Persona 5 Royal Classroom Answers Guide

Persona 5 Royal Classroom Answers Guide: Become the Top Student at Shujin Academy

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Shujin Academy is the educational home for Joker and most of the Phantom Thieves in Persona 5 and its expanded version, Royal. Not only are some of the main characters and villains at this school, but you’ll actually have to attend classes on a daily basis. That is what I aim to cover today in this Persona 5 Royal classroom answers guide.

In between saving the world via the Metaverse, you’ll have to go through the usual high school rigamarole. This involves attending class, answering your teacher’s questions, and even taking exams to keep in school.

Throughout the months of the in-game calendar, you’ll randomly have questions you’ll need to answer from your teacher. Take it from my three times playing this game: you’ll want to get them right, which is why you need this Persona 5 Royal classroom answers guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

Persona 5 Royal doesn’t change up too much in the classroom from its original version. Many of the same questions are used throughout the months. The critical difference is that you now have questions to answer throughout the month of January in the expanded content and third semester. As such, regular Persona 5 players can use this, too. For April through January, here are all the test and classroom answers you’ll need for Persona 5 Royal.

Persona 5 Royal Classroom Overview

Persona 5 Royal Classroom Answers

Persona 5 Royal doesn’t change a whole lot from the previous version of the game. You still play as Joker and must go to class every day in the calendar with few exceptions. Yes, even heroes who save the world must go to class and get an education for the future.

There are a few purposes behind this feature in this already massive JRPG, not least of which is the realism it obtains. There is something fun and even trivial about going to class in the game and reliving your own high school days if you are an adult like me.

It’s a fascinating aspect of Persona 5 Royal that likely makes it the most realistic high school sim-style game I’ve ever played. Well, when you aren’t in the Metaverse, at least. Better yet, if you want a glimpse of what high school life is like in Japan, this is a game you should check out. Without further ado, though, here’s everything you need to know about the classroom section of Persona 5 Royal.

Why You Should Care About Classroom Answers

For starters, there are in-game benefits for completing the classroom answers in Persona 5 Royal. The main one is upping the social stats that you have for Joker. The game has five main social stats, with Knowledge being the most important for your school life.

That said, there are some others, like Charm, that can be affected by the classroom answers. Getting the correct answer will show off your Knowledge to the class and generally raise it in the process. But there are times when you might help out a struggling student with the answer and receive some Charm points in the process.

For these social stat boosts alone, you should aim to get every answer correct in the classroom. There is no reason to get them wrong, especially since this isn’t an optional activity. You can’t honestly avoid these classroom questions since they are part of your requirement of going to school every day.

Knowledge Stat Explained

Persona 5 Royal Classroom Answers

The Knowledge stat is one of Joker’s five primary social stats in Persona 5 Royal. If you’ve played some of the other Persona games, you likely already know what this is used for. However, the real reason you want to get the test answers right is to boost this for its other purposes.

The Knowledge stat isn’t just for show. It is used in some of the Confidants you can hang out with in Royal. If you want to deepen your bond and romance certain characters in the game, you’ll need your Knowledge stat to be fully maxed out.

In addition, there is a distinct difference between the regular classroom answers and the test ones. If you nail your exams with a high Knowledge stat and the right answers, you’ll be at the top of your class. You can even become the number one student in your grade, granting you a special item from Sojiro and raising your Charm stat due to your popularity.

All Persona 5 Royal Classroom Answers

Persona 5 Royal Classroom Answers

As mentioned, you’ll get two main types of questions in Persona 5 Royal. The first is the standard classroom questions, where one of your teachers will ask you a question on the spot. The other is the exams, which are test weeks that run for several days in a row.

They will generally involve recycled questions from the regular days, so you should know the answer if you pay attention. The exam questions are mostly self-answered like the standard questions, but they also are automated on the final day based on your current Knowledge stat.

I have all of the Persona 5 Royal classroom answers for you below to check out. They are divided up by the month of the in-game calendar year for you, too, so you can quickly locate the ones you currently need, with August being the only month in the cycle that you don’t have any questions due to summer break and the school trip that happens then.

I even note the date of the question and answer so that you are able to easily sort through this mess and find what you’re looking for. Let’s take a look. Keep in mind that some of the questions have been edited and changed for organizational purposes, so they may differ some from the in-game versions.

