Persona 5 Hoodies Guide

Persona 5 Hoodies Guide – Coffee and Curry Season

Picture this: It’s October 2022 and you’re walking home. The smell of mostly artificial pumpkin spice is wafting through the air, crunchy leaves make their signature sound with every step, and everyone is bringing out their best spooky decor. As you feel a cool breeze dance around you, you think to yourself: I just wanna get cozy and sink my teeth into a great game. You pull out your Switch and realize Persona 5 is now available for it, or perhaps you head home to boot up your Xbox or PC and discover the same thing?

Maybe you have a PS5 and are eager to step back into the world of Persona or never checked it out on the PS4 and feel like seeing what all the hype is about? Well, now you have a great game, but what about a nice hoodie to do the cozying part? All over the world, Autumn is known as the start of hoodie season, so why not kill two birds with one stone and represent your new favorite game and make a fashionable statement while doing so?

If you’re a Persona fan who’d also like to stay warm in the Fall and stay true to what you love, this is the guide for you. We’ve put together several Persona 5 hoodies that perfectly represent Persona 5: Royal so you can stay warm and stylish as the actual phantom thief you were born to be. Get ready to steal hearts and earn admiration from anyone who looks upon you.

What Makes a Good Gaming Hoodie?

First things first: The thing that makes any piece of clothing memorable is how you wear it. In my personal life, I generally wear a pretty monochromatic athleisure get-up, yet people always tell me I’m stylish. It’s cause I wear things that make me feel good and feel more like myself. Years ago, someone once described fashion to me as being like magic: You can cast a spell with your garments to conjure the mood and emotion you want to convey.

Some folks may be hesitant to wear persona-related merchandise, but I say: own it and go for it. People love it when I wear my Sega Dreamcast hoodie, not just because Dreamcast is in my stage name as a DJ. People like it cause they can feel the authenticity in the garment, and as such, it casts a “spell” over them.

If you’re a fan of Persona 5, don’t be afraid to go all in. It’s one of the best role-playing games of all time, with a sound and aesthetic utterly unique to itself. Carrying a little bit of that magic with you through your wardrobe is an exciting opportunity to make a loud and authentic presence whenever you enter a room. A good gaming hoodie not only makes it clear to fans and strangers alike that you’re passionate about whichever franchise you’re supporting, but it also makes it clear what exactly you’re representing.

You don’t want to leave a lot to people’s imagination. Instead, you want to have agency in your fandom. We’ve sought to put together a list that’s all about Persona 5 but did also seek to include a few mentions that are more referential than blatant.

Our Top 7

#1:Persona 5 Akira Kurusu Hoodie

Persona 5 Akira Kurusu Hoodie
Business in the Front and Party in the Back.

This hoodie quickly takes the top spot for quite a few different reasons. From a purely fashion-oriented standpoint, it’s incredibly functional. Autumn and Winter are the best seasons to opt for a longer trench coat style jacket. From the front, you not only have ample pocket space for storage, but the timeless red ribbon attachment is a counterpart to the iconic jackets from Alpha Industries.

From the front, it doesn’t even look like it’s related to a videogame allowing you to blend into a wide variety of settings, but the back is all Persona. If you’re looking for a garment that’s just as fandom as it is fashion: you found it. While it only comes in black, you have many choices for the logo on the back. Get yours today, starting at $64.66.


  • Faithfully modeled after the main character’s jacket
  • Can choose various graphics for the front/back and choose between crimson or white coloring
  • Truly stylish and functional


  • Expensive
  • Trench-style coats are hard to pull off and should generally be tried on in person before purchasing
  • Fabric quality and thickness are unclear

#2: 3D Printed Joker Hoodie

This hoodie has colors just as bold as the game itself.

This hoodie is an excellent addition to any Persona 5 fans wardrobe and is vibrant, eye-catching, and affordable. We love the busy and beautiful design featuring Joker right in the middle of the action. The clever addition of the P5 logo helps signify this as a gaming hoodie as opposed to just general anime fandom as well. It comes in just about every size under the sun, and the white interior layer of fabric looks cozy and comforting to boot. All-over print hoodies have been in vogue lately, so you can be topical and stylish all in one. Get yours for only $23.98!


  • Extremely colorful and striking design
  • Affordable price
  • Makes it very clear that you’re supporting a videogame as opposed to an anime


  • All-over print designs aren’t everyone’s cup of tea
  • The thickness of the material and overall quality is ambiguous
  • There is the possibility that the design may look different in person

#3: Officially Licensed P5 Hoodie

Officially Licensed P5 Hoodie
Officially licensed and officially too cool for school. This hoodie is a scene stealer.

