Best Persona 5 Plush Guide

Best Persona 5 Plush Guide

One of the best ways of showing your love for a property, like a video game, is to buy some real-world items to show off. Some of the best real-world merch items for showing off your passion for an IP are plushies, due to their adorable nature and comfy material. When it comes to the Persona 5 series, thankfully, there are plenty of plushies that you can find. I aim to simplify and break down only the best plushies you can purchase in this best Persona 5 plush guide.

Personally, I am one of those fans who don’t like a ton of Persona merch items in my collection. As such, even with a series like Persona that I adore, the only items I like to get are clothing items like shirts and plushies. The latter is my favorite for its soft texture and cutesy look. Unfortunately, not all plushies are made equally in terms of design and quality. As such, I have only compiled the best ones you need to know about in this best Persona 5 plush guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

A Persona 5 plushie should strike the right balance between being one of the most comfortable items you’ve ever seen and touched, while also not detracting too much from the character it’s trying to represent. They can come in all shapes and sizes, fitting the budgets and comfort preferences of all types of fans.

But when it comes to the best Persona 5 plushie I’ve found, it has to be the Morgana 40-centimeter pillow plushie. It has one of the best overall designs I’ve seen for a Persona 5 plushie, especially for the popular Morgana, but its uniqueness comes in its dual nature of being a pillow. You can admire Persona 5’s animal mascot and cuddle him, too.

My Top Picks at a Glance

I understand that you are likely in a hurry to get out there, buy some plushies, and start cuddling with these adorable versions of your favorite characters and Personas. As such, I have listed below the top four Persona 5 plushies that are the best of the best on this list. If you only have money for one or two, these are the ones you should certainly consider:

  1. Yusuke Kitagawa Omanjuu 2 Piece Set: These omanjuu (steamed bun)-style plushies are some of the best official ones to ever be released. This Yusuke version is the best of the bunch, too, adequately capturing his confident and goofy face.
  2. Morgana 40 Cm Pillow Plushie: This plushie doesn’t hold back. It has the best design I’ve seen for Morgana in plush form but it also doubles as a pillow that you can cuddle up and lay on. It doesn’t get better than this.
  3. Jack Frost Plush Doll: Jack Frost is the overall mascot for the entire Persona franchise, and it shows in this well-designed plushie doll. His charming smile and blue and white snowy design look terrific in this version of him.
  4. Goro Akechi Mochibi Head Plushie: Goro Akechi may be one of the harsher members of the Phantom Thieves but this version of him is nothing but smiles and happiness. You get to see him in a chibi form of himself, with his cutesy head-shaped pillow that lets you cuddle the genius detective prince.

Selection Criteria

persona 5 plush

It wasn’t easy to narrow down all of the wonderful plushies I’ve seen over the years from the Persona series, but I got it down to only 10 in the list below. These ten are the very best you’ll find, and I determined them by checking off the list of selection criteria below:

  • Quality: What you see first when looking at a plushie is its design. If that design isn’t high quality enough at the first glance, it likely won’t be after the third, fourth, and 100th time you look at it. This is certainly an area where it had to be love or at least appreciation at first sight for me.
  • Accuracy: I don’t mind originality and uniqueness, but many plushies have an issue when it comes to accurately representing the character or franchise it has. The last thing I want is a blown-up creepy version of a Morgana plushie that is difficult even to realize is trying to be that character.
  • Style: While accuracy is essential, there is a way to recreate a particular Persona character while also showing off some style. It doesn’t have to be the exact same art style as the Persona games, but it at least needs to have some style worth talking about.
  • Value: We all have budgets in mind and only so much that we should be spending on plushies and other merch items. I tried to include a variety of priced plushies, from cheaper ones to more expensive ones. All are worth your time and money, hopefully, appealing to all budgets in the process.
  • Material: A huge part of a plushie is its material. Some plushies are softer and more comfortable than others, which is crucial to me as a buyer. I tried to only include plushies that seem to be soft to the touch.
  • Comfort Factor: In the same vein as the material, one of the best parts about plushies is how they comfort you. The softer and plusher they feel, the more they are able to help you feel relaxed. This is especially important for the fans who like to host their plushies on their beds.
  • Variety: Lastly, I tried to consider all types of Persona fans. There are so many Morgana Persona 5 plushies out there, understandably so, but I didn’t want this list to be anything but that. I tried my best, within reason, to show some love to fans of various members of the Phantom Thieves.