All April Classroom Answers

April is the first month of the school year when you begin playing as Joker. April is also when most schools start the school year in Japan. Though this is a shorter month than some others due to the beginning of the game and the tutorial section, a few questions are given to Joker in the classroom.

April 12

Persona 5 April Classroom Answer April 12
Image from Fandom

Question: What does the dictionary from the Devil give as the answer for the Hider Factor when it comes to how mankind is progressing?

Answer: Villains

April 19

Side note: This is a bit of a confusing one as you have an image of a triangle-like figure with two lines marked A and another B. It shouldn’t affect your answer too much, though.

Question: You have these two lines that are marked as A and B. When it comes to these lines, which of the two seems to have the most length?

Answer: Neither of the lines is the longer one

April 23

Persona 5 April Classroom Answer April 23

Question: What did Emperor Nero dominate during the Olympics in history? Was it music, racing between chariot vehicles, or acting?

Answer: All of the above

April 25

Side note: This is the first time in the game that one of your classmates — Ann, in this case — asks you for help with a question. There are three possible solutions here, but only one of them is the correct answer. The catch here is that this is also the first time you get a question with two parts to it. You’ll need to get both parts right for the full stat boost and correct answer here.

Ann’s Question: What’s that phrase meant to convey? “My country, right or wrong?”

First Answer: Select that you unquestionably support it

Second Answer: Then tell Ann the answer “you have a duty to correct it.”

April 27

Question: Do you know the name of the theorem named after the particular number that is shown in this image?

Answer: Four-color theorem

April 30

Persona 5 April Classroom Answer April 30

Side note: Take note that the final answer of April is almost like a mini-exam in its own right. There are questions and answers you need to get all correct on this day that is, technically, part of the same problem. If you get all of them right, you’ll get the most Knowledge boost, which is worth it.

Question 1: First off, we have the “wunder” section of the word. What does this part mean?

Answer 1: Wonder

Question 2: After that, we have the “kind” section. What could this mean?

Answer 2: Child

Question 3: With all of those answers now in mind, let’s put it all together. In the end, what does wunderkind mean in practice?

Answer 3: A prodigy

May Classroom and Exam Answers

May is the second month of your classes at Shujin Academy as Joker. However, this is the first whole month you go to school, and the first time you’ll experience some exams. Exams include a whole week of tests where you don’t get to do too much outside of class.

Studying is also imperative for raising your Knowledge stat for the final automatically-done day. Use everything you’ve learned (or just this guide) to do well on your exams.

May 7

Persona 5 Classroom Answer May 7

Question: There is a phrase that is known as a femme fatale. What would you say is the meaning of this particular title?

Answer: Fatal woman

May 10

Question: Yoshitsune was a famous figure in Japanese history. Do you know when he was around?

Answer: The Heian period

May Exams Week Answers

May 11 Exams

Persona 5 May Exams Week May 11

Side note: This is the first day of exams in Persona 5 Royal. How these days work is that you’ll focus on a single subject per day. In general, the topics will usually be ones that were covered in previous classes, but a lot of times, the questions will be slightly different than before.

But if you pay attention, you’ll get them right. There are also multiple questions on these days, so be prepared for the whole gauntlet of Japanese-style exams.

Question 1: What historical figure inspired “favoring the magistrate?”

Answer 1: Minamoto no Yoshitsune

Question 2: What was the name of the sibling of his?

Answer 2: Minamoto no Yoritomo

Question 3: Unfortunately, Yoshitsune and his brother were on opposing sides. After all was said and done, the winner between the two was…?

Answer 3: Yoritomo

Question 4: There seems to be a reason that one of these two brothers won in the end. This is likely because most humans don’t feel connected to the leaders of a country but rather more connected to who?

Answer 4: The weak

May 12 Exams

Persona 5 May Exams May 2

Question 1: You see an image in front of your screen. There is a strange figure seen in it. What mind condition causes this to appear? (Note: This is the same line image from April’s answers)

Answer 1: Cognition

Question 2: There are going to be two images known as maps in front of you. Of the two that are there, which one is more easily able to be painted without have the same colored sides touching each other?

Answer 2: Both

May 13 Exams

Side note: This is the final day of exams for the week, at least with your input. There is a fourth day, but it is automatically done based on your current Knowledge stat. That said, you’re not out of the race yet, as more non-exam questions will come in the rest of the month.

Question 1: Name that book that defined the “male factor” as the chief factor in the progress of the human race.

