Persona 5 Royal Seeds of Greed Guide

Persona 5 Royal Seeds of Greed Guide: Where to Find All Seeds of Greed

The allure of Persona 5 Royal is that this expanded version of the beloved JRPG brought with it a ton of new content for players to enjoy. In the process, even veterans who played through all of the original Persona 5 had something to look forward to.

This included the Will Seeds, new optional items that dramatically expand the time you can spend in a Palace. I’ll focus on one of these in our Persona 5 Royal Seeds of Greed guide.

The Will Seeds are some of my favorite optional items in Royal. I pushed through the Palaces the first time I played Persona 5 and didn’t care much for exploration or even opening all of the treasure chests.

That all changed with Royal, where the Will Seeds encouraged me to take my time in the Palaces, and I appreciated them all the more because of it. That is why I am glad to be able to reveal to you the locations of some of them in this Persona 5 Royal Seeds of Greed guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

The Persona 5 Royal Seeds of Greed are only three of the many Will Seeds that exist in this version of the game. All three of them — the red Seed of Greed, the blue one, and the green one — are all found within the same Palace: Okumura’s Palace.

These items represent the greed that is within the Palace ruler’s heart, and you can find all of them to gain some valuable items that will help in your journeys.

Persona 5 Royal Seeds of Greed Overview

persona 5 royal seeds of greed

Persona 5 Royal initially surprised me early on in the game when I started the first Palace, taking on Kamoshida. I remember stumbling upon the first Will Seed during this Palace exploration and being a little confused. I didn’t remember that being in the original game but I also didn’t explore as much as I should have.

This was pre-release, so I later found out that the Will Seeds were new mechanics in this game. Regardless, the addition of the Will Seeds, including the Seeds of Greed, finally gave me a reason to explore the dungeons in the main story. Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have.

The Seeds of Greed are only one segment of the Will Seeds that you can find in Persona 5 Royal. They only represent a single Palace dungeon in the main story, so this doesn’t even include the majority of them.

If you’ve wanted to know what dungeon these seeds are in and how to get them quickly, you’re in the right place. Here’s everything you need to know about these Seeds of Greed.

Are they in Persona 5?

For starters, I know that some players may still be surprisingly playing the original Persona 5 even at this point in time. This could be due to the fact that it is free for some users on PlayStation, and they may not want to spend extra money on Royal.

If that happens to be you, I regret to inform you that, no, the Will Seeds aren’t in the base Persona 5 game. This even includes the Seeds of Greed that I am covering in this guide. The only reason to fully explore the dungeons in that version is to find all of the chests and Personas lurking about.

What the Will Seeds Do

As for why you would want to obtain all of the Will Seeds, including the Seeds of Greed in Royal, this is due to them being special items. They will grant you some of the best rewards in the dungeon in terms of equipment that no player should miss out on.

Furthermore, there are some other secrets to them, including briefly enhancing your current dungeon exploration. And they shed a bit of light on the enemies you’re facing in these dungeons. They represent the evil that is lurking in the hearts of the Palace rulers.

Essentially all of the seeds focus on an aspect of the Seven Deadly Sins. In this case, we are going over the Seeds of Greed, but there are others, like the Seeds of Lust, Seeds of Pride, and more. They give a direct representation of the problem that exists in each of the villains.

Why You Should Find Them

As for why you should find the Will Seeds and mainly the Seeds of Greed is to get the rewards. The rewards that you get from them are arguably better than anything you’ll find in one of the treasure chests. This includes most of the locked ones, too, that are in the Palaces.

In addition, they help you with exploration by giving you a nice boost to SP that will keep you going for long stretches. After all, I still stand by the idea that you should play the game that way by completing the Palaces in huge chunks at a time.

And then there is the fact that you get to know the Palace rulers this way. You find out more about the tangible desires they have and what is making them tick this way.

Seeds of Greed’s Palace Explained

The Seeds of Greed are just a handful of the Will Seeds you’ll find in Persona 5 Royal. There are three of them in total, and they are all found in one of the mid-game Palaces. This Palace is a spoiler alert for those who haven’t beaten Persona 5 Royal. It is Okumura’s Palace.