Best Persona 5 Plush List

Without further ado, it is now time to make our wallets cry as we take a look at the best Persona 5 plushies out there. I came up with 10 of the best plushies that are all over the internet. Trust me, there are plenty more than these, but these are the stand-out items that you should consider the most.

Yusuke Kitagawa Omanjuu 2 Piece Set

best persona 5 plush guide yusuke kitagawa omanjuu 2 piece set

Starting off this list is perhaps the most underrated Persona 5 character of all time: Yusuke Kitagawa. Fox is such an underused and underappreciated person, but Atlus didn’t show that in this plushie set. You don’t get one plushie but two of them for roughly the price of what some individual items go for.

The best part is that Yusuke looks fantastic in this omanjuu (steamed sweet red bean bun) version. You have just his head in a distinctly round shape with a chibi anime-style face. It’s absolutely adorable, especially considering that the two versions feature different facial expressions for him.

The material does look a little bit rough to the edges, with its grainy nature, so there might be that issue for some. If you can get past that, though, you have two instant friends that you can cuddle up to anytime you want. Yusuke fans out there, look no further than this plushie.


  • You get two plushies for roughly the price of one!
  • The steamed bun-shaped head plushie is unique and works for the otherwise artistic Yusuke
  • His facial expressions on both of the plushies are fantastic


  • Yusuke is, understandably, one of the weaker Persona 5 characters, so this plushie may not be for everyone.
  • Fair warning, but the material of the plushie has a grainy visual nature to it so this could be one of the least comfortable plushies out there.

Morgana 40 Centimeter Pillow Plushie

best persona 5 plush guide morgana 40 centimeter pillow plushie

When you see a plushie for the first time, what is the one thing you immediately want to do? I know for me, at least, I want to instantly cuddle it or lay up on it while I play some games or watch TV. Thankfully, there is a plushie on this list that was built for that purpose, and that is the Morgana pillow plushie.

This isn’t your average plushie as it was designed to function as both a pillow and a comfortable soft form of Persona 5’s mascot. Morgana looks his best in this plushie form, with a surprisingly accurate design that seems almost life-sized without losing any quality like some of the other Morgana plushies I saw online.

In addition, the plushie opts for a laying position for Morgana that helps it double as a pillow in the process. So, you get not only the best design for a Morgana plushie but one that is functional at the same time. It honestly does not get better than this plushie right here.


  • The price for this pillow plushie is ridiculously low for the value
  • You get the best Morgana plushie design that exists today
  • You also receive a pillow-themed plushie that you can cuddle up to nicely
  • The material looks to be some of the softest around


  • If you aren’t a Morgana fan, this isn’t the plushie for you.
  • The laying pillow position makes this great for cuddling but not necessarily displaying since it isn’t a standing plushie.

Goro Akechi Keychain Plushie Version

best persona 5 plush guide goro akechi keychain plushie version

There are collector’s items that make up a significant portion of the plushie market, and this is a prime example of that. Coming straight from Japan (be expected to pay a pretty penny for this one, collectors), this plushie doubles as a keychain.

Unfortunately, this means that its general size is relatively small compared to some of the others on this list. On the other hand, it functions as a plushie that can walk around with you anywhere you go. This bite-sized form of Goro Akechi can comfort you whenever and whatever you’re doing.

The best part, though, is the fact that its miniature size doesn’t stop this from being the best look for Goro Akechi I’ve found. Yes, even the more giant plushies for my favorite Persona 5 character didn’t do the Phantom Thieves’ Crow justice like this one. While it is a premium item, you can’t beat this collector’s item that comforts you on the go.


  • This is the premium collector’s item for the most dedicated Persona 5 fans in the community.
  • You get a plushie and a keychain, all in one neat little package.
  • This is the best plushie design I’ve seen for Goro Akechi
  • The small form factor means that its soft material can comfort you wherever you are


  • The size of this Goro Akechi keychain plushie doesn’t match the intense price well
  • Its tiny nature may not be what some plushie fans are looking for, either, since its comfort level is minimized some

Joker Mouse Mascot Plushie

best persona 5 plush guide joker mouse mascot plushie

Joker might be the main character of Persona 5, but he doesn’t have the best merchandise, at least in plushie form. That said, one of the better ones is also one of the most hilarious pieces of Persona 5 merch I’ve ever seen. It’s Joker, but in his mouse form.

Now, if you’ve beaten Persona 5 before, you already know where this is going. One of the final dungeons in the entire JRPG features puzzle mechanics where the team has to transform into mice to make it through the corridors to the next area.