Answer 1: The Devil’s Dictionary

Question 2: What character archetype refers to a mysterious and seductive woman, typically with ulterior motives?

Answer 2: Femme fatale

May 16

Persona 5 Classroom Answer May 16

Question: There is a particular effect that exists where you have enough hope in something to work for you that it is literally enough to make it happen in reality. What is this named?

Answer: The Placebo Effect

May 19

Question: There is a Japanese artist who is quite famous. He lived in well over 100 different places during the Edo time. Who is this person?

Answer: Katsushika Hokusai

May 21

Persona 5 Classroom Answer May 21

Question: The golden ratio is 1:1.618, but do you know the silver ratio?

Answer: 1:1.414

May 23

Side note: This is yet another multi-part question. There are three different questions and answers you need to get right on this day.

Question 1: We need to break down this word to find the meaning. Let’s begin with the “syn” part. What could it indicate?

Answer 1: Together

Question 2: Next up is the word known as “aisthesis.” What in the world could this part symbolize?

Answer 2: Senses

Question 3: Lastly, it is now time to bring both of these parts together. If we do that, what could this phrase mean?

Answer 3: Senses coming together

May 26

Persona 5 Classroom Answer May 26

Question: Do you know which author Leblanc borrowed from?

Answer: Arthur Conan Doyle

May 31

Question: Do you know which peg-legged parrot-toting historical figure’s appearance became visual shorthand for pirates?

Answer: John Silver

June Classroom Answers

June is, thankfully, one of the more straightforward months of questions and answers. There are no exams this month to worry about, thankfully.

June 4

Persona 5 Classroom Answer June 4

Question: What do you think the name of the phenomenon is?

Answer: The halo effect

June 7

Question: The red king crab is biologically related to the hermit crab. So how is it different from a crab? Do you know?

Answer: The number of legs

June 8

Question: Where does totalitarianism take things a step further than authoritarianism?

Answer: Controlling public thought

June 13

Persona 5 Classroom Answer June 13

Question: Let’s say you wash your hair with copper. What color do you think it turns?

Answer: Green

June 15

Question: Between paper bills and coins, which one is issued by the government? (Side note: Remember that these questions are relative to Japan since you are in Japan for this game)

Answer: Coins

June 20

Side note: This is another situation where Ann needs a hand in answering the question. Thankfully, it’s only a single answer this time.

Ann’s Question: Which one of these items that I have has some minor metals in it?

Answer: Smartphone

June 23

Persona 5 Classroom Answer June 23

Side note: You are looking at one of the Arcana Tarot cards used to note the different Personas categories in this game.

Question: Now, do you know what this woman’s job was?

Answer: A pope

June 27

Question: Which of these animals is involved in an English idiom about the weather?

Answer: Dogs

June 29

Persona 5 Classroom Answer June 29

Side note: You are looking at a Shogi piece from what is widely considered Japanese chess. It has Japanese Kanji characters on it.

Question: What do you think it says on the back of this Shogi piece in particular?

Answer: Gold

July Classroom and Exam Answers

July is another month when you will be faced with some more exams. Thankfully, if you can get past this month of questions, though, you will enjoy a nice full month off from school for the rest of July and the entire month of August.

July 1

Persona 5 Classroom Answer July 1

Question: There is a particular saying that comes from China. In it, it references a particular name for certain dumpling food. Where does this name derive from?

Answer: Barbarian’s head

July 4

Question: July has 31 days in total in its calendar. August is the same in the following month with 31 days, too. Who were the Roman emperors in charge of making it this way?

Answer: Julius and Augustus

July 7

Side note: This is yet another situation where Ann is in a bad spot and needs your help. There are two questions you’ll need to answer here. They both relate to Tanabata, a Japanese festival time that occurs on 7/7 that is rich with lore.

Question 1: Tanabata is a particular festival that happens in Japan. It has to do with elements in space. What, in particular, does it symbolize?

Answer 1: The Milky Way

Question 2: What are some of the traditional Japanese food that is eaten during Tanabata?

Answer 2: Somen noodles

July 9

Persona 5 Classroom Answer July 9

Question: Do you know what shape this is?

Answer: A triangle

July 11

Side note: This is yet another multi-part question day. There are three questions in total, and they are all related to one another.

Question 1: What is long-term memory?

Answer 1: Memories that last a long time

Question 2: How many memories can someone keep in their mind?

