Yukiko Amagi Guide

Yukiko Amagi Guide

Tradition is a funny thing. On the one hand, keeping traditions and maintaining traditional things like buildings or cars give us a bit of living history and preserve the memories of a town, a city, or even a whole people. It’s why people continue to have Christmas parades, keep up the old temples in Japan, or even visit a church every Sunday – it’s tradition.

But what happens when tradition becomes less about treasuring the past and more about creating barriers to the future? I’m sure you’ve heard countless stories of teens who didn’t want to follow in the footsteps of their parents in a family business, rebelled against familial norms, and struck out on their own.

Yukiko Amagi isn’t whom you’d typically consider being a rebellious teen. She’s polite, respectful to her elders, and considerate of her friends and family. She’s friendly and doesn’t want to cause trouble for anyone. But she puts her dreams on hold to work at her family’s traditional hot springs inn, one that’s been in the family for generations.

With the help of her friends, she’s able to overcome the power of tradition and forge a new path for herself.

In this guide, I’ll cover all of the essential information you need to know about Yukiko Amagi as you play Persona 4 or its spin-offs. I’ll look at her important Social Link events, her relationships with other characters, and how she works in battle.

Ready to learn more about this fan-wielding, fire-hurling Persona character? Let’s get started.

Bottom Line Up Front

  • Yukiko Amagi is a character and party member in Persona 4, a game developed by Atlus.
  • Like other core characters, Yukiko has a Social Link with the protagonist. You also have the option to romance her.
  • Yukiko is a powerful spell caster and healer. Her Persona, Konoha Sakuya, casts Fire, healing, and restoration spells.


Note: This Yukiko Amagi guide contains spoilers.

Yukiko Amagi is a character and core party member in the Persona 4 line of video games, which includes Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4, Persona 4: Golden, Persona 4 Arena, Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth, Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth, and Persona 4: Dancing All Night. Her main traits and personality are the same in every game.

Yukiko is a quiet, reserved high school student who lives in Inaba, along with the rest of the Investigation Team of Persona 4. She’s the polar opposite of Chie Satonaka. Where Chie is loud, brash, and easily excitable, Yukiko keeps her emotions a little more guarded, at least around people she doesn’t know well.

That’s not to say she doesn’t display any emotion or care at all, especially when surrounded by friends. She’s prone to be thrown into fits of laughter by Chie, Yosuke, or Teddie and opens up to the protagonist in her Social Link events. She has to warm up to people a bit.

Before Yukiko unlocked her Persona and became a member of the Investigation Team, she was the third victim to be tossed into the Midnight Channel. Her dark version, Shadow Yukiko, generates a castle for viewers of the channel to see and hints at Yukiko’s desire to break free of her family’s mundane wishes and be whisked somewhere far away by a “prince.” The “Princess Yukiko” theme goes even further, as Shadow Yukiko wears a beautiful pink ballroom dress.

The setting of Yukiko’s dungeon goes back to her issues at home. As the heir of a traditional ryokan, or Japanese inn, that’s been in her family for generations, she feels trapped as she walks along a path in life that was predefined for her by her parents. Whether intentional or not, this fuels some of the animosity and jealousy that is revealed as you travel further into Yukiko’s Castle.

Yukiko tries to be there for her friend, Chie, despite her hidden issues. The two have been inseparable since they met in elementary school. Chie often teases Yukiko about how uptight she is or about how she’s never had a boyfriend, which flusters Yukiko when they’re in front of guys.

This teasing does nag at Yukiko some and makes her a little jealous of Chie’s freedom and happy-go-lucky attitude, a problem that’s addressed after Yukiko is thrown into the Midnight Channel.

In battle, Yukiko acts as a spellcaster and healer. Through leveling alone, her Persona, Konoha Sakuya, learns the most powerful Fire spells (Agidyne and Maragidyne) and healing spells (Diarahan and Mediarahan). After learning Fire Boost to strengthen her Fire-based spells, Yukiko will burn through hordes of enemies – unless they’re resistant to Fire or can cast Ice spells, which is her weakness.


