Hifumi Togo Guide

Hifumi Togo Guide


Hifumi Togo is one of many Confidants in Persona 5 Royal who represents the Star Arcana. Hifumi is a shogi player who aims to make her mark in the professional world and is knowledgeable about tactics & strategy.

The Star Confidant takes a look at Hifumi’s life as a shogi player, her image in the media, and her relationship with her mother, who is also her manager.

As Hifumi grows as a person during the Confidant, she expresses her desire to grow out of her image and be recognized for her actual skills. This is a Hifumi Togo guide that will help you get the most out of her Confidant and the benefits it offers.

I find that Hifumi’s Star Confidant abilities are useful throughout the game. Having played Persona 5 Royal several times, I know that Hifumi’s abilities are helpful even in difficult boss battles such as Shadow Okumura.

By following this guide, you will get her Star Confidant leveled as fast as possible, giving you the benefits for the game’s tougher battles.


Hifumi Togo is an up-and-coming shogi player in Tokyo who is well known for her victories and success as a female player. She is well known in the media but often practices at the local church in Kanda to avoid attention.

Having played shogi with her father when she was little, Hifumi has a true appreciation for the game and wants to prove her worth.

Her mother has been trying to capitalize on Hifumi’s success by having her work in non-shogi-related activities, such as being a gravure model. While Hifumi is not a fan of these activities, her family has fallen on hard times, and she takes on these jobs to support her family.

The Phantom Thieves are first alerted to Hifumi when Ryuji Sakamoto brings her up in conversation. Her reputation as a talented shogi player is mentioned, and Morgana floats the idea of getting her help with strategies.

The Joker can visit her at the Kanda church to become her shogi student, learning strategies that actually help during battles in the Metaverse.

When you pursue the Star Confidant, Hifumi’s personality begins to show. Joker begins learning about her attitude towards shogi, her relationship with her mother, and her struggles in being recognized for more than just her looks.

Unfortunately, her mother soon starts exerting more control over Hifumi, which leads to Joker rallying the Phantom Thieves to help rescue Hifumi.

When Hifumi’s mother undergoes a change of heart, she reveals that she has been rigging matches in Hifumi’s favor. This becomes apparent when Hifumi attempts to play a professional match but is soundly defeated.

Hifumi does not give up and treats the occasion as a much-needed lesson, rebuilding her reputation from scratch and properly winning shogi matches on her own by the time Joker leaves.

The Star Confidant grants you abilities that will help you adapt to any combat situation. The main benefit is being able to switch party members out during the middle of combat, bringing out the perfect person to resolve the situation at hand.

This can later be upgraded to allow the entire team (apart from Joker) to replace themselves, allowing for a full team swap with rested and battle-ready combatants.

You will also gain the ability to flee combat in more efficient manners and get the chance to double your battle earnings if you can defeat all enemies within a single turn of encountering them.

Key Moments

Hifumi Togo

Hifumi Togo is brought up during a Phantom Thieves discussion when Ryuji brings up news of a famous shogi player who also goes to Yusuke’s school. Her location at the Kanda church is brought up, with Morgana mentioning that they should see her when they have the time.

When approaching Hifumi at the church, she is initially apprehensive about speaking to Joker. However, his interest in shogi catches her attention, and they play a quick game.

Joker’s lack of knowledge quickly shows, and he loses the match, but Hifumi is willing to teach him her strategies if he will be her practice partner. This agreement officially starts the Star Confidant.

Training with Hifumi

During Hifumi’s lessons with Joker, she begins giving identities to her pieces as she moves them around. She is aware of this habit, and Joker is okay with it. She also mentions that she has an upcoming gravure shoot that she is uncomfortable with but carries on with it for the sake of her family.

She is relieved to hear that Joker did not come across her gravure idol photoshoot and talks about how she feels comfortable playing in the church.

The pastor is an avid shogi player and is accepting of Hifumi’s quirks when playing. She is also pestered by a male fan and apologizes to Joker about her previously cold treatment of him when she assumed that he was just another fan.