This one takes the chunky, adorable mouse form of Joker and makes a plushie out of him. The gray mouse looks exactly how it should, based on the tiny design in the game, while also having the same Phantom Thieves mask that Joker wears in the Metaverse. It’s a keychain, too, so you are guaranteed an adorable little plushie you can take anywhere.


  • This is one of the most inventive plushies for Persona 5
  • The cute little mouse is exactly how it looked in the game
  • You get the accurate Joker mask on top of the mouse’s face


  • It appears to be a smaller plushie as it is meant to be a keychain toy at only around nine centimeters
  • This is a special edition official plushie from Atlus, so you are looking at a higher-than-normal price to buy this (roughly $30 USD excluding shipping)

Jack Frost Persona 5 Plushie

best persona 5 plush guide jack frost persona 5 plushie

The Personas are in the name of the game, but, unfortunately, they receive little love in the merch department. This is wildly different from something like Pokemon, which is all about the monsters. That said, the series mascot, Jack Frost, thankfully has some love when it comes to plenty of merch.

Jack Frost’s plushie is one of the most adorable on this list and possibly my personal favorite. The series mascot with his signature white snowy material with a blue hat, shoes, and neckband looks so accurate. The difference here comes from the face, which is made to be a bit more chibi style.

This is the type of plushie that I would buy to add to my personal collection, as it contains one of my favorite Personas in the series in one of his best looks to date. The best part is that you can get it from Walmart at a reasonable price. Though it has overseas shipping, the speed seems to be pretty decent, too.


  • The series mascot, Jack Frost, has never looked better
  • The outfit design is accurate to the in-game model
  • The chibi facial expression is wonderful
  • The snowy-style material looks so comfortable


  • This comes from overseas, so the shipping speed may not be the best, depending on your location

Goro Akechi Mochibi Head Plushie

best persona 5 plush guide goro akechi mochibi head plushie

There is something terrific about when a plushie doubles down on the fact that it is a comfort item meant to be cuddled with and all that. This Mochibi Goro Akechi plushie focuses mainly on the head of my favorite Persona 5 character, letting it be as adorable and cute as possible.

Admittedly, Goro Akechi isn’t one of the cuter characters out there, so I have to give credit to the designers for making him look cuddly in this merch item form. A lot of this comes from the small eyelashes, tiny cute smirk, and long, oval brown eyes.

This also being a head-focused plushie means that you have a round friend who is ready to sit in your lap and be a comfort pillow/plushie for when you are working at the computer, watching TV, playing games, and all that. The plushie material looks soft and great, except for the hair, which I am worried is a little too stiff and roughly based on the images.


  • Who would have thought Goro Akechi, with just his head, would be so adorable?
  • The oval eyes and tiny smirk are hilarious and fun
  • The round head shape means that it is excellent for a comforting lap plushie


  • This focuses on Goro Akechi’s head, which some fans may not like
  • The hair looks to be a different material that appears to be rough or not nearly as flexible

Makoto Niijima Corocot Keychain Plushie

best persona 5 plush guide makoto niijima corocot keychain plushie


It’s always hilarious and welcome when a plushie maker decides to take a gamble on a character and show off a different side to them. Or, in this case, a rounder looks at one of the most famous love interests in Persona 5, Makoto Niijima. The Ice Queen student council president herself has never looked fluffier than this.

We have, believe it or not, not just the head of Makoto but the entire body of her. The reason it looks like this is that the body was squashed down to make her look like an egg. If you’re a Pokemon fan, she almost looks like the Togepi-shaped version of Makoto Niijima.

Unlike the adorable Goro Akechi version, though, Makoto is straight angry in this plushie version. It’s adorable and hilarious at the same time with her small eyes, sharp eyebrows, and tiny frown. I’m not sure who made her mad, but this cutesy little plushie is worth picking up for the keychain format that makes it great to travel around with.


  • Makoto Niijima’s squishy round self is a goofy but comfy look for her
  • Her super angry face elevates the cuteness of this plushie
  • This is a keychain plushie, so it travels well on your pants pockets, backpack, etc.


  • The keychain plushie shape means that it’s smaller than some plushie fans may prefer
  • This is another case where it is possible the hair feels a little strange, but it’s hard to tell from an image

Morgana Standing Plushie Toy

best persona 5 plush guide morgana standing plushie toy

There are a lot of Morgana plushies on the market, but few have the level of quality that I prefer to see. This is as good as it gets when it comes to the standard Phantom Thieves Morgana outfit, and even it isn’t a perfect plushie that I have seen.