Yukiko’s background isn’t the only thing that’s traditional about her – her appearance and sense of style are along those lines as well. She has long, straight black hair, which she usually wears down with a red headband, and brown eyes. When you first meet her, she’s wearing the Yasogami High School skirt with black leggings and black shoes.

She wears a red cardigan over her school uniform, complete with a yellow scarf. In summer, her outfit changes slightly. The black leggings are gone, and the cardigan has the first few buttons unbuttoned.

Her outfit on school holidays follows the same black and red motif. In spring, she’ll wear black boots paired with a red dress and a scarf with a flame design on it. Yukiko’s color scheme changes to black and white for summer vacation with her black overshirt, white skirt, and white sandals.

Like the other members of the Investigation Team, Yukiko has unique outfits for when winter arrives. On school days, she adds a warm-looking brown coat over her usual school uniform, in addition to a red scarf wrapped around her neck.

On other days she’ll wear a white button-up shirt over a red floral-patterned dress with brown arm warmers and brown boots. The ski trip during winter finds Yukiko wearing a white ski jacket, complete with a pink and white snowflake pattern, with light blue ski pants.

Yukiko’s wardrobe wouldn’t be complete with an outfit that references the traditions that envelope her life. While representing the Amagi Inn, like in her TV appearance, Yukiko will wear a pink kimono with a green obi, which is the sash worn around a kimono.

Key Moments Persona 4 and Persona 4: Golden

Yukiko’s Castle

Yukiko is the third person to be thrown into the Midnight Channel as part of the string of murders in the small town of Inaba. The Midnight Channel brings out the worst in people, and this is no different with Yukiko. When you tune into the Midnight Channel the night after seeing her on the TV in a news interview, you find that Yukiko has indeed been kidnapped. This spawns the program “Princess Yukiko’s Search for Prince Charming” and a castle that the Investigation Team must conquer to save her.

The showdown with Shadow Yukiko comes on the 8th floor of Yukiko’s Castle. After flirting with all of the members of the Investigation Team, she goes on to reveal Yukiko’s inner feelings about Chie and Inaba before transforming into a monstrous Shadow:

Yes, she’s my Prince…She always leads the way…Chie’s a strong prince…Or at least she WAS. When it comes down to it, Chie’s not good enough! She can’t take me away from here! She can’t save me!

She goes on to rail against the Amagi Inn and how it’s “chaining” her down, effectively keeping her stuck in Inaba. The design of the monster that Shadow Yukiko turns into is reflective of these secret, inner feelings; she’s a bird in a cage and will summon a Charming Prince to help save her when her health gets too low.

After defeating Shadow Yukiko and Chie apologizes for jealousy towards her, Yukiko acknowledges that the feelings expressed by her shadow form exist inside her and that she was looking for an easy way out of Inaba.

By doing so, Yukiko gains her Persona, Konohana Sakuya, and gains the strength necessary to face her parents and decide her fate. As we learn in her Social Link events, coming to terms with how she feels leads Yukiko to begin the work needed to pursue dreams outside of Inaba.

It’s important to note that you must rescue Yukiko before April 29. Otherwise, she’ll die, causing the player to blackout and appear in the Velvet Room, where Igor will offer you another chance to save her, starting from a week earlier.

In this Social Link event, we can see that Yukiko’s burning desire to leave the Amagi Inn and Inaba is starting to wane. While she and the protagonist sit and talk at the local shrine, they’re approached by one of the chefs who works at the Amagi Inn. After a brief conversation, the chef leaves, and Yukiko explains that she’s been learning how to cook at the inn.

She begins to reflect on all of the things that she has in Inaba: the inn, family, friends, people willing to help her. She wants to do her best because of them, but she’s starting to feel like leaving everyone behind would be “betraying” those who have helped her become the person she is today.

