Persona 5 Royal Gift Guide

Persona 5 Royal Gift Guide: Best Gifts for All Confidants

The heart of the Persona series is the characters. In Persona 5 Royal, that means the 22 Confidants that make up the bulk of the cast. These are the characters you’ll want to spend the most time with and woo their hearts, either platonically or even more.

This is where the gifts come into play as they can sometimes boost your relationship with someone without having to spend too much time with them. If you want to know the best gifts, here they are in this Persona 5 Royal gift guide.

This Persona 5 Royal gift guide is for those players who are like me and want to max out their Confidant ranks with every single person in the game on a single playthrough. You may not want to do more than one playthrough for no reason, which is totally understandable.

Thankfully, it is possible to max out your friendship with everyone in the cast on a single playthrough. But it generally requires the best use of gifts and the like. Thankfully, you’ll find out the best gifts for everyone down below.

Bottom Line Up Front

Persona 5 Royal features many gifts for you to purchase and find in the game. These gifts are meant for the various Confidants you meet throughout your time in Tokyo as the leader of the Phantom Thieves.

Some characters prefer specific gifts over others, which will grant them more relationship points toward raising their Confidant rank to the next level much more quicker.

Persona 5 Royal Gifts Overview

Gifts are an understated part of Persona 5 Royal that a lot of players miss or ignore altogether. This is a shame since these gifts allow you to get closer to characters in the cast without wasting too much time. Of course, there are a couple of confusing parts about gifts that can turn away some players.

For one, many of the gifts in the game cost money to get, and they can be pretty expensive, especially if you are early on in your playthrough. In addition, the game doesn’t make it clear which gift is best for which person, so you may end up giving someone something they may not even like.

Even still, it is best to make full use of the gifts in Persona 5 Royal since they can be pretty helpful for bridging the gap between Confidant ranks. This is one of the trickier parts of getting to know someone in the game, and gifts can make a difference. Here’s what you need to know about them.

Where to Buy Gifts

chihaya mifune gifts persona 5 royal

For starters, gifts can be found in a couple of places. It is possible to get some of them as rewards from various activities and exploration in Persona 5 Royal. But the vast majority of the gifts will be found at various stores around the game’s world.

You’ll want to buy gifts at various places in Tokyo, such as Central Street in Shibuya, the underground mall in Shibuya Station, Kichijoji’s store, Shinjuku, and many more. Most of the general stores that have various items will have a gift or two for you to get there. It pays to look at all of the stores in the game for the gifts they offer.

What Gifts Do

As for why you want to get gifts, it is to give them to the Confidants in the game. Doing so will provide them with relationship points, which will speed up your chances of reaching the next Confidant rank with that person. One of the most frustrating parts of Confidants is that there will be huge gaps between ranks at times.

You’ll meet with that person, and say all the right things, but it won’t be enough to prepare you for the next level. This is where gifts come into play as they can bring you some massive boosts to that relationship, but only if you give them the right items for them.

Certain characters like certain gifts, and giving someone a candy item when they prefer collectible goods like a stuffed animal won’t go over so well. This is even worsened by the fact that there are so many gifts and characters you can interact with.

Best Persona 5 Royal Gifts

When it comes to all the characters you can give gifts to, I have broken it down for you below. You’ll find all of the Confidants you can give gifts, including both the members of the Phantom Thieves and the other characters outside of it.

I will break down what each person prefers for their gifts and where you’ll be able to find those items in the game, including the exact shop. In addition, I’ll even let you know how much they are so you can prepare ahead of time with the right amount of money to make the business deal happen.

Keep in mind, though, that you won’t find all 22 Confidants in Persona 5 Royal below. Some Confidants like Sae Niijima and even Morgana have automatic Confidant ranks. This means that no matter how much you want to give poor Morgana a nice treat, you won’t be able to.

Lastly, this is also for Persona 5 Royal, so there will be some changes in the gifts department compared to the base game if you are playing that. For instance, Goro Akechi is upgraded (rightfully so) from an automatic Confidant to a manual one in Royal. This means that he can now receive gifts when he couldn’t before.

Without further ado, let’s dive in and take a look at all of the best gifts for every person in Persona 5 Royal. Keep in mind that I’m only going in alphabetical order for this situation; nothing special here.