We love to show off fan-made creations, but sometimes the best way to show your fandom is by going straight to the source. This hoodie is licensed and sold by the series developer and publisher Atlus, so you know your money is going towards supporting the franchise you love. By purchasing this, you’re honoring the entire team that made Persona 5 happen, and what’s not to love about that? This hoodie retails for 59.99 and is currently in stock at Shop Atlus.


  • One of the only hoodies to officially have Atlus’s blessing
  • Combines bold design elements in a subtle way making it less “loud” then other options on our list
  • Garment is quality


  • Only comes in one color option
  • The price is a bit high all things considered
  • You can’t change the striped hood or adjust the size of the P5 logo

#4: Joker Profile Hoodie

The maroon and white contrast looks good with just about everything.

If black isn’t your color, this fantastic portrait hoodie is the one for you. Available in red, black, royal blue, two shades of grey, and a lovely dark navy, this is the perfect hoodie to gift to the Persona 5 fan nearest and dearest to you. This one is extra special because it’s available in many different configurations. You can get it as a pullover or zip hoodie, and there are varying fabric qualities as well.

A thinner one would do well for folks that live in the desert as I do, but if you’re in another part of the world with more dynamic temperatures, then go big and get the premium design that features thicker material. All colors and configurations feature the same profile of Joker, complimented by the sleek logo for the game. Perfect for gift-giving, especially if the person you’re gifting it to is yourself, you can order this one at TeePublic.


  • Comes in six different colors
  • Can also be purchased as a zip-up hoodie, or you can spend more to make it thicker and warmer


  • Zip-up configuration puts design on the back
  • Color options aren’t particularly bright and vibrant
  • Design may appear smaller then advertised to avoid printing on the pocket

#5: Cafe Leblanc Hoodie

Make Sojiro proud with this awesome Cafe Leblanc hoodie.

This hoodie is available in black, navy, and dark grey and is sure to delight anyone who’s played Persona 5. Cafe Leblanc is the central hub of the entire game, and this hoodie looks so authentic that those not in the know will quickly think you’re supporting an actual business. Looking at it, you can almost smell Sojiros rich, dark coffee and aromatic and spicy curry.

People love the Persona series because it masterfully enriches the world it takes place. Locations become characters, and memories are attached to them. Environments are much more than just maps and corridors. They’re personal reflections of the developers that built them and the characters that inhabit them. The Cafe Leblanc hoodie retails for between $36-40 and can be yours today.


  • The innocuous and inoffensive design makes it easy to wear just about anywhere.
  • Looks like merchandise for a real business as opposed to a game
  • Deeply referential and sure to make any P5 fan smile


  • Not a lot of color options
  • Some may want a louder design to demonstrate their fandom through
  • It’s a reprinted “Gildan” hoodie which raises questions about the overall quality of the garment

#6: Shujin Academy Reversible Hoodie

Shujin Academy Reversible Hoodie
Perfect for cosplay, but also great for everyday use.

Sometimes we don’t want to be the main character. While a lot of Persona 5 hoodies feature the protagonist Joker or other characters who occupy a lot of screen time there can be something just as satisfying about honoring the fandom by blending into the universe itself.

This hoodie is based on the uniform design for Shujin Academy which is a place you’ll spend a lot of time in as you play the game. We like the more low-key design and the fact that you can wear the hoodie reversibly is a nice touch. This one is currently on sale for $48 from LevelupWear.


  • A sleek all-black design or stylish tartan pattern gives this hoodie a lot of versatility
  • Faithfully represents the source material
  • Good price-to-quality ratio


  • Some may want a bolder design
  • Hoodie doesn’t scream “Persona 5″ like other options on the list
  • Only comes in black

#7: Velvet Room Hoodie

Velvet Room Hoodie
We saved the best for last.

Much like Chocobos or characters named Cid in Final Fantasy, the Velvet Room is a constant part of the Persona franchise tying each entry together. This hoodie is modeled after its aesthetic from Persona 5 and is flat-out beautiful. This is a fantastic option for any fan who doesn’t mind the color blue and wants to show their fandom through something officially licensed. If you’re interested you can get yours from FanGamer for $59.


  • The striking design and color palette make it an eye-pleaser to fans and onlookers alike.
  • Rich with detail, everything from the zipper to the side panel text is top-notch
  • Officially licensed and appears to be high quality
  • Available in a plethora of sizes


  • Only comes in the royal blue and gold color configuration
  • Many of the larger sizes are out of stock
  • Price is high
  • Cannot be shipped to Japan

Our Honorary Mentions:

#1: GTA 5 Style Hoodie

Grand Theft Persona.

The only reason this creative garment didn’t make our list was due to the petite nature of the design itself. This hoodie combines the iconic cover art and font style of the Grand Theft Auto series and mixes it with the striking art and iconic red motif of Persona 5. This hoodie is available in six different colors, and you can position the print on the front or the back.