While she remains committed at this time to leaving Inaba, her conviction is starting to waver as she considers how lucky she is in her small town. This critical event shows how Yukiko has matured since being rescued from the Midnight Channel.

This event is short, but it’s essential to Yukiko’s character arc. Again at the shrine with the protagonist, she tells you that she’s decided to stay in Inaba and at the Amagi Inn.

She reveals that she never had a problem with the inn or its people, but more so with the fact that her life was being decided for her. That’s hard for any teen to sallow. For Yukiko, it led to feelings of resentment not only towards the inn itself but her parents and the whole town, too.

Perhaps a sign that Yu has become a significant person to her, Yukiko thanks him for helping her to realize that leaving wasn’t the only choice she could make. Instead, she decides to value the things that are close to her heart, including the inn. At this point, you can start a relationship with Yukiko by choosing the option “I like you” when prompted. Happily, she admits to having mutual feelings for the protagonist.

This event grants Yukiko the ability to take a mortal blow for the protagonist, reflecting the deep friendship you’ve shared with her up until this point in the game.

This event gives us a final picture of how Yukiko has changed throughout Persona 4 and in her relationship with Yu, the protagonist. As the two make awkward small talk in Yu’s room, Yukiko admits to having never been in a boy’s room before, and it’s easy to see she’s a little nervous.

Yukiko repeats her commitment to staying in Inaba and working at the Amagi Inn but notes that she’s still improving her cooking skills and studying for job licenses. Before the Midnight Channel, she had wanted to do things entirely independently, but now she realizes that relying on those around her isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

She also realizes that she was raised not only by her parents but also by the people working at the inn, making her the person she is. She now wants to stay in Inaba – a decision she made on her own.

Yukiko’s confidence in her decision causes Konohana Sakuya to evolve into Amaterasu. Yukiko also gives you a Shrine Charm, which she says will keep you safe and always keep you and her together. Just after this, if you’ve chosen a romantic path with her, Yukiko says she loves you, maxing out the Social Link and granting you the ability to fuse Scathach, a powerful Persona of the Priestess Arcana.


Persona 4 and Persona 4: Golden

Yukiko serves three primary functions as a party member in both Persona 4 and its expanded edition, Persona 4: Golden: spellcasting, healing, and buffing. She has a large SP pool to cast magic from, so use skills as her primary mode of attack unless you’re going up against a Fire-resistant enemy.

Yukiko and her Persona, Konoha Sakuya, cast powerful Fire spells but are susceptible to Ice-based attacks like Bufu. When Yukiko first joins your party, she is at level 15 and has a skillset consisting of Dia (heals one ally), Agi (Fire damage to one enemy), Me Patra (gets rid of Confusion, Fear, and Rage for the entire party), and Maragi (Fire damage to multiple enemies). The rest of her skill list learned through leveling is as follows:

  • Media – level 16
  • Agilao – level 21
  • Recarm – level 26
  • Fire Break – level 30
  • Diarama – level 33
  • Maragion – level 39
  • Mediarama – level 43
  • Fire Boost – level 45
  • Agidyne – level 51
  • Diarahan – level 55
  • Samarecarm – level 59
  • Mediarahan – level 65
  • Maragidyne – level 68
  • Salvation – level 74
  • Fire Amp – level 76

At higher levels, Yukiko functions as a fire-hurling machine that can heal and remove ailments from the entire party, making her the most helpful party member in the game.

Her only drawbacks are a lack of physical damage and lower HP than most other characters, but she more than makes up for those with her damage output and restoration capabilities.

Persona 4 Arena

To play Yukiko well in Persona 4 Arena, you need to rely on zoning to get your enemies into exploitable positions. Yukiko is a ranged character and depends on Agi spells from Konoha Sakuya to damage opponents and keep them from approaching her.

If an opponent does come into range, she can respond with Dia, which both heals Yukiko and pushes the opponent away.

Typically, it’s best to maintain your range as best as you can while looking for chances to cast Fire Boost or Amp to raise her Fire damage, as well as looking for the best moments to cast Fire Break to lower an opponent’s defenses.