Answer 2: Infinite

Question 3: When it comes to these memories, people can keep them for how long?

Answer 3: Forever

July 12

Persona 5 Classroom Answer July 12

Question: Do you know what he did?

Answer: Thievery

July Exams Week Answers

Time for another whole week of exams, this time mid-terms before the summer holidays. You’ll have three full days of multiple questions each and a fourth and final day solely based on your Knowledge stat.

July 13 Exam Answers

Persona 5 Classroom Answer July 13 Exam Answers

Question 1: If angle c is 28 degrees, and angles a and d are 88 degrees, what is the angle of b and e?

Answer 1: 64 degrees

Question 2: This person came from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Who was he?

Answer 2: Zhuge Liang

Question 3: What were they giving to solve their problem?

Answer 3: Barbarians’ heads

Question 4: Why was baozi used, instead for the offering?

Answer 4: To offer them instead of heads

July 14 Exam Answers

Question 1: What is the name and genus of this organism?

Answer 1: Red King Crab (Paralithodes)

Question 2: What happened when the government issued paper and hard currencies in Japan for the first time?

Answer 2: It caused confusion in the economy

July 15 Exam Answers

Persona 5 Classroom Answer July 15 Exam Answers

Side note: This is the final day of exams for this first half of the school year that you manually answer. The next day is, technically, the fourth and final day, but it happens automatically. These are also the last set of questions you’ll have to answer for this month until September rolls around.

Question 1: What is the English equivalent of the Norwegian idiom “raining witches?”

Answer 1: Raining cats and dogs

Question 2: Which of the following is another name for the noodles traditionally eaten at Tanabata?

Answer 2: Demon guts

September Classroom Answers

School is back in session after a long break. This is a mostly standard month with no exams to worry about.

September 3

Persona 5 Classroom Answer September 3

Question: Each hand in this famous statue means something, but do you know what the right hand represents?

Answer: Prosperity

September 6

Question: Do you know the name of that phenomenon where the second-hand looks like it’s stopped moving?

Answer: Chronostasis

September 14

Question: What does a pawn shop offer that a used shop doesn’t?

Answer: Money loans for collateral

September 17

Persona 5 Classroom Answer September 17

Question: What’s one of the supposed origins of the phrase “cat got your tongue?”

Answer: Cats eating human tongues

September 21

Question: Robot comes from a word in Czech, but where in Europe is the Czech Republic located?

Answer: Central Europe

September 24

Question: What is the number of the different segments on a soccer ball?

Answer: 20 white, 12 black

September 28

Persona 5 Classroom Answer September 28

Side note: This is yet another three-part question for which you’ll want to get all the answers.

Question 1: There is an abbreviation known as PVS. Let’s break this down by starting with P.

Answer 1: Phantom

Question 2: The next part is the V part. What could this letter indicate?

Answer 2: Vibration

Question 3: Last is the S part. What could the final word in the abbreviation be?

Answer 3: Syndrome

September 29

Question: There are certain unique fisherman in Japan. Who do they answer to?

Answer: Imperial Household Agency

October Exam Answers

October is another reasonably long month because of your exam week in the middle of the month.

October 3

Persona 5 Classroom Answer October 3

Question: If we use “three watermelons in the sun” to visualize a certain matter’s size against the universe’s, what are the melons?

Answer: Stars

October 6

Question: This is a guillotine. Now, do you know who invented this execution tool?

Answer: Joseph-Ignace Guillotine

October 11

Persona 5 Classroom Answer October 11

Question: The B segment was given the name of…?

Answer: Bouba

October Exams Week Answers

It’s time for another three days of exam questions you’ll have to answer, plus a fourth day where it is solely based on your current Knowledge stat. Here’s how to ace this exam.

October 17 Exam Answers

Persona 5 Classroom Answer October 17 Exam Answers

Question 1: What is the exact number of the parts of a soccer ball in total?

Answer 1: 32 surfaces

Question 2: How did the colors used to work for soccer balls?

Answer 2: It used to be one color

Question 3: Back in the day, how were soccer matches handled?

Answer 3: Black and white picture

October 18 Exam Answers

Question 1: Who conducted executions with this device?

Answer 1: Charles-Henri Sanson

Question 2: Why can’t most citizens work as one of these unique fishermen?