Best Ann Takamaki Gifts

best ann takamaki gifts persona 5 royal

Ann Takamaki is a member of the Lovers Arcana and the first female love interest to join the Phantom Thieves. As such, she will be a character that many players want to build their relationship with early on in the story. If that’s you, here are the best gifts you can buy right now for Ann Takamaki.

Keep in mind that I include three different gifts of varying price points to help out all players of all budgets.

  • Bath of Roses: You can find this at the Shinjuku Flower Store. It will cost you a measly 3200 yen.
  • Star Mirror: This is found in the underground mall at Shibuya Station. It will cost you a hefty 8000 yen.
  • Heart Ring: This is found at the jewelry store in the underground mall of Shibuya. It will cost you an unbelievable 88,000 yen, but it might be worth the price.

Chihaya Mifune Gifts

Chihaya Mifune is one of the later Confidants that most players meet. She represents the Fortune Arcana and is an excellent character for helping you out when it comes to the other Confidants. I recommend maxing out her friendship as early as you can. These are the gifts that can help you with that:

  • Flower Basket: You’ll find this at the Shinjuku Flower Store. This will set you back a mere 2400 yen.
  • Local Mascot Set: This is a strange gift item you can purchase at the merchandise shop found in Akihabara. It will cost you 3600 yen.
  • Star Mirror: This is the exact same gift item as for Ann. Some of the recommended gift items do roll over to other characters. This is 8000 yen in the underground mall in Shibuya Station.

Futaba Sakura

Futaba Sakura is the representative of the Hermit Arcana and the Navigator for the Phantom Thieves. She is also like the player’s cousin in a way. If you want to get closer to her, here are the three best gifts that you should consider purchasing for her:

  • Local Mascot Set: This is the same gift item you want for Chihaya. You’ll find it once more in the merch store in Akihabara for 3600 yen.
  • Motorbike Figure: At the same shop as the last item in Akihabara, you can get this specific figure that Futaba loves for 4800 yen.
  • Snack Pack: This is found at the general store in Shibuya on Central Street. It will cost you 5800 yen to get.

Goro Akechi Gifts

My man Goro Akechi is the representative of the Justice Arcana and the best darn Persona character ever made. That aside, he is also quite picky and one of the more unique Confidants to try and rank up with. If you would like to woo the detective prince yourself, here are the best items that he likes to receive:

  • Omni-Vitamins: For these vitamins, you’ll want to head to Central Street in Shibuya and grab them from the knock-off Don Quixote store there. You’ll be able to get them for 4500 yen.
  • Face Beautifier: This fascinating item that Akechi apparently likes is found at the main merch store in Akihabara. You can get it for 9800 yen.
  • Silver Bangle: You can find this gorgeous piece of jewelry at the jewelry store in the underground mall in Shibuya. Goro’s affection doesn’t come cheap, as it will cost you 78,000 yen.

Haru Okumura Gifts

haru okumura gifts persona 5 royal

Next up is Haru Okumura, one of the last members of the Phantom Thieves to join. If you would like to impress the Empress Arcana herself, you, thankfully, won’t have to spend much. It seems that all of her gifts are modestly priced, likely due to her being rich enough to own already whatever she wants.

  • Watercolor Postcard: Head to the store in Kichijoji and pick this up for a measly 800 yen.
  • Flower Basket: As you may know, Haru loves flowers and gardening. You can get this from the flower store in Shinjuku for only 2400 yen.
  • Truffles: You can find these delicious sweets at the sweets shop in the underground mall in Shibuya Station. They will cost you 2800 yen.

Hifumi Togo Gifts

Hifumi Togo is a member of the Star Arcana and one of the optional Confidants you can hang out with. Part of what makes her Confidant ranks worth completing is that she will grant the player further gameplay options, including the brilliant ability to switch out party members in the middle of combat.

If you want to get to know her better, which is admittedly more complicated than with some Confidants, here are gifts that you should pick up:

  • Bath of Roses: The flower shop you can visit in Shinjuku will sell this gift to you for 3200 yen.
  • Luxury Aroma Set: You’ll be able to get this particular item at the perfume store in the underground mall in Shibuya for 3800 yen.
  • Fountain Pen: This one is found at the store in Kichijoji. You’ll be able to get this item for 8000 yen.