The evil, abusive, and corrupt leader of the Okumura Corporation is the Palace ruler for this particular stint in the main story. Okumura’s Palace is built on greed and the love of money and corporate growth, so it should come as no surprise that his Will Seeds depict this same idea.

You’ll find all of the Will Seeds of Greed within this dungeon, so you’ll want to wait until you reach this point in the game before you try to get them. This is one of the more confusing Palaces due to its sci-fi and space themes, which is why these are likely some of the more confusing Will Seeds to find.

All Persona 5 Royal Seeds of Greed Locations

all persona 5 royal seeds of greed locations

Without further ado, let’s dive into all three of the Seeds of Greed in Okumura’s Palace. I’ll be sure to break down all of the locations where they are found and how to acquire them. Keep in mind that the Seeds of Greed follow the same pattern as the others in previous Palaces.

There are only three in total that you need to find. They are red, blue, and green. In general, they are found in different sections of the Palace, usually at the major checkpoints along the way. In this case, it follows a similar pattern where you’ll find them roughly at the one-third mark of this dungeon.

Here are all three Seeds of Greed locations in Okumura’s Palace.

Red Will Seed of Greed Location

First off, we have the red Seed of Greed location. This one is the earliest that you can find in Okumura’s Palace, but even it takes some time to reach. Soon after the team reunites and you start to explore Okumura’s Palace fully, you’ll eventually get to this massive room.

It is part of the Facility Passageway area on the map. So, feel free to take a look at the map and see where this place is to help you find the Will Seed. In the middle of the Facility Passageway region is a large circular room.

There isn’t much to do here when you first enter the room. However, Joker’s signature grappling hook in Royal helps him reach otherwise unreachable destinations. That is what you want to use in this particular case. You’ll want to look for the grapple marker above you in the circle room.

Then you’ll want to grapple up the passageway and keep going until you reach the top of this tall area. Once you get to the top of the room, you’ll find a door that is red here. Open up that door, and inside you’ll find the first Seed of Greed.

This is the red one if you’re keeping tabs on which ones you’re missing.

Green Will Seed of Greed Location

Next up is the green Will Seed of Greed location. This one is available quite a bit after the red one, roughly around the middle area of the Palace. You’ll want to reach the Export Line area of the map. Once you get here in this part of the factory, you’ll want to head for the central room here.

The problem with this particular Seed of Greed is that it requires you to complete a mini-puzzle in a way before you can reach it. In the Export Line central room, you have a couple of factory arms that you can run across to reach the other side of the room.

In this case, you want to focus on the left arm in the room and run across it. This should be the first arm that you come across in this area. Once you get to the other side, the left side of this central area, you’ll want to look for a section of computers and hardware you can interact with.

Do that, and you’ll be able to unlock the doorway to the green Seed of Greed. But, unfortunately, there is still a bit more travel that you’ll have to do. Next, look right near your current location in front of the computers, and then you’ll see an area that you can grapple to.

Grappling here will take you above some boxes nearby and it will land you right near a vent. Travel through this vent, and you’ll come to the closed door where the green Seed of Greed is found. Simply open up the door and interact with the seed to pick it up.

Blue Will Seed of Greed Location

Lastly, there is the blue Will Seed of Greed that you need to find in Okumura’s Palace. Like the last one, you’ll have to wait until you’ve explored most of the factory before getting to this one. The blue one is found near the end of the Palace.

This is during the beautiful but annoying space section of the dungeon where you are traveling from one segment of the station to the next. The specific area that you need to look for to get this next seed is in the Transfer Line location on the map.

The Transfer Line location is all about jumping from part of the space station to the next one. But there is an easy way to reach the blue seed without going through all the trouble of exploring this annoying area. However, you’ll still have to later for the main story.

The idea is to go all the way across the map to the right until you reach the right end of it. Here on this side of the map, there will be a chain of segments that are going up the right side. You’ll want to simply follow this linear path through the components here until you reach the end.