We personally enjoy it the most in black, but with so many color options, there’s bound to be something that fits your style. There’s bound to be overlap in fandoms between GTA and P5, so if you or someone you care about is a fan of both, this may be the perfect gift for them. The fact that it ranges in sizes between XS and 3XL is just icing on the cake. You can grab yours from redbubble for only $39.87.


  • Design is unique in itself and it makes for a great gift
  • The hoodie comes in six different colors
  • You can choose to have the design go on the front or the back


  • The hoodie is advertised as “Lightweight” which means it’s not particularly thick
  • The design looks a bit “fanmade” overall
  • The design isn’t particularly large and leaves a lot of empty space on the hoodie

#2: Phantom Thieves Member Hoodie

Feel like the newest member of the Phantom Thieves with this awesome hoodie.

This steller hoodie from Etsy almost looks officially made. We love the combination of a rich, dark black complimented by an intense red. It perfectly fits the color palette for Persona 5, and the white drawstring matches the white numerical outlining on the back, helping this hoodie compliment almost any outfit. Even better, you can change the year on the back to accurately reflect the first time you played P5. Year options go up to 2022, and sizes on offer range from small to XXL.


  • The text font is identical to fonts used in the game itself
  • Bold colors speak highly of craftsmanship and quality
  • Anyone who’s played Persona 5 will know exactly what this hoodie is all about


  • Only comes in one color
  • The site description is unclear about how thick the hoodie is
  • Can only use the years 2016-2022 for the back, you’re out of luck if you play this game in the future

#3: Morgana Treasure Hoodie

Yay! Treasure!

Easily the most adorable option on our list this hoodie features Morgana purring with delight over finding some treasure. We love how insanely cute the design is and that it’s extremely referential to actual gameplay in and of itself. You can’t go through one of the game’s many dungeons without experiencing Morgana gleaning with delight over finding some high-value items. You can snag this one from Teepulic with prices starting at $45.


  • Adorable design
  • Stylish enough for non-gamers to appreciate
  • Comes in a variety of fabric materials


  • Only three colors (black, navy, and heather grey) are available
  • Various fabric materials raise prices and issues over quality
  • The lack of a logo would make it hard for non-gamers to tell where the design comes from


Question: Why doesn’t Atlus make more official hoodies?

Answer: Atlus, as a company, has a very “less is more” kind of culture. We don’t get a new Shin Megami Tensei every year. Instead, there’s usually a long gap between them. I feel they apply the same philosophy to their merchandise.

While some companies prefer to saturate the market with many options, Atlus would rather make one perfect item and keep it around than give people too many options. With that said, the pending re-releases of Persona 5, 4, and 3 seem like the perfect time to reveal new merchandise, so I recommend checking their site once a week in the lead-up and aftermath of their releases.

Question: Are there any other Persona 5 hoodies available?

Answer: There are oh so many. This guide isn’t meant to be a definitive be-all-end-all type of affair. We prefer to make a more motivational approach. We curate and source great examples so you can get your gears turning and find what speaks to you. We don’t get perks or compensation for highlighting merchandise in our guides.

Everything is authentic and subjective. If you like what we’ve shown, go get it! If you don’t, find something that you enjoy and share it with us! There’s no wrong way to express yourself or your Persona fandom when it comes to clothes.

Question: Should I feel embarrassed to wear a Persona hoodie in public?

Answer: Of course not. The classic saying is “It’s not what you wear, but how you wear it” and that couldn’t be more true. Half of selling anything is how you present it. Wearing a gaming hoodie does not automatically make you a “nerd” or a target for bullying at school or in social settings. It just makes you authentic. It shows you have taste, and more often than not can be a great conversation starter. The fact is: You don’t know how other people will respond until you do something.

Try it out! You’d be surprised at how many people are out there who like the same things you do. It’s a way to potentially meet new people or forge a deeper connection to classmates and coworkers you already interact with. Half the time people hate simply because they envy a person who is presenting themselves authentically. Let other people’s problems be their problems and let your fandom shine. You don’t deserve any less than to be your amazing self.


With a series as long-running as Persona and a game as commercially and critically successful as Persona 5, there are going to be a lot of different merch options. Since the 5th entry is releasing on non-Sony consoles in the middle of Fall we figured showcasing a guide to awesome hoodies would be a solid bet.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time playing Persona 5 or if you’re doing it again on an Xbox, PC, Switch, or Playstation 5 there’s no wrong way to represent your love for this one-of-a-kind franchise, especially if you choose to do it through a comfy and cozy hoodie.

The best part about all of these hoodies is that they’re made from people exactly like you: fans. There’s a beautiful synergy to the whole thing that’s really magical and special. You can to be a part of something bigger than yourself and in turn, that inspires and rewards others to do or who are doing the same thing. We hope our selections inspire you to add some P5 love to your wardrobe. Get ready Phantom Thief, this is your time to shine.

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