Persona 5 Shirt Ideas

Persona 5 Shirt Ideas

Persona 5 has been around for a while now and is generally acknowledged as the best persona game. The beautiful art style and interesting interactions, storyline, and setting (Tokyo!!) are captivating. I’ve been an enormous Persona fan for years. When I wanted to become a visual artist, I looked at Persona for creative inspiration, which is one of the reasons I’m so excited to share the art of these Persona 5 Shirt ideas.

Bottom Line Up Front

Persona 5 fans both love to share their love of the game AND connect, with either gushing compliments in a fangirling way or a simple head nod as you pass each other. Persona Merch helps you do that! This curated list shares some of the best Persona 5 shirts to be found online.

You’ll also find my favorite at the beginning of this list, a simple Cafe Leblanc shirt from a wonderful seller on Etsy (buy from small businesses if you can!)

Selection Criteria

As with any fandom, countless options exist to display our love for it. I chose these shirts based on:

Size inclusivity

People come in all shapes and sizes; it’s frustrating when you can’t find your size in something you want. So a brand that includes all sizes is a brand I want to support.

Recognizable as belonging to the Persona 5 fandom

When you love a fandom enough to wear merch, you want people to recognize it and your like-mindedness!

Interesting designs (clever, beautiful, funny, or simple)

Why wear a boring shirt? Be interesting AND show how smart, funny, or classy you are.

Varying price points

Everyone has a different budget. Hopefully, there is something on this list that fits yours.

Options for hand-drawn/printed shirts, in addition to more mass-market designs

This criterion goes along with the budget above. For example, someone might choose to spend all their budget on one handmade shirt and support an artist directly or on a handful of shirts from Amazon.

My Favorite Persona 5 Shirt Ideas

With that said, here’s a baker’s dozen of the best shirt ideas for those of us who love Persona 5:

1. Cafe Leblanc Coffee & Curry T-shirt

Cafe Leblanc Coffee & Curry T-shirt
Font design saying Cafe Leblanc, coffee & curry, with a black cat next to the word cafe

“As long as I’m here, the world leaves me be,” is my favorite quote from the game, and it really does describe Cafe Leblanc as a whole. Cafe Leblanc is ingrained into Persona 5. It is probably one of the most well-known places in Persona 5, making this the most recognizable shirt on this list—and if someone doesn’t know it, it’s kind of funny to think someone would assume you got it at a local cafe’s storefront.

This T-shirt’s overall design is classic and readable from afar due to its excellent font choices. It’s simple yet recognizable, and there are so many colors! I’m a sucker for both the colors and Cafe Leblanc. Anyone loving this hangout will absolutely need this shirt.


  • S-XL

2. Queen of Justice T-shirt

Queen of Justice T-shirt
Dark blue shirt with the Queen of Justice riding a motorcycle on the front. The sleeves say Justice will Prevail and Queen.

Featuring art by Nina Matsumoto, this is one gorgeous shirt featuring the Queen, aka Makoto Niijima, a member of the Phantom Thieves, on her motorbike. There are designs on the front, as well as on both sleeves.

I love this shirt’s color palette; it’s absolutely stunning. I look twice when shirts have something on the sleeves, as it is rare and brings attention to more than just the main design.


  • Unisex XS-5X

3. Soul of Rebellion T-shirt

Soul of Rebellion T-shirt
2 bright red shirts (unisex and women’s) with a black and silver design that looks both like graffiti and a complex tribal tattoo.

Here is another shirt with art by Nina Matsumoto (can you tell I love her work?). Again, it’s a shirt with something on the sleeve, although it is only on one sleeve. The soul of rebellion itself is actually the first trophy you unlock in Persona 5; I won’t spoil when or how you get it, for new players. While the name doesn’t really match the actual trophy name or photo, it’s still a cool design.

Overall, the design blends in with the shirt itself and doesn’t just feel like a box smack in the middle of the fabric. It almost feels like a tribal tattoo, all on a t-shirt. Count me in!


  • Unisex XS-6X
  • Women’s XS-4X

4. Take Your Heart T-shirt

Take Your Heart T-shirt
Red and black raglan shirt with Thieves in the middle atop a bullseye.

This raglan shirt features art by Kari Fry! The layout of the design is both intriguing and simple. I like the contrast of colors, i.e., with the color blocking of red and black and the outline of the white. It is rare to see ¾ sleeves, especially in fandom merch, so this is a highlight for me. It’s incredibly Hot Topic circa the 2010s, which I absolutely love.

The shirt might just feature the logo for the Phantom Thieves, but I feel like it sticks out because it’s not on a simple t-shirt.


  • Unisex XS-2X

5. Phantom Thieves Masks T-shirt

Phantom Thieves Masks T-shirt
Two models wearing solid color T-shirts with eight different masks printed in a column on the front of the shirts.

This design features all of the Phantom Thieves masks. I think it is a cool design in that the masks are stacked on top of each other, and we can see the designs of each one through other masks; what an incredible detail!

It is not common to see all of our favorite characters represented in one shirt, so I was especially pleased to discover this one. My favorite mask here has to be the first mask, which belongs to Joker, our protagonist. This shirt is simple, but still cool and unique!

Art by SpyRome876 in London, available on RedBubble


  • S-3XL

6. Welcome to Shibuya/Welcome to the Metaverse Joker T-shirt

Welcome to Shibuya/Welcome to the Metaverse Joker T-shirt
Black T-shirt with a design featuring the Joker in 2 worlds: Shibuya and the Metaverse.

