Sadayo Kawakami Guide

Sadayo Kawakami Guide

Sadayo Kawakami is one of many Confidants in Persona 5/Persona 5 Royal who represents the Temperance Arcana. Starting her Confidant and getting to know her will allow you to strengthen your Temperance-aligned Personas even further while gaining benefits to skip class in the real world or doing chores at night.


Sadayo Kawakami is your homeroom teacher at Shujin Academy. If you choose to do so, you will later learn about her other job working at night which leads to an opportunity to start the Temperance Confidant.

As part of the Temperance Confidant, you will learn of Kawakami’s motivations for working, her passion for teaching, and the struggles she faces in order to continue working as a teacher. If you choose to complete the Temperance Confidant, Joker will have the opportunity to not only understand Kawakami’s motivations but help her with her struggles and possibly enter a romantic relationship with her.

Starting the Temperance Confidant will allow Joker the opportunity to “skip class”, though what it really means is that Kawakami will call review periods where Joker can do whatever he likes. Kawakami will also help Joker with chores around Leblanc, freeing up his time to increase his social stats or assist other Confidants.

Key Moments

Sadayo Kawakam

Sadayo Kawakami is first met during Joker’s transfer to Shujin Academy, and you get to see her initial feelings about Joker during a talk with Suguru Kamoshida, another teacher.

She is also supposed to introduce Joker on his first day of school, but she is frustrated after he arrives late (unaware that he had stepped into Kamoshida’s Castle).

You will also be introduced to her night-time work 2 days after completing Madarame’s Museum, where Ryuji Sakamoto and Mishima will begin “Operation Maidwatch”. When the operation commences, you encounter Kawakami while she is working, where she cancels the job since both of you now know each other’s secret.

When Joker encounters Kawakami at school to ask her about the job, he learns that she is being interrogated by another teacher about where she spends her time. If Joker chooses to intervene, Kawakami gives him her work number, where she can be requested during the night.

When Joker has enough Courage to give the number a call, this begins the Temperance Confidant where Joker starts to learn more about Kawakami’s reasons for working, as well as getting chances to “skip class” and ask her for help with chores.

In each meeting, Joker learns that Kawakami is stressed out at her teaching job, but needs the second job because she has to earn enough money to pay for medical treatment. Working two jobs begins to take a toll on Kawakami’s health, and at one point she collapses during work.

After the collapse, Kawakami begins to open up about the true reason she needs more money, which is to pay the family of a student that died. While Kawakami wasn’t responsible for the death, she feels responsible as she initially tutored the student, but had to cut back due to external pressure. She feels that paying money to the family is the only way to atone for her mistakes.

Eventually, the stress of the job becomes worse and Kawakami ends up in the hospital. At this point, Joker then tries to convince Kawakami what she really should do, which is stand up to the family and not pay them because it is cutting into her love of teaching.

She takes the advice to heart and tries to cut off payments to the family, but is unfortunately blackmailed and has no choice to continue paying. Upon seeing this, Joker enlists the help of the Phantom Thieves to save his teacher by changing the hearts of the blackmailing family.

After the Phantom Thieves are successful, Kawakami announces she is quitting her maid job because the family had a change of heart. She can now put in more time for teaching, and Joker has the opportunity to start a romantic relationship with Kawakami.

Regardless of what he chooses, Kawakami manages to deduce Joker’s identity as a Phantom Thief but willingly keeps it a secret because he helped her.

If the Temperance Confidant has been completed before December 24th (or February 2nd in Persona 5 Royal), Kawakami will be seen trying to rally the faculty of Shujin Academy against Joker’s arrest, doing her best to convince them that they have to stand up for their students.

If Joker chooses to visit her on his last day in Tokyo, Kawakami will mention that she will continue to teach and wishes Joker the best of luck in his future endeavors.

How To Begin The Temperance Confidant

The Temperance Confidant can begin 2 days after completing Madarame’s museum and successfully changing his heart. Ryuji will introduce Operation Maidwatch while you are at school, and Mishima will be involved as well.

To begin Operation Maidwatch, you must speak to Mishima during the night in Shibuya and ask to begin the operation. This will take up the entire evening, but introduce you to Kawakami’s night time job.

When you are at Shujin Academy during the daytime, you can talk to Kawakami outside the Faculty Office on the 2nd floor, where she is getting interrogated by Ms. Chouno. Helping Kawakami will give you her work number, which you can call at Leblanc’s payphone on the 1st floor counter.

Calling the number will require your Courage to be Staunch (at the 3rd level), but you will begin the Temperance Confidant after the call. You can then call Kawakami at night whenever she is working, and she will text you when she is available. Each visit will cost 5000 yen, regardless of whether the visit will progress the Confidant or not.

Temperance Confidant Benefits

Temperance Confidant

Getting Rank 1 will unlock the “Slack Off” benefit, which will turn some of Kawakami’s classes into “free study sessions”, where you are free to read a book, make infiltration tools, study, or even sleep (which passes time without doing anything).

Getting Rank 3 will unlock the “Housekeeping” benefit, which allows you to call Kawakami to Leblanc at night to make coffee or wash dirty laundry. To request Kawakami for the chores, you must be in the relevant location (making coffee will require inspecting the coffee beans, while laundry requires going outside to the Yongen-jaya laundromat).

Requesting Kawakami for chores will cost 5000 yen

Kawakami can only make 1 cup of coffee at a time, and can only make coffee equal to what Joker can create (if Joker can only create Regular Coffee, Kawakami can make the same, but she can make Master Coffee if Joker knows how to do it as well).