That said, I appreciate the three main parts of this plushie. First off, there is accuracy in its design. It looks precisely how it should look in terms of recreating the Morgana battle outfit, including his 3-shaped smile, baby blue eyes, his clothing, and the Zorro-style hood/mask that covers his eyes.

The second part that I appreciate is the softness of this material. It appears like it might become a little too flat over time, but it has such a plush nature that it makes it seem like a nice cuddle friend with its decent size. Lastly, there is the official nature of this plushie. It comes with a costly price, but you can expect solid quality from this because of it coming directly from Atlus.


  • This is as accurate as you’ll get when it comes to Morgana plushies
  • The soft material appears to be squishy and comfortable
  • Everything in this design looks fantastic, likely due to its official licensing


  • The material looks almost too soft, which may seem ironic, but I could see this plushie looks its shape or plumpness over time
  • You’re going to be paying a pretty penny since this is an official plushie from Japan

Mochibi Futaba Sakura Plushie

best persona 5 plush guide mochibi futaba sakura plushie

Mochibi is back at it again with yet another must-have plushie. For fans of Futaba Sakura, this is the one to get. Like the Goro Akechi one, it focuses solely on the head of Futaba, which is a little weird but also super adorable at the same time.

What I particularly appreciate about this plushie is its colorful nature of it. Admittedly, a lot of the Phantom Thieves have a general monotone color scheme, but Futaba breaks this trend with her colorful pattern. She has signature orange hair with glasses, headphones, and more.

While you miss out on her classic Metaverse outfit here, the unique design of Futaba is worth it. It was translated well into this chibi format, where she has by far the most adorable facial expression out of any of these anime chibi-style plushies.


  • This is the plushie for the Futaba fans out there
  • The colorful style of this plushie is unique compared to the others
  • The chibi head is a risk, but it pays off well


  • Some fans may not like this plushie, only including Futaba’s head
  • You miss out on the colorful green Metaverse outfit she has
  • The hair looks a bit weird in this design

Haru Okumura Omanjuu Keychain Plushie

best persona 5 plush guide haru okumura omanjuu keychain plushie

Haru Okumura might not be the fan-favorite Phantom Thieves member, but she was my waifu in the original game. Her peaceful and relaxing design works well for a plushie, as you can see in this Omanjuu keychain plushie. Similar to the Yusuke one, it features only her head.

The head is quite accurate but with an impressionistic approach to her eyes, hair, and smile. I’m not the biggest fan of how her hair looks, but this plushie looks fantastic for her. I should note that the material seems harsh, especially with her grainy square nature.


  • Haru’s style is unique and risky, but it pays off
  • Her fascinating eyes and smirk are fantastic
  • I appreciate the keychain form factor


  • I’m not a fan of the material based on images
  • The grainy look of the design doesn’t look comfortable
  • The hair is strange


Question: Is there a Morgana Persona 5 plushie?

Answer: Yes, there are certainly some Morgana Persona 5 plushies that exist. In fact, if you look up plushies for the game, you are more than likely going to see more Morgana plushies than for anyone else. I included some of the best Morgana plushies for you on this list.

Question: Is there a Goro Akechi Persona 5 plushie?

Answer: Yes, there are a few Goro Akechi Persona 5 plushies. I see that you are a person of culture and know that Akechi is one of the best characters in the entire game. There are, unfortunately, a lot of dud plushies for the genius detective, but it is possible to find some that aren’t too bad, including the one on this list.

Question: What is the Persona 25th Anniversary plushie?

Answer: There are a few different Persona 25th Anniversary plushies that were released in celebration of the massive milestone. For the most part, they were smaller plushies that featured the various protagonists from the series. The Persona 5 featured Joker with glasses. In general, I’m not a huge fan of these plushies, though, even though they are official, which is why they aren’t on here.

How to Show Your Love for Persona 5 Next

When you are ready to pick up your Persona 5 plushie online, there is only one answer for you if you can only afford one: the Morgana pillow plushie. It is the perfect mix of design, comfort, and, surprisingly, value (at least compared to other plushies). You get a high level of quality for a moderate price and have a new talking cat friend to cuddle with based on one of the best JRPGs of all time.

However, that is far from the only merch item you can buy from Persona 5. If you like the idea of being all warm and cuddly, especially during those winter months, I recommend taking a look at the best Persona 5 hoodies. When you’re away from home and your plushie friends, this will ensure you are able to stay still warm while also representing the Persona 5 cast at the same time.

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