Ichiko Ohya Gifts

Ichiko Ohya may represent the Devil Arcana, but the most terrifying part about her might be her expensive taste. To help you out with getting to know this informative (but shady) journalist, here are the best gifts that you should give to her:

  • Omni-Vitamins: Once again, you’ll get these from the discounted store that is on Central Street in Shibuya. It costs 4500 yen.
  • Fountain Pen: Like Togo, this pen can be found for Ohya in the stationary store that is at Kichijoji. It costs 8000 yen.
  • Digital Camera: You never know when a journalist needs a new camera, and you can get this one for 39,000 yen at the electronics store in Akihabara.

Kasumi Yoshizawa Gifts

Kasumi Yoshizawa is one of the newest members of the Phantom Thieves in Persona 5 Royal. Unfortunately, there are only a few gifts that you can give to her that she will especially appreciate. They aren’t the most expensive, though, so here are some of the best gifts you can give her:

  • Bath of Roses: As always, you can get this at the florist in Shinjuku for 3200 yen.
  • Luxury Aroma Set: Once again, at the perfume store in the underground mall for 3800 yen.
  • Crimson Lipstick: Same place as the aroma set, but it’ll cost you way more at 6800 yen.

Makoto Niijima

makoto niijima gifts persona 5 royal

Makoto Niijima is the Priestess in the Confidants rank, and, thankfully, this Phantom Thieves member has a ton of gift options. Fortunately, she isn’t too picky, so there are some cheap enough gift ideas for raising your relationship with her. Here are the items you can get:

  • Mini-Cactus: You can get this at the flower shop under Shibuya Station. It’ll only cost 1600 yen.
  • Book Cover: You can find this at a random general store in the Shibuya Station underground mall for 3000 yen.
  • Motorbike Figure: This is the same one as before, found at the merch shop in Akihabara for 4800 yen.

Dr. Maruki Gifts

Takuto Maruki is one of the two new Confidants that appears in Persona 5 Royal only. The school counselor is one of the best characters in the series and also one you need to raise your relationship with if you would like to encounter the events of the third semester. Here are the gifts to help you do so:

  • Omni-Vitamins: Nothing new here. Simply head to the store in Shibuya Central Street for 4500 yen.
  • Fountain Pen: This is still at the store in Kichijoji for 8000 yen.
  • Alarm Clock: You can get this item at the electronics store in Akihabara for 12,000 yen.

Munehisa Iwai Gifts

Munehisa Iwai is the gun shop seller and one of the hardest Confidants to unlock in the game. But once you do, he is also a bit finicky when it comes to raising your relationship with him. Here are some gift ideas to help you make this a little bit easier to accomplish:

  • 48-Sided 3D Puzzle: This is at the main store in Shinjuku, where you can get it for 4800 yen. Sadly, the cheapest of his best gifts.
  • Snack Pack: The same place as always: the general store in Shibuya Central Street. It still costs 5800 yen.
  • Robot Vacuum: For some reason, it seems like Iwai might need a vacuum to help get the job done around the house for him. It is at the electronics shop in Akihabara for 44,000 yen.

Ryuji Sakamoto Gifts

Ryuji Sakamoto is your best bud and a member of the Chariot Arcana. As one of the first Confidants you’ll meet, you may find that he is one of the first people that you would like to give some gifts to. In that case, you’ll want to hand over some of these items to him:

  • Cup Noodle Set: This is found at the Don Quixote fake store that is found in Shibuya Central Street. It’ll set you back 3400 yen, which is the cheapest of his options.
  • Wrist Weight: This is found at the sports store that is in the underground mall of Shibuya Station. It costs 6800 yen.
  • Sports Sunglasses: This is another item at the mall’s sports store. It’ll cost the same amount at 6800 yen, so take your pick.

Sadayo Kawakami Gifts

For better or worse, Joker’s homeroom teacher is one of the Confidants and love interests in the game. If you go this route, hopefully, because you want the Confidant unlocks for being able to goof off in class, then these are the gifts you should pick up for her:

  • Truffles: These beautiful sweets are at the sweets store in the underground mall. You’ll find it, as always, under Shibuya Station. This gift will set you back 2800 yen.
  • Crimson Lipstick: Sensei likes her fire red lipstick, and you can get this for her at the beauty store in the underground mall for 6800 yen.
  • Star Mirror: This popular gift item is found at the Rafflesia flower shop, as always, for 8000 yen under Shibuya Station.