Getting Rank 5 will unlock the “Free Time” benefit, which will give you “free study sessions” in other teacher’s classes as well (ie. Ms. Chouno, Mr. Ushimaru). This increases the number of times you can read a book, study, or create infiltration tools while at school.

Getting Rank 6 will unlock the “Super Housekeeping” benefit, which extends Kawakami’s chores to cooking curry and creating infiltration tools. Inspect the kitchen for curry and head to your desk on the 2nd floor for infiltration tools.

As with coffee, Kawakami can only make curry and infiltration tools that Joker is able to make. Kawakami can also only make 1 infiltration tool at a time, and isn’t able to improve Joker’s Proficiency or have the chance to make more infiltration tools.

After you get to Rank 8 and complete the A Teacher Maid To Suffer request, Kawakami will waive the 5000 yen fee and do any chore for free.

Getting Rank 10 unlocks the “Special Massage” benefit, which allows Kawakami to give Joker a massage that will revitalize him after a visit to a Palace/Mementos. This effectively gives Joker his evening back, allowing him to pursue Confidants or other activities outside of Leblanc.

Getting to Rank 10 also allows the player to fuse Ardha, the ultimate Temperance Persona, and Kawakami will give Joker an “Unlimited Service” ticket, allowing Joker to use the Special Massage service immediately upon unlocking the Temperance Confidant in a New Game Plus.

Kawakami’s Requests

A Teacher Maid To Suffer Request

While not started by Kawakami herself, you will get the A Teacher Maid To Suffer Request upon reaching Temperance Confidant Rank 8. You must then travel into Mementos, where you will find the Request targets in the Chemdah section on the 7th floor.

You will fight Shadow Mr. and Mrs. Takase, which take the form of Oberon and Titania respectively. Oberon will primarily battle with physical and Electric attacks, while Titania will use support skills (which include healing) as well as Ice attacks. Neither of them has any weaknesses, which means you must use your best attacks to take them down.

Focusing all of your attacks on Titania will make the battle easier since it will remove support and healing from the enemy side. You can then defeat Oberon who will not be able to recover.

Sadayo Kawakami Guide To The Temperance Confidant

Rank 1 (after calling Kawakami from Leblanc):

rank 1

Answer with the following responses:

  • Yeah, I get it (if playing Persona 5 Royal)

Rank 2:

Answer with the following responses:

  • It does
  • Absolutely not!
  • You need money?
  • I requested you
  • Is this the hard sell? (if playing Persona 5 Royal)

Rank 3:

rank 3

Answer with the following responses:

  • Yeah, they do
  • I wanted to see you
  • I’ll request you more often
  • You have it rough
  • Thanks (if playing Persona 5 Royal)

Rank 4:

Answer with the following responses:

  • That would be great
  • How rude
  • You need to love yourself
  • I already knew that

Rank 5:

Answer with the following responses:

  • It’s fun
  • How terrible…
  • It’s not your fault
  • You OK with that?
  • What about our deal?
  • You want some? (if playing Persona 5 Royal)

Rank 6:

Answer with the following responses:

  • Want to rest a bit?
  • Are you all right?
  • Don’t overdo it
  • How are you feeling, though? (if playing Persona 5 Royal)

Rank 7:

rank 7

Answer with the following responses:

  • Don’t pay them
  • Think this through more
  • Isn’t there another way?

Rank 8:

Answer with the following responses:

  • Is this really what you want?
  • If that’s what you decided
  • That’s your answer
  • Mistakes can be fixed
  • Be confident in your answer
  • That’s reassuring
  • You’re welcome (if playing Persona 5 Royal)

You will then have to complete A Teacher Maid To Suffer in Mementos before you can continue the Confidant.

Rank 9:

Answer with the following responses:

  • Nonsense
  • Thank you for your service

Friendship Route:

  • Not really
  • You can do it (if playing Persona 5 Royal)

Romance Route:

  • I mean what I say
  • I’m a man, you’re a woman

Rank 10:

rank 10

The Confidant will complete automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Question: Is there a deadline for completing Kawakami’s Confidant?

Answer: The cut-off date is December 24th for Persona 5 and February 2nd for Persona 5 Royal if you have unlocked the 2nd semester. For Persona 5, Kawakami needs to be at Rank 8 before November 18th to get the request that allows you to continue, or you will lock yourself out.

Question: Is there anything special about Kawakami’s Confidant?

Answer: Kawakami’s Confidant is unique in that it unofficially begins 2 days after completing the 2nd Palace (Madarame’s Palace) where you get Operation Maidwatch. It truly begins when you make the first phone call at night with your Courage at Staunch (3rd level).

You also need to be at school when the Temperance Confidant reaches Rank 8, since Kawakami makes a school announcement asking for you and that is where you get the request.

This will not happen during holidays or Sundays. This also means that if you do not reach Rank 8 before November 18th, you will not be able to progress the Confidant and you will not be able to complete it. If you are playing Persona 5 Royal and have unlocked the 3rd semester, you still have time.

Question: Are there any benefits to romancing Kawakami?

Answer: Gameplay-wise, you do not get any different abilities or benefits from the Confidant if you romance Kawakami. However, there is a unique shelf decoration that you can only get if you are in a romantic relationship with her and take her to the Ueno Art Museum. You can’t get this if you are friends with her.

Question: Why doesn’t Kawakami’s Unlimited Ticket benefit work on New Game Plus?

Answer: The Special Massage can only be used once the Temperance Confidant starts. Prior to that, you won’t be able to use the phone or call her. This includes starting Operation Maidwatch and the events before the first phone call.

After the first phone call, you can call and request a special message as if you had already maxed out the Confidant.

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