Hifumi also takes Joker shopping for shogi books to come up with new strategies and meets a fellow shogi competitor who treats her with disdain. Hifumi mentions that she is used to it and brings up her good luck charm of eating katsu curry. She also expresses admiration for the Phantom Thieves during the shopping trip.

Meeting with the Manager

Hifumi Togo

Joker’s meetings with Hifumi have not gone unnoticed by her mother, who advises Hifumi against continued shogi sessions. While Hifumi isn’t keen on following her mother’s advice, she does admit she continues to do so to help her family.

Despite her mother’s intentions to market Hifumi as a gravure idol, Hifumi reaffirms her desire to become renowned as a capable shogi player. She loves the game and doesn’t want to quit, even though she has to help her family.

With an upcoming professional match, she seeks to put her skills to the test and demonstrate her talent to the shogi world.

This comes to a head when Hifumi gets into an argument with her mother, where she learns that her mother has never really been concerned with Hifumi’s shogi career at all.

This disappoints Hifumi, and she loses interest in helping Joker since she is unable to change her own situation. Joker gets the name of Hifumi’s mother in order to change her heart with the help of the Phantom Thieves.

Restarting her Career

After her heart is changed, Hifumi’s mother admits that she has been rigging matches in Hifumi’s favor. This causes a stir in the shogi world and hurts Hifumi’s reputation. Hifumi tells Joker that she never knew the matches were fixed, only noticing that her opponents made odd decisions at crucial moments.

Despite her reputation being at an all-time low, she goes ahead with the professional match to face an opponent coming at her with their full ability. Unfortunately, Hifumi is outmatched, and she concedes defeat.

Hifumi finds the resolve to start her shogi career again from scratch, believing that she needs to become a professional through her own efforts. When Joker meets her again in March, she has developed her skills to be on a winning streak and is confident for her upcoming match.

How to start the Star Confidant

Hifumi Togo

The Star Confidant can be started shortly after June 25th, when news of Hifumi will reach the Phantom Thieves. After the text, you can head to Kanda, which will unlock on your map. Though you can access the Kanda church at any time, Hifumi will only show up during the evenings.

Hifumi will be apprehensive when speaking to you, though with your Charm at Suave (the 3rd level), she will agree to play a game of shogi which begins the Star Confidant.

Benefits of the Star Confidant

The Star Confidant revolves around team formation in combat, as well as auxiliary battle assistance.

At Rank 1, you will learn Koma Sabaki. This allows you to switch party members out during Joker’s turn. Joker can only switch out one team member at a time, and he cannot select a knocked-out team member. He also cannot switch himself out (he must always be in the party).

At Rank 3, you will learn Uchikomi. This allows backup party members (who are not currently in combat) to perform follow-up attacks. This increases the rate of follow-up attacks in battle but will only work if the party members are capable of using follow-up attacks to begin with.

At Rank 5, you will learn Kakoi Kuzushi. This allows you to escape if you are ambushed and surrounded by Shadows, which would normally be impossible.

At Rank 7, you unlock Narikin, which doubles the amount of money you receive if you can defeat a group of Shadow enemies in a single turn.

At Rank 9, you unlock Touryou, which allows you to escape battles instantly.

At Rank 10, you unlock the Togo System. This allows your team members to switch themselves out, allowing you to flip your entire party within a single turn if necessary.

Star Confidant Guide

Hifumi Togo Star Confidant

Rank 1

You must have your Charm at the third level (Suave) in order to begin.

Answer with the following responses:

  • Sure

You unlock Koma Sabaki.

Rank 2

Answer with the following responses:

  • That’s interesting
  • Have confidence in yourself
  • But you don’t want to, right?

Rank 3

Answer with the following responses:

  • Describes you perfectly
  • Having a difficult time?
  • Bring it on

You unlock Uchikomi

Rank 4

Answer with the following responses:

  • Must’ve been the katsu curry
  • They’re cool
  • Where shall we go next?