VERY clever design on this shirt! This print is beautifully contrasted with the grey and red tones, which I love. It is eye-catching, to say the least. I love how this shirt showcases both worlds in one view.

Design-wise, it truly shows how each world is through the eyes of Ren (our protagonist) and Joker in a simple frame. I don’t always love a square print, but this one is an exception.


  • XS-4XL

7. Casino of Envy T-shirt

Casino of Envy T-shirt
Model wearing a solid color T-shirt with a busy design featuring a woman’s face shaded by a hat, a hand of cards, and a cityscape.

While this is a hectic design, it makes a lot of sense and is not difficult to look at. The design reflects the chaotic nature of the Casino of Envy. Because of the design colors they chose and certain T-shirt color choices, something busy morphs into something beautiful. 

The hat reminds me of Carmen Sandiego, which is always a good thing. Niijima’s place represent!

Art by SnipSnipArt in A Coruña, Spain, available on RedBubble


  • S-5XL

8. Persona 5 Manga-style Character T-shirt

Persona 5 Manga-style Character T-shirt
Black T-shirt with a manga-type design of three people in action, with a P5 Persona 5 logo.

This classic anime design has dynamic poses and a very active look; it’s definitely not a still image. I also like the pop of red that contrasts with the bluish-white color. 

I love that this shirt features more than one Persona 5 character (Joker, Panther, Skull, Mona), which is not easy to find. It’s a quintessential anime-style tee; what’s not to love?


  • M-3XL

9. Mona’s Mask T-shirt

Mona's Mask T-shirt
Purple T-shirt with a very large Mona’s Mask in the middle

This is a simple and very effective design. Maybe not everyone will get it right away, but that doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things, as it’s so beautiful.

The design encompasses the simple aesthetic of the game, and unlike many other designs on this list, it’s not busy at all.

This t-shirt reminds me of my Granny’s Felix the Cat clock, which makes me happy. If you have any kind of cat in your life, this one’s for you.

Art by LouboShop in Glasgow, available at RedBubble


  • S-3XL

10. Point UP!! T-shirt

Point UP!! T-shirt
Red shirt with three black music notes and a background of six stars

The designer says, “Nothin’ better than ranking up…Inspired by Persona 5,” and I love this from them. The bonus is that the design features music notes, which combine my passion for music with my love for gaming. 

These notes are usually seen in blue and yellow in-game when you receive points, hence the shirt name. Meaningful and cute—look at that!


  • S-XL

11. Ryuji’s ZOMG! Cosplay T-shirt

Ryuji's ZOMG! Cosplay T-shirt
Black T-shirt with a central design of a star atop a wavy circle, with a capitalized font ZOMG! underneath

This hand-designed T-shirt is perfect for cosplaying Ryuji, as it is a copy of the one he wears in real life, although he wears it in yellow. I like this design because the color scheme is truly interesting and obviously quite familiar to gamers.

It also stands out by being bold! The shirt has a lot of impact for a design that doesn’t have much to it. It’s a classic anime shirt that will definitely connect you with other Persona 5 fans.


  • S-XL
  • Soft and Regular fit

12. Futaba Sakura Sketch

Futaba Sakura Sketch
White T-shirt with a line drawing of a person sitting at her computer

I love when sketches are put on T-shirts; it’s not an art style itself, but sketching is underappreciated in art. The character is so intent on her work, which is quite different than most character portrayals. 

I adore the look of this design, probably because she’s my favorite character. Futaba doesn’t go to school and sticks to her computer. She has social anxiety and, debatably, depression. She’s also extremely smart and tech-savvy—to me, this makes her extremely relatable. I mean, clearly, I’m lucky enough to write gaming articles for a living, I don’t see the sun.

Art by hexmaniaczelda, available on RedBubble


  • S-5XL

13. Persona 5 Morgana Diamonds T-Shirt

Persona 5 Morgana Diamonds T-Shirt
Colorful action-posed Morgana holding a diamond, with several diamonds scattered behind her. Morgana’s name is in both English and Japanese above.

I like that the words in the design look like diamonds—how cool is that? This is also a very dynamic-looking design, and it isn’t boxy (something that drives me crazy). Plus, I’m a sucker for great fonts.

Another great Mona shirt is special in my heart because of cats!!!


  • Men’s S-3X
  • Women’s S-3X


Question: How do I find more shirts like this?

Answer: This is just a starting point! Any of the sites listed have more designs than I listed here, and a quick search will do!

Question: Can these shirts ship internationally?

Answer: Most can! Check the shipping for each listing. If not, you can probably find the same design or similar on a reselling site (or a different site altogether).

Question: Are there any brand collaborations with Persona 5?

Answer: Here are a few collaborations with known and unknown fashion brands! I didn’t put any in here because they’re often sold out, not shipped to many countries, or not available anymore by the vendor. However, you can find them for a considerable price on reselling sites if you want licensed fashion pieces.


The Persona fandom might not be the most vocal of fandoms (i.e., Pokémon or Animal Crossing), and it was difficult to find all of these shirts. However, seeing these designs was fun; now, I want all of them (of course, I already have my favorite coffee & curry Cafe Leblanc shirt)!

Merch is a way to show everyone that you love a specific fandom. It is always fun to see another fan, especially for Persona 5. This long-term game series has touched the hearts of many people over the years.

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