At the end of the line, you’ll find a large glowing red Persona that you’ll need to take down. It shouldn’t be too difficult for you if you’ve reached this point in the dungeon. After beating the shadow, you’ll be able to open up the third and final door here.

Inside, you’ll find the blue seed and be able to pick it up. After picking this one up, you’ll have seen all three Seeds of Greed in Persona 5 Royal. That is assuming, of course, that you have already found the other two at this point. From this point on, all you need to do is complete the Palace.

Persona 5 Royal Seeds of Greed Rewards

persona 5 royal seeds of greed rewards

Finding all three of the Seeds of Greed isn’t just for fun. After all, you don’t even get a trophy from the game for completing this. Instead, the idea is to find all three Seeds of Greed for another purpose. For starters, the first reward is the one you immediately get upon finding a single seed.

Every seed that you find will grant you some SP recovery instantly. This might not seem like the best reward, but it is one of the ways of guaranteeing that you can complete the entire Palace, or at least up until the checkpoint, within a single run of the place.

This is what you should always do in the game if you want to succeed in completing the dungeon in the shortest time possible. You should always aim for this, too, since your time and days are limited in Persona 5 Royal.

Completing the dungeon as fast as possible is imperative to being able to complete all of your favorite activities in a single playthrough, which is possible. The main reward from the Seeds of Greed, though, comes when you find all three of them.

After finding the last seed, you’ll also receive the Crystal of Greed. This is the final item that forms when you put all of the seeds together. This is actually an accessory item that gives the user that you equip it on the ability to automatically increase their attack stat at the start of every battle.

That is a fun little bonus that can get you started on the right foot in fights. It can also help speed up some of those trash mobs when exploring the Palace since you’ll be buffed right from the go. But there is a secret that involves this Crystal of Greed.

After obtaining it, you can upgrade the Crystal of Greed by heading to Mementos. Once there, speak with Jose, the new Royal character in Mementos, who is a trader in Mementos. He can upgrade this item for you into the Ring of Greed, which is its final accessory form.

This version contains the same function as before, letting the wearer enjoy some enhanced attack at the start of a fight. In addition, though, it will now let them use a skill to charge up their next elemental skill to deal more damage than before.

It makes the next skill deal roughly more than double the damage than it normally would. This can make your fights even faster if you mix the two abilities together and take advantage of the early buff you have.


Question: What Happens when You Get All the Will Seeds in Persona 5 Royal?

Answer: You will receive a unique accessory item that combines the seeds into one every time you find all three seeds in a Palace in Persona 5 Royal. You can do this in every Palace.

Question: Where is the Green Will Seed of Greed?

Answer: The green Will Seed of Greed is the second one in Okumura’s Palace. Head to the Export Line area and then use the conveyor belt’s first arm to reach the room’s left side. Deactivate the barrier around the seed by interacting with the computers and then grapple up to it.

Question: How do You Get Futaba’s Second Will Seed?

Answer: The second Will Seed for Futaba’s Palace is the red Will Seed of Wrath. You’ll want to head to the Chamber of Rejection area on the map. Once you arrive here, what you’ll want to do is head to the site in this region that shows an entirely square location. Here, you’ll find a way to climb up and reach the red Will Seed of Wrath.

What Special Items to Uncover Next in Persona 5 Royal

The three Seeds of Greed in Persona 5 Royal are far from the only exclusive items you’ll find in this game. They are just among the most important since they pad out your time in the dungeons. They ensure that your time is spent there well.

If you find all three Seeds of Greed, you’ll obviously want to see the following three seeds that are in the game. Keep this up, and you’ll have plenty of fabulous accessories to go around for the party. However, there are some other collectible items that you should find in Royal.

Persona 5 Royal added several new books for you to collect and read throughout the calendar year. Some of the new ones do some fantastic things, like speeding up your reading and even unlocking new areas. If you want to know about all of the books in Persona 5 Royal and how to get them, you’re in the right place.

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