Rank 5

Answer with the following responses:

  • She’s scary
  • You should stop then
  • You’ve got a lot to deal with…

You unlock Kakoi Kuzushi.

Rank 6

Answer with the following responses:

  • Is that frustrating?
  • Do you still like shogi?
  • You’re imagining things

Rank 7

Hifumi Togo Star Confidant

Answer with the following responses:

  • It may come down to luck
  • I believe in you

You unlock Narikin.

Rank 8

You must have your Knowledge at Erudite (the highest level) before you can continue.

Answer with the following responses:

  • What do you mean?
  • That won’t work
  • Let’s do something about it
  • What’s your mother’s name?

You will then get the “Upstaging The Stage Mother” request, which you must complete in Mementos before you can continue.

You will find the location in the Akzeriyyuth region on the 6th floor. You will fight Shadow Togo, who takes the form of Lilim. Lilim has more skills than a regular opponent, capable of targeting almost every element. She is capable of using spells such as Agidyne and Bufudyne, along with Mazionga, Magarula, Maeiga, and Mafriela.

Lilim’s magic power is high, which means all of these spells will do great damage. You will need to bring Personas that have no weaknesses, while your party members need the Confidants maxed out or have items to help them dodge their weaknesses.

Lilim has no inherent weaknesses but resists Fire, Ice, Electric, Wind, and Nuclear. The best strategy is to use your best physical (and possibly Bless) attacks to take down Lilim as soon as you can.

Never underestimate the power of its attacks, and keep your team healed at all times. While one of the tougher Confidant battles, it can still be overcome with a good balance of offense and healing.

Once the request is complete, you can continue the Confidant. Answer with the following responses:

  • I’m glad her heart changed
  • What are you talking about?
  • I support it

Rank 9

Answer with the following responses:

  • Give it all you got
  • A very queenly decision
  • I want to become stronger (Friendship)/I want to stay by your side (Romance)

If you chose Friendship:

  • That’s a great way to see it

If you chose Romance:

  • We’ll be friends forever (Friendship)/I want us to date (Romance)
  • Anything for you

You will unlock Touryou regardless of the options you choose.

Rank 10/MAX

Hifumi Togo

Any options will do. You will unlock Togo System, will be able to fuse Lucifer of the Star Arcana, and will gain the Kosha Piece from Hifumi in March.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Are there Any Special Requirements for Hifumi’s Confidant?

Answer: Hifumi’s Confidant requires that your Charm is Suave (at the 3rd level) before she will talk to you. You also need your Knowledge to be Erudite (the highest level) before you can proceed with Rank 8.

Question: Why can’t I Access the Benefits of Hifumi’s Confidant on a New Game Plus?

Answer: You must start the Star Confidant in order to gain the New Game Plus benefits. All you unlock at the start is Touryou, which means you will not get the benefits of the Togo System at the beginning. You will have Koma Sabaki at a minimum, allowing you the opportunity to switch your party members out.

Question: Is there Any Benefit to Romancing Hifumi?

Answer: Apart from getting her unique chocolate and having a special event with her in Hawaii, romancing Hifumi doesn’t provide any special benefits. Hifumi’s Valentine chocolate will fully restore any party member’s SP, but given how rare it is, you are not likely to use it.


Hifumi’s Star Confidant will take some time to begin, as it does have social stat requirements that you must meet before it begins. Once you begin the Confidant, Koma Sabaki will be able to increase the number of strategies available to your party.

Later benefits such as Uchikomi and Narikin will not make a significant difference but will still provide useful benefits in battle. You can also benefit from Kakoi Kuzushi and Touryou if you ever run into problems on the battlefield.

Where the Confidant truly shines is when you complete it and get the Togo System, allowing you to switch party members at will.

This opens up an even greater level of strategy as you can switch party members at any time without having to wait for Joker’s turn. This allows you to save your team from a complete defeat by switching in healthy team members who are ready to fight.

The benefits may take a while to actually demonstrate their value, but if you take the time to nurture the Confidant, the return on investment will reveal itself quickly.

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