Shinya Oda Gifts

shinya oda gifts persona 5 royal

Shinya Oda is a boy genius when it comes to arcade games and a member of the Tower Arcana. If you need some help raising your ranks with him to unlock his excellent gun skills, these are the gifts you should consider picking up for him:

  • Sword Keychain: This is a simple gift and one of the cheapest you’ll find in all of Persona 5. Only 500 yen for this keychain, and you’ll find it at the merch store in Akihabara.
  • Motorbike Figure: This particular popular figure is still at the merch store in Akihabara and costs 4800 yen.
  • Snack Pack: This other popular gift item is found at the discount store on Shibuya Central Street for 5800 yen.

Sojiro Sakura Gifts

Your guardian in Persona 5 and the owner of the cafe you live at is Sojiro Sakura. The representative of the Hierophant Arcana is one of the trickier people to get close to, but it is 100% worth it in the end. If you want to know more about him, you’ll want to get to raise your relationship using these gifts:

  • Castella: You can get this gorgeous and delicious cake from the sweets shop in the underground mall. It will set you back only 1500 yen.
  • Kitchen Tools Set: You can’t go wrong with adding some new tools to the kitchen for Sojiro to use at the cafe. This is at the Shinjuku store for only 4800 yen.
  • Pen Case: This is found at the stationary store in Kichijoji. It is a little bit pricey at 12,000 yen.

Tae Takemi Gifts

Everyone’s favorite rogue doctor has a few gifts of her own that she likes. They are pretty random, mainly having to do with various decorations and items that will help her office feel nicer. Here are the three principal gifts you should focus on when trying to up your relationship with Tae Takemi:

  • Mini-Cactus: This is the same one as for some of the other Confidants. You’ll get it at the Rafflesia flower shop for only 1600 yen.
  • Black Mug: Takemi can never have too many mugs for her coffee during work days, so you can pick this up at the main store in Shinjuku for 1800 yen.
  • Robot Vacuum: This is the same one that goes for 44,000 yen at the electronics store in Akihabara.

Yusuke Kitagawa Gifts

yusuke kitagawa gifts persona 5 royal

Finally, there is the Emperor Arcana representative and artist extraordinaire, Yusuke Kitagawa. The final member of the Phantom Thieves on this list, he is quite the flashy person in real life. However, his gifts aren’t that bad. They are relatively inexpensive compared to some of the others.

  • Watercolor Postcard: The same postcard that some of the other characters like from Kichijoji. It will only cost you 800 yen.
  • Castella: The delicious sweet treat is still available in the underground mall at the sweets store for 1500 yen.
  • Uji Matcha Flan: Yusuke seems to love sweets for some reason. You can pick this one up at the home store in the underground mall of Shibuya for a measly 2400 yen.


Question: Which Confidants should I Focus on in Persona 5 Royal?

Answer: This is going to be a personal preference for you. But if I had to give you some Confidants that I think you should focus on in Persona 5 Royal, I would suggest you concentrate on Dr. Maruki, Goro Akechi, and Kasumi Yoshizawa. They are the best Confidants in the game and also at the center of this version of the game.

Question: What is the Best Gift to Give Akechi?

Answer: When it comes to Goro Akechi, there are a few gifts that you could give him. However, if you want only the best gift to give to Goro, I would suggest buying him the Silver Bangle from the jewelry store in the underground mall of Shibuya Station. It is hella expensive, but this will give you the most points for his relationship.

Question: What is the Best Gift to Give Hifumi?

Answer: When it comes to the chess queen, Hifumi Togo, the best gift option for her is going to be the Fountain Pen. It is quite expensive at 8000 yen in total, but you can get it at the Kichijoji stationary store and get the most points for her relationship through this.

Dive Deeper Into the Persona 5 Confidants

Every person is picky and likes their own type of things. As such, there are no gifts that are a one size fits all for every character in Persona 5. If you want to woo or at least get to know the Confidants in Persona 5 on a deeper level, you’re going to need to use the above best gifts for each one and have a pocket that is full of yen to make it happen.

But it would help if you also kept in mind that gifts are only a single part of the Persona 5 Confidant experience. This is a single way that you are able to raise your relationship with these characters and get closer to unlocking the ultimate Personas for each of their Arcana groups.

Before you can do that, you’ll need to know more about each of these Confidants, including how to unlock them and much more.

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