She also has the powerful “In Full Bloom” Instant Kill move, which you can use to catch your opponents who leave themselves open for an easy attack.

Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth

You can have Yukiko as a party member in both Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth and its sequel, New Cinema Labyrinth. She joins forces with team members from both Persona 3 and Persona 4.

Persona Q’s dungeon-crawling gameplay resembles that of the Etrian Oddessy series in that you have to draw original maps for the areas you explore.

In battle, Yukiko acts as a spellcaster and healer, just like in the main entries in the Persona 4 series of games. The first spell she knows is Dia, cementing her as the party’s healer.

Key Relationships

Chie Satonaka

Yukiko and Chie have been best friends since elementary school. The old saying that opposites attract applies here, as I can’t imagine two characters who are more different from each other than these two.

Despite this, they complement each other well and share a strong bond that is put to the test in the Midnight Channel, especially at Yukiko’s Castle. Thanks to their adventures as part of the Investigation Team, they become even closer friends.

In Persona 4: Golden, Yukiko, and Chie can learn a special move called Twin Dragons. This attack is a follow-up attack that occurs when an All-Out Attack doesn’t completely kill all enemies.

In it, both Yukiko and Chie summon their Personas, resulting in the formation of a golden dragon and a cherry blossom that unfolds, damaging all remaining enemies.

Yu Narukami (The Protagonist)

Yukiko is one of eight girls that you can form a romantic relationship with as Yu, the protagonist of Persona 4. Yukiko’s Social Link events often show the pair meeting at the Inaba Shrine, which she says is so she can pay her respects.

The more she gets to know Yu, the more she trusts and relies on his support. She begins to develop some pretty unsubtle feelings for him, blushing at times when they’re together. You can start a relationship with Yukiko in the event for Social Link Rank 9.

If you’re in a relationship with Yukiko when Christmas rolls around, you’ll have the option to have her over to celebrate. You’ll bake a cake for her, and she’ll give you a Leather Keyring. Afterward, she’ll stay at your house for the evening.


Question: Who is Yukiko Amagi?

Answer: Yukiko Amagi is a character and party member in the video game Persona 4 and its spin-offs. She’s quiet and reserved but opens up around her friends. She joins the Investigation Team after being rescued from the Midnight Channel.

Question: How old is Yukiko Amagi?

Answer: Being in the same class as Chie, Yosuke, and Yu makes her anywhere from 16 to 18, depending on if you’re playing Persona 4 or Persona 4: Golden.

Question: Who voices Yukiko Amagi?

Answer: Yukiko’s Japanese voice actor is Ami Koshimizu. Amanda Winn-Lee is portrayed in English, who may sound familiar; she also most famously voices Rei Ayanami in Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Question: Where can I find Yukiko in Persona 4?

Answer: After saving her from the Midnight Channel, you’ll be able to spend time with Yukiko and create a bond with her through Social Link events. If she’s available to spend time with you after school, you can find her on the first floor of the main building of Yasogami High School, right by the middle set of stairs.


When I first played Persona 4, I found I had the easiest time relating to Yukiko. No, I’ve never been the heir to a traditional Japanese inn (that I know of), but I have experienced the yearning to follow the path I want against the wishes of others, as I’m sure most of you reading this guide have as well.

Her character arc presents a nice tale of learning to appreciate your hometown and the people who live around you that has stuck with me ever since.

As far as gameplay goes, unless I’m messing around with another character or I specifically know I’ll be fighting a lot of Ice-type Shadows, Yukiko doesn’t leave my party.

Her magic damage output, healing skills, and buffs are just too vital to success in Persona 4’s dungeons that running around without her would make the game much more difficult.

While her shy personality may put some gamers off at first, spending time with her will get her to open up and become a more fully developed character.

If you haven’t already, I highly suggest taking the time to develop Yukiko’s Social Link and keep her as a party member on your first (or next) run of Persona 4.

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