Answer 2: It’s a hereditary profession

October 19 Exam Answers

Persona 5 Classroom Answer October 19 Exam Answers

Side note: This is the final day of exams, where you have to answer questions. There is still one more day for automatic answering, though.

Question 1: With the word robota in mind, what did this originally indicate?

Answer 1: Slave labor

Question 2: Which of the following describes the density of the stars in outer space?

Answer 2: 3 bees in all of Europe

October 22

Question: Now, tell me the total count for each column in this magic square.

Answer: 15

October 24

Persona 5 Classroom Answer October 24

Question: From a psychological standpoint, what’s a key reason our memories can differ from reality?

Answer: Memory bias

November Classroom Answers

November is the second-to-last month for standard Persona 5 players but the third-to-last for Royal players who check out the third semester. This is a typical month with no exams.

November 2

Persona 5 Classroom Answer November 2

Question: Can you tell me the meaning of the word “wack” in Thieves’ Cant?

Answer: A share of stolen goods

November 4

Question: What does a spade represent?

Answer: A sword

November 8

Question: How old you have to be to listen in on a trial?

Answer: Any age

November 10

Persona 5 Classroom Answer November 10

Side note: These are the Kanji characters for these words in Japanese.

Question: Do you know why a part is missing in the character for “crow?”

Answer: Crow eyes are hard to see

November 12

Question: Do you know why voices sound so different over the phone?

Answer: Because the voice is synthetic

November 14

Question: When it comes to the sun rising over Mt. Fuji, help me understand why this is happening.

Answer: Because of the high altitude

November 15

Persona 5 Classroom Answer November 15

Question: What did they do to Nezumi?

Answer: His head was put on display

November 17

Question: Do you know the name?

Answer: Cochleoid

December Final Exams Answers

December is a very short month in terms of questions you need to answer. For regular Persona 5 players, this is the final bit of questions you need to answer. This is the last exam week for school before the holiday break and the end of the school year.

December 20 Exam Answers

Persona 5 Classroom December 20 Exam Answers

Question 1: Pick the right picture.

Answer 1: D

Question 2: How much money did he steal, in the end?

Answer 2: Over one billion yen

Question 3: What happened to him?

Answer 3: Having his head displayed

Question 4: What did this all happen for?

Answer 4: A performance

December 21 Exam Answers

Question 1: Which suit of cards represents the Holy Grail?

Answer 1: Hearts

Question 2: According to Japanese judicial law, what is possible for even a baby to do in court?

Answer 2: Attend

December 22 Exam Answers

Persona 5 Classroom December 22 Exam Answers

Question 1: Which country?

Answer 1: Japan

Question 2: The “do” part comes from what?

Answer 2: Dreadnought

Persona 5 Royal January Classroom Answers

If you make it to the third semester in Persona 5 Royal, here are the questions you’ll need to answer in class during this month.

January 11

Persona 5 Classroom Answer January 11

Side note: This is another assistance for Ann in class.

Question 1: What’s this phrase supposed to illustrate about the gods of Shinto?

Answer 1: How numerous they are

Question 2: What’s the phrase again?

Answer 2: The Eight Million Gods

January 14

Question: Where do you think the fictional land of “Ihatov” is modeled after?

Answer: Iwate

January 18

Persona 5 Classroom Answer January 18

Question: What did the word awful initially mean?

Answer: Impressive

January 20

Question: Do you know what she’s stepping on?

Answer: A snake

January 24

Persona 5 Classroom January 24

Question 1: What does sweet mean when describing a person?

Answer 1: Kind-hearted

Question 2: So what kind of connotation would salty have in that context?

Answer 2: Negative

Question 3: So with all of that in mind, salty probably means…?

Answer 3: Resentful

January 27

Question: How far did this study suggest personal happiness can spread?

Answer: To friends of friends of friends


Question: Which line is longer, A or B, Persona 5?

Answer: Of the two lines, they’re the same.

Question: What is the angle of B and E Persona 5?

Answer: The angles are 64 degrees.

Question: What is the silver ratio in Persona 5?

Answer: The silver ratio is 1.414.

Which Area of Persona 5 Royal to Focus On Next

There are so many different parts to Persona 5 Royal besides the questions you have to answer in the classroom. This is only a single element of the massive JRPG. Another part of the game that you should know about that are the part-time jobs.

Though they aren’t required like the classroom questions, they are exceeding useful for many reasons. Here’s everything you need to know about the jobs.

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