade. It features a black jumpsuit that is smartly designed solely for this cosplayer. It comes with tiny little details throughout, like the white collar and blue and white belt, that help to give it the necessary detail.

In addition, you have the other touches, like the wider sleeves, just like Yusuke does in the game, plus the striking blue hair and fox mask. Even the sword is so lifelike. There is a lot of passion and detail put into this cosplay that makes it look excellent.

What You’ll Need

  • Black full-body jumpsuit with white collar and puffy long-sleeves
  • Blue gloves
  • Blue and white belt
  • Red sword hilt
  • Sword
  • Blue hair color or wig
  • Fox mask
  • Fox tail
  • White boots

15. Sophia Persona 5 Strikers Cosplay

sophia Persona 5 strikers cosplay

  • Cosplay Cost: $50-$150
  • Cosplay Difficulty: 5/10

Sophia is one of the new party members who join the Phantom Thieves in Persona 5 Strikers. As you likely already know, this spin-off and sequel game isn’t too played, at least compared to the core Persona 5. As such, Sophia is one of the rarest cosplays I have found online, especially in a quality format.

To be fair, this is a professional cosplay here, so it has a solid level of quality to it already. That said, I mainly included it to show you that it is possible to cosplay anyone and everyone from Persona 5. I couldn’t find a decent Shinya Oda cosplay, but if you love him, you could certainly make it work!

What You’ll Need

  • White long-sleeve dress (one method)
  • White long-sleeve top and black shorts (alternative method)
  • Red hair color or wig
  • Two weird heart chain things to hang off your head
  • Black shoes
  • Puffy white wrist pieces


Question: How to Dress Like Joker From Persona 5?

Answer: You can dress like Joker from Persona 5 by either buying a set costume online, making one yourself, or having someone make it for you. There are a couple of options, from cosplaying his school uniform to the Phantom Thieves Metaverse outfit he has.

Question: What is Joker Persona 5’s Real Name?

Answer: The actual name for Joker Persona 5 is Ren Amamiya. This is the canon name for the character, though you can always name him whatever you like when you play the game.

Question: Does Persona 5 Have Costumes?

Answer: Yes, Persona 5 has costumes for its characters, opening up even further possibilities for cosplay. You either have to buy them as DLC or purchase Persona 5 Royal, which already has some costumes for the characters.

How to Show Your Persona 5 Love in a Cheaper Manner

Cosplaying is the ultimate way of showing your love and passion for Persona 5 characters. It is also the best way to imitate them as you will be able to look exactly like them. Hopefully, the ideas above were able to help you come up with a possible cosplay of your own for the future.

Whether you want to cosplay the leader of the Phantom Thieves with Joker or try to be a (not) cat in Morgana, there is a cosplay idea for everyone. In fact, you could share this list with your friends and even come up with an entire cosplay party for several people to join in with.

But if you find cosplaying is far too expensive for you, that is understandable. It is one of the reasons I haven’t done it so far. If that happens to be you, I recommend starting out with some merch like Persona 5 hoodies. These can keep you warm and still show your love for certain characters.

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